How to Get Your Twins on a Schedule That Actually Works

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How to get my twins on a schedule

Everyone is going to tell you how important it is to get yoru twins on a schedule.

But how do you get twins on the same sleep schedule? Yet alone be able to sustain that schedule?

If you’re asking yourself some of these questions then you’re at the right place.

how to get twins sleep schedule

Getting twins on a feeding and sleeping schedule is hard. Especially in the newborn stage.

The newborn stage with twins entails a lot of learning and trial and error.

However, as a twin mom, your time is limited so I’m going to provide you the tricks and tips to help you start a twin schedule you can actually sustain.

These are the different ways that will help you get newborn twins on the same schedule. I will go into greater detail below.

  • Consult with pediatrician
  • Flexibility is key
  • Write everything down
  • Daily wake uptime
  • Feed often during the day
  • Wake up both babies
  • Bedtime routine
  • Give it time

Consult with pediatrician

Before getting twins on a schedule you might need to consult with your pediatrician.

If your twins have health issues then they will need to be on a specific schedule created by your doctor.

For example, my twins were on a strict 3-hour schedule because they lost a lot of weight and were jaundice.

My pediatrician created a specific schedule in order for them to gain weight quicker.

If you’re ever unsure consult with them. They will guide you in the right direction.

If you have twins that are healthy then you can totally begin a schedule on your own.

I just wanted for you to remember that your doctor is one of the best resources when you feel unsure about something.

Flexibility is key

A good schedule is one that is flexible.

You need to be able to adapt and be ready to change things as your twins change.

What might work today might not work tomorrow because your twins have changed. That’s ok. Is part of their growth and development.

I know flexibility can sometimes be hard because we want to have a plan from A through Z.

But with twins at times this is not possible. At the beginning listening to your baby’s cues is a priority.

Focus on learning about your baby and their specific needs.

So be flexible at the fact that your twin babies might:

  • Get sick
  • Change in sleeping patterns
  • Frequency of feedings
  • lifestyle changes

So remember all of the changes that your twins might go through so that you can remain flexible when incorporating a schedule.

Lastly, I can provide you will all of the tips in the world and the best newborn twin schedule sample

But in the end, you know what’s best for your babies. Follow your gut feeling.

Listen to your baby’s needs and do what ultimately works best for YOU and your family.


Because being flexible is not enough… You also need to be consistent.

When you decide to get a schedule going if you want to be successful and want to see results then you need to stick it out.

Habits take time to become part of our everyday life. You can’t expect to start a schedule today and then tomorrow not do it and see results.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way… If only… It would make creating schedules much easier.

Do the same thing for at least 2 weeks every single day. 2 weeks at a minimum because at times it takes months.

This is why simple schedules are key. It will be much easier to keep up with something that is simple vs something that has 50 million steps.

So if part of your schedule includes feeding the twins every 3 hours and feeding them at the same time then do exactly that for at least 2 weeks and see how it goes.

But don’t feed them today every 3 hours and then tomorrow completely change the whole schedule and feed them every 4 hours and so on.

Not only will you be taking steps back but you will also start confusing your babies…

The more you start to do the same thing over and over. The faster your babies will expect those actions to happen at that exact time.

Let go of expectations

You need to just let it go, let it go… At times we create very unrealistic expectations of how things should go but that’s only going to stress us out even more.

The ultimate goal is to start a schedule and be able to maintain it. At times it might not go as a plan because life happens.

You had an unexpected appointment and that pushed a nap.

OR you had to travel and the twin’s feedings were throw off. OR

Your babies took a short nap or didn’t eat as much…

All of these possible scenarios are normal and part of living your everyday life with two babies.

Just breath and try your best.

But the faster you let go of outrageous and strict rules the easier implementing a twin schedule will be.

Write everything down

So when you don’t know where to start as far as a schedule. Then begins by writing everything down.

What do I mean by that?

Write down the times your babies nurse or take a bottle, diaper changes, naps, etc.

I know at the beginning when you’re so sleep-deprived this might seem annoying and take a lot of work.

But it will be worth it in the end… Because you will slowly start to see a pattern. That pattern can then become a schedule.

Having a visual aid will help you and also your pediatrician see how often your babies are eating, are they eating enough, are they having enough wet and dirty diapers, and so on…

Is a win-win.

If it is easier to just write on your phone then do that.

The point is to keep track of their feeds, naps, diapers for at least 2 weeks until you begin to see a pattern.

These patterns will help you get and keep your twins on a schedule.

twin babies schedule

Twin feeding printable

This twin feeding template is to help you keep track of your twins feedings, diapers, etc.

The first couple of weeks with twins are a blur.

So having a twin tracker to help you log everything will not only give you a visual of how your babies are doing but you can also show it to your pediatrician.

twin daily feeding and diaper chart


Daily wake time

A lot of sleep training resources focus on the importance of starting a wake time.

So what is a wake time?

This is a set time in which you wake up your twins at that time every morning and begin your routine.

Regardless of the night, you had. Every morning you will decide the time your first feeding will take place or at what time you will start the day.

This will help the rest of the schedule fall into place.

For example, if your wake time is 7 AM then that’s your first feeding within the schedule and the rest of the feedings will fall accordingly to that time.

Set wake times are great to kick start a twin schedule.

They help set the mood for the rest of the day and they give you a structured time to begin your twin routine.

Feed often during the day

Life with newborn twins is tough not going to lie… For the first couple of weeks, the number one priority is to feed, feed, and feed some more.

Baby’s stomachs are tiny. The size of a marble. They can’t hold a lot at a time. Therefore, they need to eat pretty frequently.

Not only feeding frequently is important in the newborn stage but is also crucial in creating a successful twin schedule.

The more your twin infants eat during the day the better nighttime sleep will be.

So is better to feed every 2-3 hours even as the twins get older. The more they will keep their nutrients during the day.

The less they will need nutrients at night.

Wake both babies at the same time

The same way you need to try and feed both twins at the same time then you need to wake them up to feed.

The rule of letting the sleeping baby be doesn’t apply to twins. You need to wake them up.

You will quickly realize which one of your twins needs extra sleep. But in order to keep the same schedule then you need to do the same for both babies at the same time.

It will keep them on the same routine and it will also keep you sane.

Tandem feeding

Whether you decide to breastfeed or formula feed your twins is important to do it at the same time.

Tandem feeding is literally feeding at the same time.

Breastfeeding twins at the same time can be hard but if you can master that skill it will save you time and it will keep both babies on the same schedule.

The point is if one is bottle-feeding or breastfeeding then the other twin needs to be doing the same.

This is when:

A. Having an extra adult helps OR

B. Having the proper gear to help you take care of twins and feed them by yourself truly helps

newborn twins schedule

What twin gear can be helpful?

  • Pillow: you can lay both babies and feed them at the same time OR use the pillow to help you position them for breastfeeding.
  • Rocker: Strap each baby to a rocker and sit in between them to feed them at the same time.

Stagger schedules

At times it might not be feasible to keep twins on the same exact schedule.

Whether because you’re doing it alone or to give the sleeping twin some extra sleep time then a staggered schedule could also work.

Remember is all about being flexible. I have met some twin moms that have told me that as much as they try to keep the same schedule for their babies they couldn’t.

Each twin is so unique that at times you might need to stager the schedules rather than feeding at the same time.

Is life. And as much as we would like to keep them on the exact schedule sometimes is not realistic. So remember is all about being flexible.

Everyone will tell you that you need to keep both babies on the same schedule. I get it.

You should try your best to do so. But at times is just not realistic.

So try your best and do what works best for you and your family.

I’m just here to support you and provide you with options and resources.

However, if you’re going to do a staggered schedule I would literally do it back to back.

Meaning within 15-20 minutes from each other. You also want some form of sanity and to not end up feeding babies all day and night long.

Bedtime routine

Another key component to sleep training as well as maintaining a twin schedule is having a solid bedtime routine.

Babies are capable of following patterns that we provide them every single day.

A routine doesn’t have to be complicated. Just needs predictability.

A bedtime routine signals to your baby that bedtime is soon.

Keep your bedtime routine simple and easy to follow. This means that even on the days that you’re short for time or when you’re on the go you can still follow the routine.

Something as simple as a 5 step routine that takes 20-30 minutes every day is all you need.

The point is to be able to follow the same steps every day and in the same order.

Give it time

Besides, being flexible and consistent… Something you need to keep in mind when incorporating a schedule is to give it enough time to evaluate if it works or not.

At a minimum, I would say try the schedule for two weeks and pay close attention to your baby’s patterns.

See what’s working and what’s not and then improve it based on the patterns you see.

But you need to be patient… Schedules and routines don’t develop from one day to another..

Babies need time to start to recognize patterns and begin to adapt to those.

It can take up to months to truly see results… So be patient.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I know when you’re sleep-deprived and frustrated the last thing you want to do is wait and be patient… But honestly, there is no going around that.

You can create the “perfect” schedule and it might still not work… Why? because you didn’t give enough time to see if it can work or not.

Last words for getting twins on a schedule

The main things I want you to learn about starting a schedule with your twins… Is to be flexible, be consistent and give it time.

I can give you the “perfect” schedule and A through Z plan and guess what? the schedule might still not work.

Why? Because

A. Each baby is unique

B. You didn’t try it long enough

C. You are not doing it every single day… Aka not consistent.

D. You are too rigid. You need to understand that babies are constantly developing and changing which means we have to be flexible.

If you remember these key points when creating a schedule or following one. It will allow you to be more successful.

In the end, know that only you know what’s truly best for your babies. I can tell you many things and give you some tips and schedules.

But in the end, you need to follow your gut feeling and do what’s best for your twins.

Let me know in the comments if you have started a schedule with your twins? How is it going?

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