When to Start Buying Baby Stuff for Twins?

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When to start buying for twins?

Congratulations… So you’re having twins. Well if you have read much about twins.

One thing to keep in mind is that you’re at a higher risk of delivering them earlier than a singleton.

So because of that, you will need to prepare and start shopping for twins much sooner.

when should you start buying baby supplies

So if you’re asking yourself when to start buying baby clothes? supplies? and anything else your twins might need.

Then welcome because today I’m going to answer some of those common questions I get asked all of the time.

When to start buying baby stuff during pregnacy?

So is hard to give out specific times because one size doesn’t fit all.

Each twin pregnancy is so unique. So do keep that in mind when deciding to start buying baby items for your twins.

In the end, you and only you can make that final decision. But when you feel is right for you.

I will give you a ballpark just as an idea. But no need to be strict and follow that timeline.

This is just for information and to help you narrow down the time frame.

When is it too early?

So you just pee on a stick and found out you’re pregnant? Just had your first ultrasound that confirmed a twin pregnancy?

You might be in shock and that’s ok.

Take the time you need to process it. Begin doing research ASAP. Because you want to be as informed before the twins arrive.

Process the news and get informed before you begin to buy baby items.

This timeline will probably put you sometime after the first trimester.

When is it too late?

With twins, you don’t want to wait for the last minute either. Due to the fact that the majority of twins are born by week 35.

So by the latest, you need to start preparing for twins by week 30.

Ideally, start at week 24. I know it sounds like it’s soon but is better to be safe than sorry.

There are certain items that you need to take care of before your babies arrive so the sooner you prepare the better.

Nothing worse than going into early labor and scrambling to pack a hospital bag, arrange help for older kids, maternity leave, etc.

When should you start buying baby supplies?

After a little of twin research

A twin pregnancy, newborn twins, and raising twins is a whole different experience than singletons.

Consider learning a little more about your twin pregnancy and the things you can expect with twins before buying all the things.

Knowledge is power. So knowing what type of items might work better with twins, do you need two of everything, etc.

Doing research beforehand will give you an idea of key items, things you can skip, and learn from other twin moms who have been in your shoes.

After you have saved some money

Twins can get expensive. So consider saving so money first before you begin to buy items.

You just found out it’s twins. Start saving for a couple of months straight and then use that money to buy items.

You can even sell old items you don’t need or use them for extra cash.

Focus on saving, create a must-have list, and focus on those items first before anything else.

This is why doing the research beforehand will be so helpful. This way you’ll know exactly what items you need to focus on buying.

After your Gender Reveal

If you’re planning on finding out the sex then maybe wait until you find out to start buying.

Gender might play a big role in the type of items you would like to buy.

So wait until after the gender reveal.

After a shower

If you’re planning on having a baby shower then maybe wait until you get the gifts.

This will allow you to see an inventory of the items you still need or also return certain items that are duplicated in order to get the items you truly need.

Some people also give you gift cards and/or money during a shower. So waiting means you don’t need to spend as much of your own money.

So wait and see what you get and go from there.

Don’t forget to use the completion coupon to purchase the rest of the items you need off your registry.

So whatever you still need. Don’t forget to add it to the registry that way you can apply the coupon.

Any little bit helps. Even if its just 5-10%

After you have declutter older kids stuff

If the twins aren’t your first pregnancy and you have previously saved items.

Then consider decluttering and going through those items first before you buy anything new.

You will be surprised as to how much stuff you have saved from a previous pregnancy that you could reuse.

This is also a great time to go through those items and decided if you should donate, get rid of, OR reuse for the twins.

shopping for twins

This is one of the first things I did before making a list of the items I needed for my twins.

I went through a lot of my older son’s baby items. Before buying anything else.

This will not only help you declutter, get organized, but also figure out what items you truly need to buy.

Other things to consider when you should start shopping for twins

Always think diaper and wipes

There is never such a thing as not having enough diapers and wipes. Regardless of the diapering route method you choose (cloth or disposables).

You need diapers.

Ideally, you could wait until a shower if you’re having one.

But at times people don’t buy you diapers unless you have a specific diaper shower.

So you could start buying a box here and there to leverage the load of purchasing them all at once.

Don’t buy all at once

You could buy everything at one time but that can get pretty expensive quickly.

Consider doing a little here and there.

Plus you get to see if you actually like the item or not.

Buy during a sale

Items that you need to buy two of like car seats, cribs, etc. Consider buying them while on sale or with coupons.

This will save you some money since buying two of those items can get expensive fairly quickly.

PRO TIP: Look into the upcoming holidays before you will have the twins like Black Friday, Christmas, etc, and purchase those big items then.

Big splurge items

Consider that at times you might need to splurge on an item or two.

As much as you want to save and stick to a budget some items you will need to purchase just because they will make taking care of twins much easier.

So save and have extra money for those high-ticketed items.

What’s a high convenient ticketed item? I can’t answer that question for you because is different for everyone.

But some items can be:

  • An expensive baby carrier because your twins need to be strap to you so you can get things done
  • A formula dispenser because it will make bottle feeding so much faster

Pretty much an item that will make taking care of twins more efficient, easier, and faster.

When is the best time to start buying baby clothes?

Clothes are one of those items you can technically buy whenever because you can easily buy them for a discount or get it for free from friends/family.

If you decide not to find out the gender then neutral clothing is great. This will save you even more money because both twins can wear the items.

People love to buy baby clothes. Especially if you’re having a girl.

So don’t be surprised as to how many clothing items you will receive rather than actual baby gear.

Even if you didn’t even put clothes in your registry.

PRO TIP: keep your baby registry clothing item to a minimum because people will still buy clothes.

Last words for the best time to begin twin shopping

I have provided you with a ballpark of when to start and when it might be too late as well as some tips and tricks.

But the timeline all comes down to you. Start buying baby stuff when you feel it best suits you and your needs.

The only thing I will say is to not wait too long. Remember twins can be born as early as 35 weeks or even sooner.

So don’t procrastinate too much. Start doing research, save, create a registry, and maybe wait until people buy you baby gifts.

Whatever route you decide to go as a rule of thumb stick to the basics.

Diapers and wipes are always good to have.

If you have started buying baby items I would love to hear when you started? What items you have bought? Drop a comment below.

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When should I start shopping for twins?

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