Best Baby Wipes for Twins + Tips on How to Choose Them

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Best wipes for twins

So you have found the best diapers for your twins. Now what? What are you going to use to clean your baby’s bums?

What type of wipes do you want to use? Do you want something thin that falls apart and you end up with a poop mess?

Or do you want to figure out what things you need to focus on when selecting wipes for your twins?

best wipes for sensitive skin

After three kids and worked as a newborn nurse, I have seen my fair share of the good, the bad, and the reality when it comes to baby wipes.

So I have come up with the top choices for the best baby wipes for your twins and how you can go about selecting them.

This list is broken down into:

  1. Best overall baby wipes
  2. Sensitive skin
  3. Budget-friendly

Best overall

Water Wipes

The best overall wipes for newborn twins and beyond. They are even great for adults.

They are recommended by many healthcare providers and they are the only wipes that have the stand of approval from The National Eczema Association.

These wipes are made of mostly water 99.9% the last tiny percentage is a fruit extract.

Whether your twins have super sensitive skin or not. OR one skin is more sensitive than the other which can happen.

These water wipes can check the boxes for both babies.

This is a great way to only have to spend the money on one type of wipe that can work for any type of skin.

Best for kids with sensitive skin- Even more so eczemavery expensive
Natural ingredientsLess wipes per container as compare to other brands
Have won many certifications
Nationally recognized

Best baby wipes for sensitive skin

Pampers Sensitive

These are great for babies with sensitive skin without breaking the bank.

Tested and approved by dermatologists.

This is a safe and standard choice to start with if your twins have no sensitivities. You will find these wipes at the hospital.

Soft and thickLightly scented
Gentle on the skin

Pampers Aqua Pure Wipes

These are also great for sensitive skin and the next level when the Pampers sensitive don’t do the job.

Still have the same benefits as the Pamper Sensitive but with a more natural ingredients twist.

Soft fabric
Gentle on baby’s skin

Store brand

Members mark

Store brand wipes that are comparable to brand name wipes.

I can’t even tell the difference between these wipes and the Pampers wipes. They are that good.

Soft and thickNeed a Sam’s membership
Best value for the price

Up & Up Baby Wipes

Despite the fact that I no longer recommend the Up & Up diapers I do still like the wipes.

They are comparable to name brands for a fraction of the price. And with Target always running some type of baby sell you can grab them for a good price.

Soft and thickWhen left open for long periods of time can dry quickly and lose color
Can get them on sale with the cartwheel APP

How to choose baby wipes?

With the endless options of wipes, it can get overwhelming to choose one specific brand.

Below are some things to consider and keep in mind when choosing wipes for your twins.

Remember. You know what’s best for your babies so follow your instincts.


Cost is a big factor in determining the wipes that you will buy.

Yes, wipes are a lot cheaper than buying diapers but because we are a special type of mom we are buying wipes for two babies.

So add wipes to your diaper budget and find ways to save money on them.

Whether through coupons, store discounts, buying bulk, etc.

Ask friends and/or family

Friends and family know you very well and might even know your financial situation.

Ask for their input. Especially the ones that have had multiple children. They have tons of experience.

Also if they have leftover wipes they aren’t using anymore take them.

This is no time to have an ego. Hand me downs are great when you have twice the expenses.

Store brand

When you can’t choose or when you don’t care about all the bells and whistles then choose a store brand.

Store brands are just as competitive if not better than name brands.

If your twins have no sensitivities then buy the wipes they sell at your local store.


I have tried so many wipe brands and as a nurse, I have come into contact with many different types and feel.

Let me tell you that when you’re changing a poppy diaper the last thing you want is for the wipe to fall apart.

You need something thick and strong.

My biggest pet peeve with wipes is when you pull them out and they just begin to break and fall apart. No thanks.

Other things to consider when choosing baby wipes

Big tub dispenser vs small convenient plastic dispenser?


Easy to buy and find?

How easy can you take them on the go?

Buy a few at a time to test them out first and see what your twins think of them.

These wipes are classified based on the best wipes for newborns, for sensitive skin, budget-friendly, and best overall.

Again I kept the list simple. Because twins are already overwhelming and why complicate twin items even more.

FAQs about baby wipes

How long is baby wipes good for?

Baby wipes don’t have an expiration.

However, do make sure you keep them tightly close and unopened when not using.

Leaving them open will lead for the wipes to become dry and lose their moisture.

It’s best to keep them in closed areas and away from humidity. So keep them cool and tightly closed.

Can I wipe my baby’s face with baby wipes?

Yes. I think of wipes as multipurpose.

That’s the reason why you can never have too many wipes because you can use them for any and everything.

Baby wipes are safe to clean your baby’s face and the rest of their bodies.

You can use baby wipes as an alternative to bathing your twins. Because hello who has the time to give twins a bath every single day.

Do babies need to be wiped after pee?

Not necessary. It really up to you.

Pee doesn’t cause your twins any irritation. Especially if you change their diapers soon after they pee. If you wish to wipe then go ahead.

But is not necessary. They will be fine either way.

How many wipes do you go through?

As far as how many wipes do you need it also depends. When your babies have a wet diaper you might use one wipe or two or none.

However when your baby poops than the number of wipes you use vary. It depends on how efficient and/or how “technical” you are at changing a poop diaper.

Some I wouldn’t get caught up on the amount because it’s going to vary plus wipes are one of those things that can be multipurpose. So buy several boxes at a time.

Stock up on wipes

I know diapers are the most expensive item even more so than wipes. But don’t forget to also buy wipes.

The one good thing about wipes is that you can’t over-buy them. You can use wipes for any and everything.

You can even use them well after your twins are potty trained.

When you decide to buy diapers buy wipes too. Use the same techniques to buy wipes.

Look for coupons, discounts. Add them to your subscription plan or buy them in bulk through a membership.

Do keep in mind when buying wipes in bulk that your twins might develop a sensitivity to a specific brand.

You might want to consider buying a few at a time until you can figure out if your twins will develop some form of sensitivity to their wipes or not.

Last words for best baby wipes

There are endless and endless options when it comes to wipes. It can get so overwhelming.

In your case, you already have twins so let’s keep things simple.

Ask yourself all the different questions when choosing baby wipes and find a brand that works well for your twins and also doesn’t break your bank account.

My overall choice is the water wipes. Yes, they are expensive but they can handle pretty much any type of skin.

Plus if you’re like me and have one twin with sensitive skin and the other one could care less.

It will be much easier to just buy one brand that will work with both.

Rather than having two buy two different types of wipes. You might think this choice is cheap. But do the math.

You might end up spending the same or even more.

If you’re on a tight budget then either the Members mark or Up & Up are also great. Especially if your twins have pretty easy-going skin.

Whatever choice you go with just know that at times is just trial and error. What might work today might not work tomorrow.

That’s ok. Just pick something that in the end will work well with both your twins and your budget.

Remember wipes are only a small portion of the expenses you will have with twins.

Drop a comment below and let me know about the wipes you use and what other options you recommend.

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