The Best Diapers for Twins to Keep Their Bums Nice and Dry

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Best disposable diapers for twins

Diapers are one of those given baby items you can’t go without.

And with twins, you might as well throw yourself a diaper party because you’re going to need a lot of diapers.

Plus let’s not forget about the many and endless choices out there how do you pick the best diapers for your twins?

How to know that you have made the right choice for your family?

Well if you’re asking yourself these questions then you’re at the right place.

how to choose diapers

I’m going to give you my best selection for diapers from a twin mom and also NICU and nursery nurse who has seen it all.

This article is divided in 3 sessions:

  1. Best diapers for newborns
  2. Best diapers for sensitive skin
  3. Store brand diapers

Best diapers for twins

I kept the list simple and basic. I only listed 5 diapers.


Twins alone are overwhelming. You didn’t come here to also get overwhelmed with 50 million diaper options.

Plus I only like to recommend items I have used with my kids and/or have come into great contact as a nurse.

The list below is based on the best overall, best for sensitive skin, and best budget-friendliness.

Best diapers for newborn twins

Pampers Swaddlers

All-around best and best for newborn twins.

This is the brand I have used with all three of my kids especially in the newborn stage. They are great for the first 3 months of life.

They are known for being super soft and gentle on your newborn’s button.

HINT- Why they are so recommended for the newborn stage.

One of the biggest pros of this brand that sets them aside from their competitors is the umbilical cord notch.

So what the heck does that mean?

This means that the diaper curves right below the belly button.

So no pulling, digging, irritation from the diaper coming into direct contact with the umbilical cord.

This is a big selling point because the umbilical cord will dry out and it can take up to two weeks for it to fall out.

That’s a long time your twins will be in diapers before that umbilical cord stump is gone for good.

You want to keep your babies as comfortable as possible and you definitely don’t want a diaper rubbing against the belly button.

Below are some extra pros and cons of the Pampers Swaddlers

Recommend by PediatriciansFragrance: strong odor that could potentially cause irritation
Found in hospitals
Soft and strechy
Wetness indicator
Sold everywhere, easy to find and buy

Best diapers for sensitive skin

Pampers Pure Protection

My first encounter with these diapers was when I had twins and I love them.

They are a great alternative to more natural ingredients without totally breaking the bank.

These are my first choice when dealing with sensitive skin. They are chemical-free without comprising on cost.

They still have the features of the Pampers Swaddlers such as:

wetness indicator and absorption.

But they are just more gentle on your baby’s skin.

They are also enhanced with shea butter, hypoallergenic, and free of fragrance.

Great for sensitive skinPricier than Pampers swaddlers
Plant-based ingredients

Seventh Generation Sensitive Protection

Another diaper brand that is great for babies with sensitivities.

This is my next recommendation for your twin’s bums when you have tried the Pampers Pure and still struggling with a rash or raw skin.

These diapers are known for being chemically free.

Meaning no fragrances, lotions, chlorine. FREE of any chemicals that could potentially be causing your twin’s skin irritation.

These diapers are known for dealing with sensitive skin so if your twins are really struggling with rashes and raw skin this is your go-to diaper.

Chemical freevery expensive
Plant basedNot a tight fit
Amazing for sensitive skin
Fragrance free

Store brand diapers

Member’s Mark

The best store brand diapers I have tried. Even more so than Up & Up.

I cannot longer recommend the Up & Up since my twins developed an awful rash from them plus the material felt very cheap since I last used them with my first child.

The Members mark diapers are very comparable to name brands such as Pampers.

The quality and feel are amazing. I honestly couldn’t see a huge difference between them. Except for the price.

I started using this brand at around the 2-month mark with my twins and we are still using them.

AffordableNeed a Sam’s membership
Softsometimes they sag
Best value for your money
Fragrance free

Mama Bear

So since I’m an Amazon junkie. Hi, my name is Briggette and I have a shopping problem with Amazon.

But don’t we all?

So I know I recommended the Member’s mark for a store brand diaper but I started thinking that not everyone has Sam’s membership.

So I went on a hunt for another store brand diaper and I came across the Mama Bear diaper brand that’s sold on Amazon.

They are an amazing choice.

The diapers mold to your baby’s shapes creating the perfect fit, also absorbent, and have a wetness indicator.

Great for movers since they have a stretchy waistband and sides.

Absorbent, Wetness indicatorNeed amazon prime
Gentle on skin
Provides flexibility for babies on the go
Save 20% with membership subscription

How to choose disposable diapers for your twins?

With many options that are screaming buy me…

How do you choose one diaper brand? How do you know which brand is best for your twins?

Honestly. There isn’t a magic diaper or a diaper that will have every single thing you might need.

However, there are things you can focus on when trying to narrow down the choices.

Below are some of the things you should keep in mind the next time you want to buy and/or selecting diapers for your twins.


This is a big one and will probably be at the top of your list.

Diapers are expensive and in your case you need twice the amount.

You need to create a budget for your diapers (whether you set aside a certain amount of money per month, only buy diapers on sale or with coupons, etc).

A budget will ease you into buying diapers.

Really look at your finances and ask yourself how much money can you ideally spent per diaper?

How much money can you allocate for diapers and not go broke?

I hate to be negative Nancy but as much as you might love a certain brand if it is not within your financial reach then why bother.

The budget you have set aside for diapers takes priority over anything. The last thing you want to is having a huge financial hole for diapers.

With twins, you’re going to have many expenses and some that you might not be able to plan for.

Don’t spend all of your money on the diapers your babies will use.

It is not worthed.

The last thing to keep in mind is that you have two babies with different needs. So ideally you will be able to use the same diapers for both.

But be open to the fact that this might not happen.

So this is another reason as to why you need a budget and you need to be prepare for the unexpected.

how much twin diapers cost


Some babies are very picky and have very sensitive skin.

My twins were not able to use the Up & Up Target brand diapers as my son did.

When I tried those they both broke up into a huge diaper rash.

For the most part, your twins should be fine.

But do keep in mind that at times certain diapers’ odors and/or chemicals might cause your babies to break out.

The only thing about diaper sensitivity is that the only way to know if your twins are prone to it is by trial and error.

I wish I could tell you the diapers to stay away from but it doesn’t work that way.

You will need to try them and hope for the best.

Easy to buy

What do I mean by this?

Whatever diaper brand you decide to go with needs to be available in most stores.

So when you need diapers you need to be able to go pretty much anywhere and still be able to find those diapers.

Nothing worse than running low on diapers and you have to wait for a shipment because nobody else sells your diapers OR

You have to drive to a specific store that’s 50 miles away from your house to buy your twin’s diapers.

  • You want to be able to go to any major grocery store and buy them
  • Be able to buy them online easily
  • If you go out of town and come across a different store then you will typically shop at they should also be able to carry the diapers.

Moral of the story: Your diapers need to be popular enough that you can buy them in the middle of nowhere. I know dramatic but you get the point.

Test out a few first before buying in bulk

This tip goes well with diaper sensitivity. At times we find a deal or we have a membership like Sams so why not buy in bulk.

The problem is that at times when we haven’t tried something with our twins buying in bulk could be good or bad.

What happens if your twins don’t react well to those diapers?

Can you still return them after being used?

Maybe consider buying a small package of diapers to see how they work with your twins.

PRO TIP: Register for different small packages diaper brands.

If people buy them is a good way for you to try them out first without spending your money and seeing if they are a good match for your family or not.

Read mom reviews

No better way to learn about diapers than by reading reviews from other moms. We tend to give you the good, the bad, and the reality.

When you see a lot of reviews that are saying similar things that should tell you about that product.

It can provide you insight that those diapers are either good or bad.

Ask friends and/or family

Family and friends know you better than anyone. They know your needs, desires, some of them even know your finances.

No better individuals to provide you feedback than them.

Especially if they have had multiple kids. They can tell you all about the different diapers they have used and how they have liked them or not.

Plus because they know you so well these people will give you unbiased opinions.

Pretty much the ugly truths. OR at least they should.

Stick with the brand the hospital provides

Hospitals use major diaper brands. The hospitals I have worked at have either used Huggies or Pampers.

The hospital provides you diapers when you deliver your babies. You already paid for them so don’t think they are free.

So why not try them out. Your twins are already using them at the hospital and they are working so far.

So why fix what’s not broken.

Natural ingredients

If you’re more of an environmentally conscious person and are looking for more of a natural way to diaper your twins. Then consider the ingredients in each diaper brand.

They sell diapers that are eco-friendly meaning biodegradable and without chemicals.

Other things to consider when choosing diapers

Are they scented? Some diapers have a very strong odor. So figure out if you could deal with that or not.

Wetness indicator? If you’re wanting to know when you should change your twin’s diaper. Then having that vertical line in the front of the diaper that changes colors will help you know when it’s time for a clean diaper.

Absorbent? Some diapers tend to have a longer absorption period. During the day you will change diapers more often. But what about nighttime when you’re wanting your twins to sleep longer?

FAQ about diapers

Diaper size?

The most important thing when it comes to diaper sizes is paying attention to your twin’s weight.

Age doesn’t really matter. Diaper size is all about your baby’s weight.

Each specific diaper brand comes with a chart. Look at that chart to determine which size you should be buying.

Do keep in mind that you have two babies. So ideally they will both be in the same size but it can also happen that you might need to buy two different sizes.

How do I choose diapers?

Again focus on the things mentioned above such as cost, asking the right people, availability, diaper ingredients, etc.

The most important thing is to choose a diaper that is best for your budget and for your twin’s bums.

Do diapers have expiration days?

No. Just make sure you keep them in areas in which they stay nice and cool and away from humidity.

Can you return an open diaper box?

I asked myself this question because at times you never know.

You try one diaper and then you find out that your twins are sensitive to them or they are a little too big or small.

Go to the store and explain your situation. If you only use 1-2 diapers they tend to just let you exchange them or give you a gift card.

Just because you open a box of diapers don’t assume you can’t return them.

Places like Target, Walmart, and even Amazon have great customer service.

Tell them your story I’m sure they will rather help you than deal with a very unhappy customer.

If for some reason you can’t return them then maybe try selling them locally like Craiglist or Facebook marketplace for a discount.

Obviously, you’re not going to get the exact amount back but at times anything is better than nothing.

Last words for the best twin diapers

Diapers can be pricey and in your case, you’re are dealing with diapering twins.

Take a breather. Start saving early. Look at your must-haves in diapers and narrow down your choices based on that.

I kept the list simple by including only 5 diapers.

So honestly any of them will be great. If your twins have no sensitivities then stick to either the store brand from Amazon or Sam’s.

As far as the name brand diapers I will choose the good old Pampers Swaddlers.

They are the best for the newborn stage and they are trusted by many for a reason.

Yes, the fragrance is crazy strong, and just thinking about the fragrance I’m getting a little sick.

But if you can get past the smell then go for them.

I would love to hear from you in the comments about your favorite diapers. Which brands you have tried and which ones you say hell no to them.

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