Cloth Diapering Twins: Everything You Need to Know Before You Begin

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Cloth diapering twins 101: The things you must know beforehand

If you’re thinking about cloth diapering your twins but have no idea of what it entails…

How feasible is it to cloth diaper newborn twins? How many cloth diapers would you need?

Is it cheaper than disposable diapers? What cloth diapering supplies would you need?

And the list of questions goes on and on…

So if you’re wondering all of the above questions and even more. Then you’re at the right place.

cloth diapering twins 101

Because I was on the same boat over two years ago trying to figure out if I should use disposable diapers vs cloth diapers.

In the end, this is such a personal decision but I’m here to at least provide you the information to make that decision a little easier.

OR to at least make the cloth diapering terminology much easier.

So enough talking and let’s get right into it.

This cloth diapering basics post is broken down into 3 sessions:

  • Cloth diapering types
  • Everything you need to think about
  • FAQ all about cloth diapering

The different options for cloth diapering

The information I’m going to provide you below is going to help you navigate the cloth diapering world.

And they will help you choose the best options for you and your twins.

This can help you whether you’re still finding yourself lost at all the lingo like I did at first OR you have made the decision to cloth diaper twins.

But you’re finding yourself super overwhelmed with all of the options out in the market.

Let’s talk about the different types of cloth diapers when considering your options.

Types of cloth diapers

There are several types of cloth diapers. And in the end, it goes down to personal choice.

But before you make the final decision on which is best for you and your twins then we will discuss each one of them.


Flat cloth diapers like the word describe them they are literally a piece of square flat fabric.

It only has one layer and can be folded in many different ways.

This is the cheapest and also the least absorbent type of cloth diaper out in the market.

Do keep in mind you will need a diaper cover with these types. And you can use pins or snappis to keep them secure.


Prefolds come in a more rectangular shape with three sides. You can fold them to whoever best suits you but the middle sessions tend to be more absorbent.

They are also way more absorbent than the flats type. So they are great for heavier wetters and the newborn stage with twins.

These are also the type of cloth diapers I recommend to all my mamas to buy as burp cloths.


Because they are crazy absorbent and do a way better job than does super tiny cloths they sell as burp cloths.

Same as with the flats you will need a diaper cover. Can use pins or snappis to secure them.

Great for multipurpose use and also for your wallet.


Fitted cloth diapers come already with either snaps or velcro. So no need to fold, get pins, or snappis.

So as the name says it, they come already fitted and ready to use.

Convenience at its max. You do still need a diaper cover.

Diaper covers

Diaper covers are exactly what the names say they go over the cloth diaper.

Whether you choose fitted, flat, or prefold. Is the outer layer that will provide the cloth diapering protection.

Make sure you choose waterproof as a minimum standard. You can also choose between wool, fleece, and so much more.

And for the inside, you can choose organic or not, cotton, bamboo, and so much more.

They also sell them in different patterns, colors, etc.

This becomes more of a personal choice at that point.

Pocket diapers

The pocket diaper is the type that you will stuff. They have an opening either in the front or back and/or even both.

The opening area is what you will use to stuff the diaper.

This is great because you can determine how much “stuffing” you want to place or not.

Many of them come with inserts that you can use.

However, you can also use the prefolds, flats, etc to create an extra later of absorption.

This gives you the flexibility you need to use the diapers whoever best suits your twins.

The more you learn about your twins and their diaper needs the more you’ll know how to best place the liners to create the most absorbency.

Just keep in mind the time that can take you to stuff each diaper and place them in a way that arent bulky and gets clumped up in one spot.

So depending on how good you get it at or not they can be time-consuming to stuff and unstuff.

All in one

Like the name says it you get everything built into one diaper. So for new mamas who are embarking on this cloth diapering world, this could be a great alternative.

This can also be great when dealing with newborn twins. Because it keeps the process fast and super simple.

They are the closest thing to disposable diapers. No folding, snapping. Just grab and put on baby.

And you get to reuse them.

But with everything in life the closest we get to convenience the more we are going to pay.

They are the most expensive option and also the slowest to dry because of all the bells and whistles.

But if your wanting to try cloth diapering without all of the extra supplies then this is a great alternative.

Just make sure you do the math and see if they are worthy for you and your family.

Because if you’re doing cloth diapering based on cost and you’re going to spend about the same amount as disposable diapers then that’s something to consider.

All in two

All in two are similar to pocket cloth diapers in the sense that there is an outer area and a liner.

The difference is that with a pocket diaper you tuck the liner in and with all in two you just place it on top of the outer shell area.

These types of cloth diapers are great because the liner part is what gets dirty so it saves you time, money, and laundry.


Hybrid is that combination between a disposable diaper and a cloth diaper.

In the sense that the only cloth part is the outer shell and the inside of the diaper you get to decide what you put.

You can use a cloth liner or place a disposable liner.

This is great when diapering on the go because it will make dealing with cloth diapers much easier.

What else to consider when choosing cloth diapers?

Snaps vs Velcro? Velcro can lose its grip the more and more you wash diapers. Because hair can get stuck in it, fabric, etc.

Brand? Cloth diapers like disposable diapers are similar in the sense that there are many different brands out there and each one of them offers different patterns, colors, etc.

Everything you need to think about before starting to use cloth diapers

When thinking about cloth diapering your twins you need to consider many factors besides choosing the right one for you and your twins


cloth diapers for newborn twins

This is the #1 concern. Money!

What is your budget when it comes to diapering your twins?

Yes, you could save money by using cloth diapers but just remember everything you will need and depending on the brand you buy, how many you start with, etc.

You could spend a certain amount of money. So ask yourself all those questions beforehand.

Consider even starting out with one of each to see what works best for you and your family.

One good thing about cloth diapers is that they are chemically free so is much easier to switch from one brand or type to another.

So is ok to look at all the different types and styles but make sure you have a budget already.

You don’t want to get lost in cloth diapering land to then realize that the diapers you love are out of your price range.

Is like buying a house. You first get approved for a loan and then you look for houses that match that amount.

Nothing worse than falling in love with a house that way out of your price range.


Taking care of cloth diapers takes a little more than disposables.

Especially if you’re looking at the long term and if you’re thinking about using them with future children. Or even selling them.

You need to take care of them properly and that takes time, learning, patience, and the right tools.

Think about it.

Do you have the time and the patience to properly clean them?

Once you do it is not rocket science but is the process of getting there.


With twins, you might find yourself with lots of people helping you. Or you might also need to go back to work and place them in daycare.

How is cloth diapering going to affect those plans?

Would you need to teach your family members and friends how to take care of them, how to use them, etc?

Or even better would the daycare you choose allow you to use cloth diapers or even know what to do with them?

For me, my twins went to daycare at around 4 months and our daycare didn’t allow cloth diapers.

So that was a big factor in us using disposables plus the convenience factor.

Newborn twins weight

A lot of twins are born prematurely. Which in turn by the time you bring them home they might not even be at the minimum weight for cloth diapers.

So what would you do? Would you use disposable diapers, to begin with, and then switch?

Remember cloth diaper sizes have a wider range than disposable.

So consider the fact that your twins might not be able to start right away. Just because they don’t fit right.

Don’t force it. You don’t want to put your twins in diapers that don’t fit properly.

You will end up with lots of headaches and blows-ups and wasted diapers.

How many cloth diapers do I need for twins?

This all depends on how often you’re wanting to do laundry.

But you can expect to change newborn anywhere from 8-12 times a day. So with twins that would be 16-24 times a day.

Give or take. This also depends on each baby.

So if we are going to based on this numbers I would say at a minimum 32 cloth diapers.

That means you would more likely need to do laundry every other day.

So think about how often you would like to do laundry and maybe keep track the first week.

How often your twins need diaper changes? and based on that then come up with a specific number that suits your needs.

PRO TIP: Maybe start out with a few at a time so you can test them out and see how they feel.

Cloth diapering supplies

Consider what else you might need depending on the cloth diapers you’ll buy.

  • Trash can for all the dirty diapers until you wash them?
  • Maybe something to scoop out the poop?

How you’re going to wash cloth diapers?

Before we get into the washing part keep in mind that some cloth diapers might have specific instructions on how to wash them.

Make sure you follow those instructions as directed.

As far as the washing part:

Start with a pre-rinse cycle

Then you will do a heavy wash with warm water or hot water. As far as the detergent stick to one that is FREE and CLEAR.

Then you can do an extra rinse depending on your washer. OR you can just add it automatically.

As far as setting goes follow the specific instructions of the cloth diapering. Some materials are better to be let air dry or do a no-heat drying.

If you’re short on time you can do a normal dry but don’t let them dry the whole time.

Maybe do it for ten minutes so they can mostly dry and let them air dry for the rest of the time.

Cloth diapering service

You heard it right. When I first read about this I laugh but at the same time are we surprised?

These days they have a service for any and everything.

So I needed to mention this cloth diapering service.

So what is it?

Exactly what the name says. Is a local service that depending on where you live you might have near you.

It works similar to a cleaner or laundry service. In which you can either take the dirty diapers to them or they pick them up and they will wash them for you.

So if you don’t want to deal with the laundry part of cloth diapering or maybe you don’t have a washer and drier at home.

This might be an alternative for you.

To find a location near you just type in GOOGLE cloth diapering services.

Some of them also offer other services. Such as:

  • Hands-on training
  • Answer questions about cloth diapering
  • Create a baby registry so that your friends and/or family can buy you “washing” services
  • Delivery and pick up of dirty diapers
  • Baby clothes washing services

These are some of the extra services that you can participate in.

But like I said if you’re interested in something like this then find your local cloth diapering services call them and ask them specific questions you might have.

FAQ cloth diapering twins

Making the decision to use cloth diapers takes some time to figure out what might work best for your family and your lifestyle.

Below I’m going to answer your clothing diapers questions 101.

Can twins share cloth diapers?

Yes. There is no reason why they couldn’t.

However, just because you have two babies in diapers you might need to have extra diapers.

Not necessarily double the amount. Just enough cloth diapers that can last you a day.

But no need to label the diapers. Remember cloth diapers are chemical-free so even if one of your twins has sensitive skin they will still be able to share the cloth diapers.

Do you really save money using cloth diapers?

The upfront cost could be more than disposable diapers because depending on the brand or type you choose you might need extra supplies.

However, the one good thing about cloth diapers is that you can buy more than one type, you don’t need to buy many at a time, and your twins can share them.

Therefore, you will save a lot more money.

Remember newborn twins can use 8-12 diapers a day. If you’re ok with doing laundry frequently then you can get by with the minimum amount.

For example, A box of newborn Pampers diapers with a quantity of 84 diapers can cost $25 depending on where you buy them.

A package of 10 of the Gerber pre fold cloth diapers can cost you $14 dollars.

Just remember then with the prefolds you need a cover which can cause you $8-10 dollars and you also need pins or snappis.


You could buy a 6 pack of the Alvababy cloth diapers for about $40 and they come with 12 liners.

Let’s do some math:

If you go with the prefold one packet already contains 10.

10 is plenty for one baby but in your case, you might need to buy two packages. A packet of 20 will cost you around $28.

A little more than a box of Pamper diapers but you have reusable diapers.

Another example could be buying the Alvababy. If you only buy 2 packs that could be enough cloth diapers for one day.

Making the price around $80.

So just do the math. And it all depends on the brand you choose, how much absorbency you need, and how many diapers you buy at a time.

PRO TIP: You can also buy cloth diapers at consignment stores, Facebook marketplace, friends and/or families, etc.

Since they are reusable and some people really take good care of them you can buy them used for a fraction of the price. So something else to consider.

Can you cloth diaper twins?

Absolutely. If you’re looking at it from a cost-saving and more natural approach then using cloth diapers could be a great choice for you and your twins.

Twins can get expensive and there will always be something to buy. So why not save some money on certain items. AKA diapers.

You do have an up cost at first but eventually, it will pay off. Once you have everything you need then you’re set.

When should I start cloth diapering?

While there isn’t a specific time. Cloth diapers do come in “newborn” sizes but their sizing is meant to fit a huge range.

Therefore, since a lot of twins tend to be born prematurely your twins might not be ready to start cloth diapers right away.

Look at each brand and find what the starting newborn size is. Some are 8lb and some are 10lbs.

However, don’t be fool by that number because like I said at times one size doesn’t fit all.

Your twins might be 10lbs and still struggling to fit a cloth diaper.

Don’t give up. The beauty of cloth diapers is that you can try different types and styles until you find one that works.

So to keep the answer short. Start when you feel ready and also when you find the brand and type that works for your twins.

How long can a baby wear a cloth diaper?

Ideally, you want to check and/or change your twins’ diapers every 2-3 hours. Remember cloth diapers don’t have the same absorption as disposable diapers.

You don’t want to wait too long and have your babies sit in dirty diapers for too long.

Not only will it be uncomfortable for them but it will create more work for you when it comes to washing that diaper.

How many times can you use a diaper cover before washing?

You can totally reuse diaper covers. No need to wash them every day or every time you wash the liners.

They can go a few days without needing a wash. You can also do a quick rinse and air dry if they have a small stain.

Is washing cloth diapers in the washing machine sanitary?

Absolutely. The same way we put our pants with mud OR sweaty workout clothes we can put dirty diapers.

Remember you’re scooping the poop out first so is not like your throwing chunks of poop into your washer.

Sorry I know that was TMI but just giving you some perspective.

How often should I wash my cloth diapers?

Again this depends on many factors. How many diapers you buy, how often you’re changing diapers, etc.

But you could expect to do laundry every other day. Maybe sooner or later.

As much as you keep those dirty diapers contained they will begin to smell.

Plus because you’re dealing with reusable diapers you will need them sooner rather than later.

And if you’re letting them air dry you need to factor that time as well.

Is cloth diapering easy?

Is all about perspective. Before I learned about cloth diapers and all of the terminology. I thought it was super hard.

Once I did all of my research and began to get familiar with it. It wasn’t so hard.

The biggest thing with cloth diapers is the laundry part. Once you choose a specific type you will learn all about them and you will know exactly what to do.

We chose not to use cloth diapers because our twins were going to daycare and just the simple convenience factor of you throwing away and done was much easier.

We ultimately chose disposable diapers because of our lifestyle AKA convenience. Not because we found them hard to use.

Last words for cloth diaper for twins

In the end, the final decision comes down to what’s best for you and your twins.

I can provide you with the information, resources, and support but you know what best for you and your family.

The biggest thing to remember is that cost varies depending on the brand and type you choose to buy.

Another thing to remember is that you can start with a small amount, different types, try them out and see what you think.

The wonderful thing about cloth diapers is that they are chemical-free making them so much easier to switch from one type to the other.

And remember that one size at times doesn’t fit all. So you might also need to do so by trial and error. And that ok.

So I hope that after reading this cloth diapering 101 you feel a lot more confident about your decision of choosing to cloth diaper your twins or not.

I would love to hear about your cloth diapering journey. Drop a comment below.

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