Best Places To Register For Twins + Tips on Choosing The Right Registry For You

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Places to register: Best Baby Registry for Twins

You’re starting to prepare for twins and are getting closer to having to start a baby registry.

But with so many options out there for baby registries… It can get overwhelming fairly quickly…

best places to register for twins

So if you’re asking yourself… What are the best places to create a registry?

Are certain baby registries more accomodating towards twins? What does each registry have to offer?

And so on!

Well, I’m here today to talk about some of the top baby site registries, their pros, maybe cons, and so much more!…

HINT- The top two are Amazon and Target…

But we will also talk about some other registries as well as provide you with some pointers to help you choose the right one for you!

So lets get right into the best places to register for twins…

How many places should you register for?

This is a personal choice but I would do 2 places.

If you only do 1 then you’ve limited your options for possible discounts, freebies, and/or more gifts!

Some people might not shop at the place you decided to create your baby registry.

On the other hand, 2 places is that happy medium. It provides you with enough options without getting out of control.

I would say if possible do one registry that can be accessed online like Amazon and the other make it instore/online like Target.

That’s what I did with my twin baby registry. I did Amazon and Target and kept the list pretty similar and the same amount of items.

As I saw people buying things from each list then I would remove it/add it to the other list.

This way you can have more of a chance of getting the items you actually want. If you end up with doubles then you can always exchange them.

Plus by having 2 registries that are online and in-store you can accommodate everyone you’re planning on sending your registry to.

When should you start your twin baby registry?

This again is a personal choice but because twins tend to be born earlier than singletons you will need to get on it sooner rather than later.

You can start it as early as you find out you’re pregnant OR

You can wait until the first trimester or know the gender of the twins.

Whatever route you choose I would say sometime around 20 weeks I would look into planning for a baby registry.

By 24-28 weeks I would definitely have a registry created…

It might seem early but on average twins can be born at around 35 weeks or even sooner.

Is better to prepare earlier than not!

Best baby registry sites for Twins

If I can only pick two places to register with it would totally be Amazon and Target.

One is an online option and the other in-store.

They both have a huge variety/inventory and the baby options are amazing!

But I will also talk about Walmart, Buy Buy Baby, and Babylist because they are also other top places to consider when registering for twins.

Amazon baby registry

When it comes to the best of the best Amazon would be at the top of the list.

We are living in the 21st century in which the online world is where is at…

If you don’t have Amazon Prime then this is the time to consider getting it.

Let me tell you that part of the reason I survived newborn twins was because of Prime.

The convivence of being able to buy an item and knowing that it would get to your house within 2 days or sometimes less is priceless.

This alone is going to come in handy the first month with twins when you’re just at home taking care of twin babies all day long.

Especially if you’re taking care of twins alone!

Amazon Prime comes with more perks than just the 2-day shipping…

Some of those extra perks are audiobooks, shows, movies, and so much more.

Creating a registry with Amazon is simple and quick.

You can easily GOOGLE Amazon baby registry or go to the Amazon website and type baby registry on the search box.

You will then be brought into either finding a baby registry or create your own.

They ask for basic information and then you’re done!

One thing I love about the Amazon registry is that they carry every single baby brand

Additional perks to an amazon baby registry:

  • No need to leave your home. You can create the list from anywhere
  • Carry all sort of brands
  • 2 day shipping with Prime
  • Registry completion discount: You have up to 60 days after expected arrival to use it. 15% for Prime members and 10% for non members
  • Welcome box: Right after you create a registy and have spent a minimum of $10 from your registry. They’ll send you samples like baby clothes, bottles, lotions, etc.
  • Add a diaper fund: This is an awesome perk for us twin mamas who will be spending a lot of money on diapers. A great way to have friends and/or family help out
  • Add items from any store to your registry
  • Returns are simple and easy

Target baby registry

Oh, Target my zen place… Target is another amazing place to create your baby registry.

Like Amazon is also very simple to create. You can go GOOGLE Target baby registry or go to the website and search for it!

They ask for basic questions and then you’re done.

One thing I like about the target registry that Amazon doesn’t have is the in-store option.

This gives you and everyone else an extra way to buy items from your registry.

With Target, you also have the option of downloading their app which is call cartwheel.

This app is great because they always have some form of a baby deal.

Whether is for diapers, wipes, or any other baby items you can find some form of a coupon.

I always check this app before going into a Target. Their best offer is when you buy $100 worth of baby items and get a free $20 gift card.

20 bucks can buy a box of wipes and with twins every penny counts!

If you opt for getting their red card which is their credit card you’ll get an additional %5 every time you buy something. So even more of a discount.

If you’re already a target junkie like me then consider getting their card to get that %5 discount or at least make sure you have the app.

Additional Target registry perks:

  • Create baby registry from home or anywhere
  • Instore option for people that want to actual shop instore vs online
  • Welcome box: free samples and coupons
  • Completion coupon: You get two 15% discounts. One for online and the other for instore
  • Easy returns and they give you up to a year to return items from your registry
  • Redcard get extra 5% discount everytime you shop plus free shipping

Buy buy baby

I have bought baby items from here before but didn’t register with them because I wanted to keep my list simple.

They are another store you can shop online and in-store.

One thing with Buy Buy baby is there aren’t as popular as a target so you might live far from one or not even by one.

Perks of a Buy Buy baby registry:

  • Welcome bag with samples and coupons
  • 15% completion coupon
  • Referral program: If someone you know register with them youll receive $25 to spend in an instore item that’s value at a minimum of $100. If you have a lot of friends that are curenty pregnant this could be a great perk.
  • Free shipping: If you spend over $1500 on your baby registy you can get free shiping on baby items for the first year of the twins life. Make sure you read the full disclsoure because it doesn’t apply to all baby items.

Walmart baby registry

Walmart is another super popular store. They are everywhere and you can shop in-store and online.

I would say out of everyone else their prices can be a bit cheaper so if you’re also on a budget then Walmart can be a great place to create a baby registry.

Walmart baby registry perks:

  • Welcome box with samples and coupons
  • Easy returns and they’ll give you up to a year to return baby items
  • They carry many brands
  • They are located everywhere aka accessable
  • Instore and online options

Babylist baby registry

Babylist is like Amazon. An online baby site registry that can pull items from any store.

So if you find yourself not being able to commit to just 1-2 registries then Babylist can be a good option for you.

You’re able to pull the items you like from all sorts of stores and keep them in one place.

Is like shopping and/or adding baby items from all of your favorite places but keeping them in one registry!

Additional perks to Babylist:

  • Welcome box: sample and coupons
  • You can add any items from any store
  • 15% completion discount
  • Can create registry from home and they also have an app
  • Easy returns
  • Out of the box options like request meals, help, etc.
  • Can also start funds for diapers, etc.

Baby registry sites for twins vs instore

In the current DNA, we are mostly doing online shopping. So sites like Target, Amazon, Babylist are great for creating an online registry.

Having an online registry also makes it convenient for people to ship items right to your house.

As well as still be able to be part of the process even when they live far away and can’t physically come to your shower.

Instore places like Target, Walmart, and Buy Buy Baby are also great for people that live locally and if you’re planning on having an actual shower.

This is where the type of people you’re inviting to your shower matters. My mom is so not technologically savvy and doesn’t enjoy online shopping.

She is still all about going into a store and buying.

So are you having a lot of family members that don’t usually shop online?

Deciding whether to strictly go online or in-store is a personal choice.

But think about the people that might be buying you a gift and if you’re having a shower or not.

What to look for in a twin baby registry?

Twins require the same things as singletons so as far as a “specific” registry for twins there isn’t such…

You might want to call or ask if the stores offer extra incentives for having multiples.

But try to focus on the above things: convenience, accessibility, price, and even quality of products…

These are all things that will not only save you time as a twin mom but also money!

Questions to ask yourself when choosing the best baby registry for your twins

Below are some of the questions you should think about before creating a registry.

I know people might be able to contribute to a gift but what happens if they don’t or can’t?

Or they don’t buy you items from the actual registry? And now you find yourself having to purchase all of those items?

For that reason, you need to think about what places will be best for YOU in the long haul!

Are you short on cash? Need to save?

If you’re preparing for twins on a budget then consider registering for a place like Walmart that tends to have cheaper prices than Amazon or even Target.

With twins, every little penny counts so make the most out of it!

You will go through a lot of diapers with twins in the beginning. So if you can save some money for that then why not…

Convenience? Accesibility?

Sometimes saving money is not enough… You need a place that can also be easy to find, shop, do returns, etc…

You need convenience and accessibility!

This tip will come in handy even more once the twins arrive. So why not start thinking about it now?

So think about the places that will make your life easier…

Whether is a place:

That’s close to your house making it super fast to get there

You can easily register online and have items come straight to your house

There are plenty of stores all over making it easy to buy from there


Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better nor cheaper means is poor quality.

Think about the store you’re thinking about registering and ask yourself if you would also shop there.

What are the items rated as?

Materials they use?

Quality of the products?


Buying items that are well made will save you money in the long haul!

Ask friends and family

What better time than to ask the people around you for advice.

They have been through it and will give you the good, the bad, and the reality of the different stores out there!

Ask them questions like where did they register? Why they chose that place?

And if you truly trust their opinion then maybe include them in the registry process…

Your partner is great but let’s face it then can be a bit clueless when it comes to baby stuff…

Having someone that has been there being able to help you navigate through it all will be priceless.

Last words for the best place to register for a baby

When it comes to choosing a baby registry it comes down to a personal choice.

For the most part, they all offer similar things.

You need to think about what will suit you and your gifters the best and go from there.

Being pregnant with twins is hard enough so don’t overthink the places you should register for.

Stick to convenience and accessibility. Choose 2 stores. One that can be shop in-store and one that can shop online.

This will make life easier for you and everyone that’s contributing to the registry!

I would love to hear in the comments what places you’re thinking about creating a baby registry and why.

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