6 Best Diaper Bags For Twins + Tips That Will Help You Choose The Right One For You

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Best baby bag for twins

Having twins means being on the go will require some extra items.

large twin diaper backpack

So if you’re asking yourself what is the best diaper bag for twins?

Are there large diaper bags for twins? How do you even choose one?

And when you find one what are the minimum features the diaper bag should have?

Then I have answers for you!

These are just some of the many questions to consider before shopping for a diaper bag for your twins…

So let’s get right into the best large diaper bag for multiples!

checklist for diaper bag

What are the different type of diaper bags?

Before we begin to discuss the best diaper bags. We need to consider the different types of bags.


Because you need to know what’s available in order to choose what will fit your needs the best!


A backpack-type diaper bag has 2 straps that allow you to carry the bag over your shoulder and be hands-free.

This is by far the most convenient bag when dealing with twins!

Nothing beats being out with twins than being hands-free.


A tote bag usually has one to two straps and is usually carried over your shoulder…

This is probably the best bag to use when dealing with older children that don’t require much!

Since they won’t require as much it makes carrying a bag over your shoulder much easier.


A messenger bag has multiple straps allowing you to carry the bag over shoulder and/or even crossbody.

So if you’re looking for multi-purpose then this is a good option.


The bag comes with an attachment that allows you to place it on the stroller making it hands-free!

Another convenient type of diaper bag when dealing with twins.

Best diaper bags for twins

These baby bags are broken down into:

  • Best for your budget
  • Large diaper bag for twins
  • Best convertible
  • Best tote bag
  • For the dads
  • Fashion-forward

I kept the list simply because twins are challenging enough that you don’t need to be overwhelmed by all sorts of diaper bags.

The point is to find one that’s good for your budget and has the basic features your family will need from a diaper bag.

The hafmall diaper bag backpack-Best budget friendly

Twins are expensive enough so don’t break your wallet buying one item when you need to consider so many more things to buy.

However, just because you find a diaper bag that’s more budget-friendly you don’t need to skim on quality!

The Hafmall backpack diaper bag has so many great features and it comes in many different colors.

Whether you’re preparing for twins on a budget or don’t want to spend a lot of money on a diaper bag…

Then this is the bag for you and your wallet!

Easy to clean- water-resistantInsulated pockets might not be able to fit large bottles
Stroller straps
Spacious and versatile- More than 13 pockets
Practical yet stylish- easy access zipper in the back, different designs, and colors

Blissly baby- Best large diaper bag for twins

The Blissly diaper backpack is all about functionality.

It has the most packets compared to the other diaper bags… Plus the insulated pockets can fit a large bottle.

A magnetic wipe pocket makes changing your twin’s diapers much easier, faster, and efficient.

No need to open a diaper bag each time to take out wipes. Even when you just need to quickly wipe someone’s hands, clean a surface, etc.

So a huge convenience factor. Especially when you find yourself taking twins out alone.

So if you’re looking for extra space and the best twin diaper backpack to allow you to organize items as you see fit.

Then this is the bag for you.

You will be able to overpack not that I recommend that.

But it gives you plenty of flexibility in what to pack in your twin diaper bag!

20 Pockets- Provides flexibility, more storageHard for the bag to stay upright
Large insulated pockets to fit those 8oz bottles
Magnetic wipe pocket- making diaper changes easier
Waterproof, padded in the back, sturdy

ALLCAMP- Best convertable twin diaper bag

If you’re looking for a diaper bag that’s multipurpose and can transform into a backpack, messenger, and/or a shoulder bag.

Then this is the diaper bag for you!

It gives you lots of flexibility and control over how to best use the bag.

Water-resistant and easy to cleanLimited pockets
Stroller strapsSmaller than other options
converts into a backpack, shoulder, and messenger

Dikaslon- Best tote bag for twins

If you’re all about the tote style diaper bag and/or looking for a bag you can use when traveling then this is the perfect option for you!

Is large enough that it can fit all the things you will need to carry around when you have twins.

Large with wide openingIs pretty large so it can look a bit bulky when wearing it
Durable- lightweight and waterproof
Lots of compartments and insulated packets- Even side packets with a luggage strap

Bag nation- Best diaper bag for twin dads

So let’s get real some of these bags are not very “manly” because they know women are the ones who would probably shop for a diaper bag.

However, if your husband is also going to be carrying this diaper bag then I have a bag just for him or even you too.

This is a unisex bag. So anyone can carry it.

I know is not very chic or fashion-forward but if you’re just wanting to buy one bag and be done then this is a good option.

This bag is simple, functional, and made to last.

14 pockets and insulated pockets includedDoesn’t sit upright
Unisex- good for mom or dad
FREE lifetime warranty
Baby wipe pocket, stroller straps
Laptop compartment

Itzy Ritzy- Best for the Chic twin mama

So this is the diaper bag I bought. Spoiler alert this bag is crazy-expensive.

Here is my thought process for it…

  • I knew the twins were my last pregnancy/babies
  • I got it on sale
  • And it was a gift

So technically I didn’t pay for it!

If you’re a fashionista like me and love a bag with some style and personality to it then this is the one for you.

This bag is all about details and design.

And if you’re worried about the price then ask for it as a gift or add it to your twin baby registry!

Vegan leatherPrice
17 pockets- so plenty of room
Stroller straps, easy to clean, rubber feet
Top easy-access compartment
Different colors/designs

How do you pick a diaper bag for twins?

With the many options out in the market. Picking the right diaper bag for you and your twins can get overwhelming.

Especially because you need a little more than a regular diaper bag might provide.

So if you’re asking “what should I look for in a diaper bag?” “what to look for in a twin diaper bag?” and/or even “how do you pick a diaper bag for twins?”

Then below are some of the most important things you need to consider when buying your next diaper bag.


Twins are expensive. So consider your budget for a diaper bag. How much can you actually spend?

Would you need two diaper bags? Or would you and your partner share one?

Before you start to fall in love with a bag consider the amount of money you can realistically spend on it.

Is this a bag you can use with future babies? How long are you planning on using the bag?

Some of these questions will help you figure out what price ranges to look at.

Read reviews

Nothing more than to read what people are saying about a specific diaper bag you’re thinking about buying.

Do keep in mind that at times you might like something and another person might hate the exact item.

But if you see more positive reviews than negative then that’s a good sign!

Look at reviews from a neutral perspective and use them to learn more about the bag.

Ask friends and/or family

What better people to ask than the ones closest to you. They know you the best and will be able to advise you.

Plus they can tell you the good, the bad, and the reality of the diapers bags they have previously bought.

These are the type of reviews you really want… From the people that aren’t going to hold back.


The space and also the size of the diaper bag are important.

You have twins you need to carry a lot more items than a singleton mother would.

You need to make sure that the diaper bag offers you ample space to organize items as you see fit.


Besides the basic features. What other things does the bag offer?

Easy access pockets?

Wipe pocket?

Special warranty?

Pacifier holders?

Stroller attachments? What happens when you don’t always want to wear the bag and just want to place it on the stroller is that a possibility?.

They all offer basic pockets/compartments, etc. But what makes that diaper bag stand out from the rest?

What does that bag have that makes it go above and beyond the others out in the market.


How many pockets/compartments does the diaper bag has?

Are those pockets different sizes and does each offer different features?
Is there a compartment for wet items?

Insulated pockets?


Nothing is worse than a diaper bag that’s heavy without anything inside of it.

You’re already going to add so many more items because you have twins.

You don’t want to be dragging a bag that’s going to dig into you and you will not want to use it because of how heavy it is.


Do you care about colors, patterns, designs?

Or do you want it to be more practical and functional?

Is this a bag that your husband will also carry because if so you might want to stick with neutral colors?


How the bag closes is crucial. A zipper is a lot more secure than velcro.

The last thing you want is for all of your baby items to fall all over the floor!


How easy it is to clean the bag. Is it waterproof?

Do you have to literally babysit the bag? Can sit it anywhere?

Taking care of two babies is challenging enough. You need a bag that’s heavy-duty which means it can deal with spills, bumps, scratches, etc.

You don’t have the time to take care of it all day every day. It needs to be self-sufficient.


Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a diaper bag is used.

How are you going to use it?

Is this an everyday bag? Would you be out and about a lot?

Do you need plenty of insulated pockets for bottles?

Thinking about the usage of the diaper bag will also help you think about the type of bag that will best suit your needs!

checklist for diaper bag

Faq for twin baby diaper bags

How many diaper bags do you need for twins?

You truly only need one diaper bag. As long as you find a bag that’s big enough you can fit everything into one.

Just keep in mind that if you’re sharing one with your partner you might want to consider going for a neutral color.

When should I buy a diaper bag for twins?

Because twins tend to be born earlier than singletons then I suggest creating a baby registry between weeks 18-20.

And if you’re having a baby shower for your twins then sometime around week 24-28 at the latest.

This means that by week 30 the latest you should have a diaper bag!

You don’t need to bring the bag to the hospital…

However, you will need the items as soon as you bring the babies home and take them to their first doctor’s appointment.

Do you need a bigger diaper bag for twins?

I would say because twins do require extra items you need a bag that has plenty of space!

You don’t need two of everything but you will need to carry more diapers, extra clothing, bottles, etc…

For that reason, you might consider looking at large diaper bags and even extra-large bags.

Can you use a regular backpack as a diaper bag?

I mean there is no reason why you couldn’t.

The only thing is that diaper bags are designed to carry baby items. So they have specific compartments to make organizing your twin’s things much easier.

Such as bottle compartments, wet pouches, diapers, wipes, etc.

In a regular backpack, everything will just be dumb into one big compartment.

This can make it harder to find specific items when you need them.

So think about organization when looking into a diaper bag vs just a plain backpack.

Should I get a diaper bag or backpack?

So this comes down to preference. Now, that I have had both. I would definitely choose the backpack over again.


Because it is so much easier to carry and be hand-free especially with two little ones.

At times you might find yourself going somewhere you can’t bring a stroller so being hands-free with twins will be crucial!

So think about your lifestyle when choosing the type of backpack.

Do you really need a diaper bag?

Yes and no. If you’re going to use a regular bag as a diaper bag then you don’t need to buy an additional diaper bag.

But if you’re not going to do what I mentioned above then you need one. At some point, you will be on the go, and with that comes baby essentials.

You need a bag to carry those items.

Last words for best large diaper bags for twins

Choosing a diaper bag for your twins doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Focus on your basic must-haves and narrow down your choices. If money is really tight then choose one that’s budget-friendly like the Hafmall diaper bag.

If you are very stylish and want to be chic when out and about…

But you also want your baby bag to be functional then choose something like the Itzy ritzy diaper bag.

Just watch out for sales. They tend to have sales around the holidays.

Whatever diaper bag you choose just know that is the best one for you and your twins!

In the end, what matters is to focus on your lifestyle and what will work the best for your family’s needs.

I would love to hear in the comments what diaper bag you have and why you chose that specific one? Leave a comment below!

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