7 Formula Feeding Hacks That Will Make Feeding Twins Easier

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Save time with these twin bottle feeding hacks

Formula feeding was a new concept for me. My firstborn was breastfed for 13 months. I know crazy. But with the twins we quickly had to start supplementing with formula.

With twins time is limited so I had to quickly learn tips, tricks and hacks to make formula feeding much easier and faster.

So I’m going to share what made preparing formula and feeding it much easier.

formula feeding twins

Below are the different hacks that will make bottle feeding twins much easier. I will also go into greater detail

  • Stick to one brand of bottles
  • One brand of formula
  • Sink filter
  • Don’t warm water
  • Bottle feeding on the go easier
  • Nighttime feeding
  • Get others involved

1. Stick to ONE brand of bottles

Hear me out when you are formula feeding you are going to needs tons and tons of bottles. Because let’s face it nobody has time to wash bottles every 5 seconds.

However, this isn’t the time to have 50 million different brands. Sorry for being a little dramatic but you get the point.

Find one bottle brand and stick to it

Two main reasons you want to stick to a specific brand of bottles

A. Your babies prefer that brand. So why fix what’s not broken

B. You have learned that specific bottle and all of its parts

For example, the Philips Avent vs Dr. Brown bottles each has their own parts and Dr. Brown has many more parts to assemble and disassemble.

Those bottle brands don’t communicate with each other. Meaning you can’t interchange the bottle parts.

So don’t complicate your life and stick to one bottle brand.

PRO TIP: You can still use the same brand of the bottle with twins but label them or buy a different color if for some reason your twins are on special medication or formula.

2. Stick to ONE brand of formula

The same concept applies here.

Once you have found a specific formula that works well for your twins then stick to that formula.

Two reasons you should switch:

  • The twins are not tolerating the current formula.
  • Pediatrician recommends switching

Do not experiment with the formula. Newborn stomachs are very sensitive and changing a formula constantly is only going to irritate their gastric system even more.

If you chose one and your twin babies are tolerating it fine then continue with that formula.

Don’t switch even if others are trying to bully you into it because they don’t agree with the brand you’re using.

AKA the formula haters. That’s what I call them. Omg, you’re not using organic formula. omg, why you’re using that brand. Omg, why you’re using the generic brand. You get the point.

PRO TIP: This tip is only for twins who have no medical issues and can both be on the same formula.

I know at times this is not feasible because life happens. But if your babies can be on the same formula then do it. It will save you time and money.

3. Get a Sink Filter

When all know that tap water isn’t safe everywhere and water will become your other BFF besides formula.

Bottles of water and distilled water can get expensive over time when you’re having to buy a lot of it.

My husband and I decided to just spend a little bit of money upfront and purchase a faucet filter. I call them water filters because they hook straight to your sink.

You do need to purchase the actual filter and the replacement filter. You do need to change the replacement filter every couple of months. The light will turn red when is time for a new filter.

You might need to spend a little money upfront depending on which one you want to purchase but this filter is great because you can use that water for more than you preparing the formula.

Is a win-win. Plus you don’t have to constantly go to the store because you need more water to make bottles.

twin feeding tracker

4. Don’t warm water

The water filter is hooked to your sink. Therefore when you turn it on you can decide the temperature of the water.

So please don’t waste your money on a bottle warmer. Your twins don’t know any better and they will adjust to what you do just fine.

When you start leaving the house and are going to be feeding them on the go you don’t want to slap them with some reality of room or cold temperature water because they will not be very happy.

Your twins might be so mad that they could refuse the bottle. Don’t start a habit you can’t keep up with.

5. How to make bottle feeding on the go easier

Soon you will be leaving the house. Yes, you will eventually get out of the house, and trust me you will need that change in scenery.

In order to make the process of leaving easier, you need to have the diaper bag and everything you need ready to go.

What do you need in your diaper bag?

  • Bottles
  • Formula dispenser with formula in it
  • Water
  • burp cloths

These are the basics you will need for bottle feeding. Don’t forget diapers, clothes, etc. I just wanted to list the items you will need to feed the twins.

what to have in diaper bag for twins

Tips for formula feeding on the go:

The number one TIP to formula feeding is making sure you have a formula dispenser when out and about. Is so easy to use and so convenient.

  • You need to get a formula dispenser. A formula dispenser allows you to separate each feeding. Some can fit upon to 4 feedings. Once you’re ready to make a bottle just open it and pour it into the bottle, mix it with water, and you’re done.
  • As far as water goes depending on where you’re going you might be able to buy or ask for it. I would come prepared just in case. Either way, bring a water bottle. OR
  • You could also pre fill each bottle with the amount of water needed.

If all things failed to make sure you bring extras. You never know how long your outing might end up taking. Is better to be safe than sorry.

6. Formula feeding at night

Nighs are long with newborns and you’re going to be up quite often to feed them. Make it easier on you by preparing ahead of time.

How to make night time bottle feeding easier?

  • Make bottles ahead of time. Have water ready to go in each night bottle and also use the formula dispenser. If separating each feeding is easier for you.
  • When you wake up at night all you need to do is grab the bottle pour the formula from the dispenser mix and you’re done.
  • Another helpful tip that we actually used is to install another water filter in our bathroom sink.
  • Every night before going to bed all you need to do is bring the formula and bottles for the night and put them in a bucket/basket in your bathroom.
  • When you wake up all sleep-deprived go into the bathroom and prep away. This saves you from walking all the way into the kitchen.
  • Depending on how far your room is from the kitchen this could save you a couple of minutes that you can save for sleeping.

More night time feeding twin hacks:

  • Keep light dims
  • Only change a diaper if completely soiled
  • Have a bucket and throw all the dirty bottles in there so in the morning you can grab them and wash them
  • Use a pillow or bouncer to help feed babies at the same time
  • Alternate feeding so each adult can get some sleep

If you want to be an overachiever go ahead and wash those bottles but if you’re trying to maximize your sleep then wait until the next morning.

7. Get others involved

This is one of the reasons formula feedings are such a great way for the whole family to bond.

Because everyone can be involved in the feeding and prepping process.

Involving a jealous sibling is a great way for them to feel included and part of the journey. Let them feed the baby or help you with preparing the bottles.

How getting others involved save you time?

Being able to involve others in formula feeding allows you to focus your time on other things such as clean the house, run errands, spend time with other kids, and so much more.

And if you work from home this is a biggie because you will be able to also get some work done and not fall behind in meeting certain deadlines.

Final words for formula feeding hacks

Formula feeding is a wonderful way to bond with your new babies but it can also be time-consuming. With twins, time is of the essence.

These formula feeding tricks will simplify your life and give you extra time to focus on other mom things.

Let me know in the comments some of the tricks you have learned to help you make formula feeding easier. I would love to hear them.

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