How Many Diapers Do Twins Needs? + Tips on How Not To Go Broke

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How many diapers to buy for twins?

From the moment you bring your newborn twins from the hospital until you potty train them you will need diapers.

One of the many expenses of having twins is buying diapers. So if you’re asking yourself “how many diapers do I need for twins?” OR how long will twins be in each diaper size?

Then you’re at the right place.

how many diapers for twins

Twins require a lot of diapers. And the amount can fluctuate depending on many factors we will discuss below.

So we are going to break down the number of diapers per day, week, and even a year.

As well as provide you some extra tips to help you save some money and not go completely broke in the process.

Below are the questions I will answer about diapers

  • Diaper usage varies
  • How many diapers for twins?
  • How long were your twins in each diaper size?
  • Budget for twin diapers
  • Tips to not go broke

Diaper usage varies

Before we discuss the number of diapers. I want to provide a small disclaimer and a reason behind these numbers.

I can provide you numbers based on the average of feedings which then can turn into diaper changes if you’re changing your twin’s diapers every time they eat.

However, something to keep in mind is that there is many factors that can affect the number of diapers you will need:

  • NICU stays
  • Twin sizes
  • growth
  • ETC

I can give you a ballpark but know that you might need more or less.

This is just an estimate to give you a visual of what you could possibly spend and help you begin a budget, find discounts, etc to help with the cost of diapers.

In the end, only you know what’s best for your twins. So follow your gut feeling. It will never fail you.

How much can you spend on diapers?

This question is very hard to answer because again there are so many factors that can affect the price of diapers such as:

  • Diaper brand
  • Quantity per box
  • Where you buy them
  • Prices fluctuate all of the time
  • ETC

These are just a few factors that affect the price of diapers. And in the end, it counts down to YOU.

How much are you willing to pay and what can your family afford?

If I was to choose Pampers as an example since they are sure popular and for one the diapers I recommend, pediatricians, and many other moms.

Pampers alone come in many different quantities and they sell them in many different stores for a slightly different price.

For the sake of the example if you buy a box of Pamper Swaddlers newborn size 84 count.

You could spend approximately $25. Well with twins you can go through that many diapers in a week or less.

So you do the math…

In a month you could spend around $100 give or take.

So depending on your twins it could be more or it could be less.

That’s why when people ask me how much money I can spend on diapers is very hard to respond.

Because it depends on many factors mentioned above plus how often you’re needing to change your twin’s diapers.

Consider maybe $25-50 a week for diapers.

This is a huge range but again think about the different factors that can affect that price.

This is why starting a budget and saving money ASAP is crucial.

How many diapers for twins?

Below we are going to break it down even further. So if you love math then welcome and if you don’t I’m going to keep it simple.

We are going to break the diaper usage by day, week, month, and year.

So bare with me.

After you see those numbers you might feel super anxious. But just take a deep breath.

This is another reason when people tell me how lucky I am to have twins because they wish they would have had them…

I want to be like do you want me to tell you how much money I have spent on diapers alone?

How many diapers a day?

So per day, you could average to 8-12 diapers per baby. So with twins, it will be 16-24 diapers per day.

How many diapers per week?

1 day = 8-12 diapers x 2 = 16-24 diapers for twins

7 days = 56-96 diapers x 2 = 112- 186 diapers for twins

How many diapers per month?

1 day = 8-12 dapers x 2 = 16-24 diapers for twins

4 weeks = 30 days (Remember some months have 31 days and February sometimes has 28 days and every 4 years 29 days).

But lets just go with 30 days.

30 days = 240- 360 diapers x 2 = 480-720 diapers for twins

Do keep in mind that after the newborn stage which is 0-3 months your twins could fall in a pattern.

This, in turn, could mean the huge blowouts are behind you therefore they might need fewer diapers.

At this stage, your diaper usage could decrease between 6-8 diapers. Do keep in mind that each baby is unique. So use your best judgment.

How many diapers in a year?

If you’re still changing your twin’s diapers 8-12 times per day then this is the number of diapers you might need.

1 day = 8-12 dapers x 2 = 16-24 diapers for twins

1 year = 365 days

365 days = 2,920- 4,380 diaoers x 2 = 5,840 – 8,760 diapers for twins

If you fall between 6-8 diapers then your diaper usage will definitely be much lower.

1 day = 6-8 diapers X 2 = 12-16 diapers for twins

1 year = 365 days

365 days = 2,190- 2,920 X 2 = 4,380- 5,840 diapers for twins

Twin diaper chart

For all my visual mamas. I created this chart to help you see the numbers all in one place.

I know sometimes is easier to visualize something vs reading it.

how many diapers for twins

How many diapers do newborn twins need?

For the most part, babies start with newborn-size diapers. However, in your case, a lot of twins are born prematurely and/or even before 37 weeks.

So you might need to get a few preemie diapers.

So it all depends on when they are born.

One silver lining about your twins being born early is that while in the NICU they will provide you with all of the twin’s basic needs.

So no need to bring diapers.

Once they are discharged then figure out what size diapers they are leaving with and buy 1-2 boxes of those.

If you get to bring your twin homes right away then bring the diapers the hospital provides you.

You already paid for them. Use those first and then go and buy more.

At a minimum, I would buy 1-2 boxes of the newborn size and just see how it goes.

The average size of twins is 5lbs and typically newborn size diapers go up to 10 lbs.

So you could expect your twins to be in newborn-size diapers for a few weeks.

How many diapers per size?

So I’m all about stocking up and being prepared especially with two babies.

I would suggest sticking with Newborn to 1 size diapers first because you’re twins are going to spend a big chunk of time wearing those sizes.

As far as how many diapers you will need from each size it depends on the twin.

Whether or not they are both on the same diaper size, what type of diapers you buy, how many come in a box, etc.

It also depends on how organized you are about keeping receipts in case you need to return and/or exchange extra diapers.

How many sizes 1 diapers do I need for twins?

Again it all depends. Plus the different factors mentioned earlier. But you could start with 2 boxes and go from there.

How many diapers of each size should I stockpile?

Again it depends.

But I will start with stockpiling newborns to 1 size diaper because of twins being born so much earlier than singletons as well as needing more frequent diaper changes than older twins.

If you’re really wanting to get a jump start on the other ones or are registering for diapers.

I would do 2 big boxes of the other size diapers (2,3,4, etc).

If you’re going to begin a stockpile of diapers. Make sure you keep ALL of your receipts just in case you need to return or exchange them.

You might register for a certain diaper brand and then you get to find out that your twins are:

A. Sensitive to that brand

B. Your twins leak in them a lot

C. You felt them and don’t like the design, feel, smell, etc.

How long were your twins in each diaper size?

How long each twin spend on a diaper size is affected by many factors

  • Were your twins born prematurely?
  • Did they have a NICU stay?
  • How quickly are they growing?
  • ETC

All of the factors mentioned above can affect how long twins will be in each diaper size.

So it can be a couple of days all the way to 1-2 months or more.

It’s hard to say. And if someone is telling you a specific time then they are lying because one size doesn’t fit all.

How long were your twins in newborn diapers?

I can tell you that my newborn twins were in newborn diapers for 1.5 months.

However, this doesn’t mean that your twin babies will be in newborn diapers for that same length. I’m giving you that number to just give you a ballpark.

But that length is determined by each baby and their own uniqueness.

How to know when it’s time to move your twins to the next size?

You stock up on all the diapers but now you’re unsure on when the time to go up in size needs to happen.

Some ways to determine when your babies are ready for the next size

  • How tight is the diaper? Does every time you use that diaper on your twins do they have marks or you see red spots that the diapers leave behind?. Then maybe it’s time to try the next size.
  • The diaper is not covering all of the twin’s bottoms
  • The diaper is leaking through even when the diapers aren’t even full

If you see some of these signs mentioned above it might be time to move your little one to the next size.

Keep in mind that one of your twins might be ready for the next size while the other isn’t.

That’s ok.

Don’t force your twins to stay in the same diaper size to save money.

This can actually end up causing you more money. Because you’re forcing one of your twins to wear diapers that are too small for them.

This can end up causing unnecesary leaking which can lead to more diaper changes.

More/unnecessary diaper changes = more money down the toilet.

Budget for twin diapers

If you’re reading this while you’re pregnant with twins then is a good time to start saving some money for diapers.

Now that you have seen how much money you could potentially spend on diapers this is a great time to put some money away and create a budget for your family.

I’m not a financial expert but creating a budget doesn’t have to be complicated.

It can be a simple spreadsheet/document that tracks your earnings plus all of your expenses.

This allows you to see where all of your money is going and what things you can cut or decrease in order to start saving for your twins’ expenses.

The earlier you start to plan the better it will be in the long haul. Diapers are expensive and are not a thing you can skip.

You actually need them even if you decide to go the cloth diapering route. You still need some form of diapering for your twins.

So begin budgeting today.

This is also a great time to start looking into coupons, memberships, deals, discounts, etc.

Quick Free monthly and yearly budget printable

This is an easy and quick budget template that you can use if you already don’t have something or if you want a printable to help you kick start your family budget.

I’m not an expert in finances but just wanted to provide you with something quick you can use to help you get started right away.

monthly budget printable


Diaper subscription

Some places offer monthly subscriptions in which you pay a certain fee and they send you the diapers right to your front door.

ConvenienceSlightly more expensive
Easy to use
Most of them have an easy cancellation policy
Don’t need to step foot into a store

Some places like Amazon, Target, Honest Company and so many more places offer diapers subscriptions.

If you’re looking for a convenience factor and not having to leave your house to get diapers then this is a great way to purchase exactly what you need.


What the heck do I mean by a membership?

Think stores in which you can buy in bulk. Like Sams and Costco. With twins, any place that allows you to buy in big quantities say yes, please.

These places require you to pay for a membership but for what you can get the price is worthed.

The cheapest membership at Sam’s club is $45 for the whole year. That even cheaper than the cost of monthly diaper subscriptions.

The great thing about these stores is that they sell everything.

This means that you can also buy other items your twins might need there like human food, personal hygiene items, etc.

We had a sams membership and I have bought things like diapers, wipes, formula, etc. To this day I buy my twin’s diapers and wipes from there.

I also buy their snacks, toys, and even books.

Store discount

You can also get diaper discounts at your local stores. Think places like Target that offer the cartwheel APP.

For my mamas out there that don’t know what the cartwheel APP is. Is literally an APP created by Target to offer discounts.

Is divided into categories and the baby section always has some form of deal for baby items.

You can always find some form of deals for diapers.

Their most popular diapers deals are when they offer the buy $100 get a $20 gift card. You can use that gift card towards another box of diapers or a box of wipes.

Plus if you have their credit or debit card you get an additional 5% saving on everything you buy.

So check out your local stores for coupons, discounts, specials, etc.

Extra tips to not go broke when buying diapers and wipes for your twins

Diapers are expensive and you might find yourself getting super overwhelmed by the amount and the price of diapers.

Take a step back, take a breather, and get creative.

Below are some extra ways you could save some money when buying diapers and even wipes for your twins:

  • Sign up for multiple registries: They give samples and sometimes coupons
  • Collect coupons
  • Look for local store coupons
  • Check the local newspaper, magazines, etc for coupons
  • Join in diapers newsletters like Pampers
  • Ask for a diaper shower instead of gifts
  • If you have friends with kids that have leftover diapers take them
  • Use the completion baby registry coupon to buy diapers and anything else you might need
  • Get on places like Facebook marketplace and/or Craiglist: They sometimes sell baby items for cheaper
  • Go to a baby consignment store if you live by one: Thye mostly sell clothes and baby gear but you might get lucky and find diapers.
  • Split a membership like Amazon, Sam’s, Costco, etc with a friend or family member

Sign up for Rakuten: For my twin mamas that don’t know what Rakuten is.

Is a website in which you can get cashback every time you shop through them or use their google chrome extension.

For example, let’s say you went to and their current cashback is 1%.

That means that whatever amount you spend at you will get 1% back of the total spent.

Go check out their website because you will be surprised as to how many websites are part of their program.

Not only will this be great for diapers but for any other essentials, you might need for your twins and even yourself.

I have saved so much money and the fun part is that is completely FREE to use.

Plus if the site has sales and/or coupons the Rakuten chrome extension will also remind you to add them to your cart.

How cool is that?

Last words for diapering twins

One thing you need to remember is that each baby is unique and diaper needs vary per baby.

Keep in mind that there are many factors that can affect diaper usage as well as the number of diapers you will need for your twins.

Just because they’re twins they might not even have the same diaper need.

Look at these numbers to help you start saving for diapers or ways to get creative when it comes to budgeting for diapers.

If you need to start with a handful of diapers at a time then do it. The point is to have enough that you don’t run out when you’re about to change a diaper.

But that you also don’t have a diaper store in your house if you don’t need to.

The last thing to remember is that this phase is also temporary.

Eventually, you will be potty training your twins and you will be using that diaper money for something new.

I would love to hear from you in the comments about the number of diapers you have used and any tips that have helped you save some dinero.

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