17 of The Best Fall Activities for Twin Toddlers| Simple and Fun

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How to entertain toddler twins during the fall

Nothing screams fall that leaves falling, nice cooler weather, and finding fun activities you can do with your family especially outdoors.

If you’re looking for some easy and fun toddler activities you can do with your twins this fall…

Then look no further.

activities for 15 month old twins

Fall is such a wonderful time to build memories. Especially outside because the weather is so amazing.

It’s the perfect combination of not being freaking hot but also not freezing yourself to death?

These activities are meant to be fun but also provide some learning skills to your twin toddlers.

So let’s get right into the list…

Outdoor fall activities for toddler twins

1. Pumpin patch

I wouldn’t do any justice if I didn’t include going to a pumpkin patch.

This could be a perfect time to allow your twin toddlers to pick out a pumpkin that they can then decorate at home.

Plus they get to burn out some energy by running around on a field full of pumpkins.

2. Visit a local farm

Talk about enjoying a hayride, feeding animals that are at the petting zoo, train rides, delicious snacks and so much more.

This is the perfect opportunity to bring your camera and take lots of photos and build lots of memories.

3. Nice Hike

What better time to be outdoors than during the fall.

The weather is amazing so is a perfect time to spend some time outside with the whole family, burn out some much-needed toddler energy and who knows maybe get some exercise?

4. Play with leaves

One thing that so wonderful about fall is the leaves falling from the trees and the orange/red colors of the leaves.

Let your twin toddlers go outside and enjoy kicking and throwing leaves everywhere.

Toddlers are amazed by any and everything. Let them explore and use their imagination.

5. Apple picking

Is time to enjoy your local farm and do some apple picking. A wonderful time to include your twins in picking out the fruits that they so get to enjoy.

6. Camping

Whether you do backyard camping or actual getaway. This is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and explore with your little ones.

7. Smores

Whether you decide to make them while camping or in your backyard. Smores are a yummy treat that can also be fun to make with your twin toddlers.

This can also be an awesome opportunity to sit outside and enjoy the nice fall sunset.

8. Picnic

The weather is nice so why not pack your favorite fall treats and enjoy a nice picnic at a local park.

Your twins get to run around and burn out some energy and you get to enjoy the nice weather and so delicious treats.

Indoor fall activities- Fall crafts

9. Paint pumpkin

Now that you have picked out the pumpkin is time to do something with it.

Let your toddlers paint away and let their imaginations wander.

They can also use stickers and place them all over the pumpkins.

And then find an awesome place in your house to display their creation.

10. Make Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations

with fall here that means that Halloween and Thanksgiving are right around the corner.

Take this time to discuss those holidays. Create some Halloween decorations, arts, crafts, invitations, etc.

They can even turn those arts and crats into super cute thanksgiving invitations. If you’re hosting the family and/or friends.

twin fall activities

11. DIY Halloween costume

With fall here and Halloween around the corner besides making decorations and invitations.

You might consider brainstorming Halloween costume ideas for your twins.

Especially if you’re going to DIY. It might take some time to make your vision come to life.

Plus it could also be fun for your twins to feel like they are part of the “making of the costume” process.

12. Make fall play doh

So what the heck is this? Well, find a recipe that includes fall-inspired items like pumpkin and make some play doh.

The great thing about making it is that we all know toddlers love to put any and everything in their mouths.

So if they eat a little or a lot of it is nice and safe.

Plus play doh is a great way to get those hand motor skills going.

13. Finger painting fall inspired

What better way to get those motor skills going than by using their hands.

Let your twin toddlers experiment with paint by either coloring a pumpkin with their hands OR

coloring from a book, worksheet, etc.

14. Bake pies

Since this is the season for all things pumpkin. Then create memories by baking.

Let them help you bake a pie, cookies, cake, etc.

Make it fun by letting them mix ingredients and even put some fall-inspired decorations on the baking goods.

15. Eat anything pumpkin

Pumpkin is so seasonal. So this is the time to either make or hit all of the local shops that sell any and everything pumpkin.

If you love the fall season and pumpkin everything then include your twin toddlers in the process.

Whether you find a local spot once a week and try a new item or make something at home.

This could be a fun family tradition that everyone can participate in once a year.

Your twins will look forward to this every year.

16. Fall movie night

Cuddle up all on the couch with some blankets a nice hot fall drink and enjoy a family movie.

Halloween movies can be a little scary for toddlers but you could find cartoons like Mickey that have holiday movies and enjoy them with your twin toddlers.

Longer Fun fall activities

17. Road trip

I know that the thought of being in the car with toddlers for longer than 1 hour can be terrifying.

But with the weather being so nice and holidays approaching this is a great time to embark on some new memories.

Whether you decide to go visit family or explore the world. Road trips can be a great way to build some family memories with your toddlers.

A key component to surviving a road trip with twin toddlers is to be prepared and be flexible.

Last words for things to do in the fall with twin toddlers

Whatever you choose to do this fall with your twin toddlers. Make it memorable and fun.

Fall is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors and build some great memories with your little ones.

Remember safety always and if you can’t get outside some of this fall bucket list ideas can also be enjoyed indoors.

So whether you head outdoors or decide to stay inside you will be able to find some activities to keep your very busy toddlers entertained.

If you have some other fall activities you do with your little people I would love to know about them. Drop a comment below.

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