Gift Ideas For The New Mom Of Twins She Actually Needs

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What do you get a new mother of twins after birth?

Looking for some gift ideas for the new mom of twins?

Bringing newborn twins home and adapting to a new life with twins is hard.

Why not make it a little easier with a practical and also helpful gift.

gift ideas for the new mom of twins

Whether is a gift to make the healing process easier or just life, in general…

I have ideas for the different new twin mamas in your life…

You will be able to find something here for her!

So let’s get right into it…

Postpartum care basket

Why not surprise her with her basic postpartum needs?

All of the items will help her heal much faster and keep her comfortable.

This basket below from Etsy is such a good gift! It has so many goodies to help the new twin mama heal quicker.

postpartum care kit

Photo by TrueMamas

Frida mom also has a Postpartum care kit that’s fabulous…

It includes the basics like underwear, peri bottle, pads, etc…

It doesn’t come in a cute box but it has everything you will need to take care of yourself in the postpartum phase.


Breastfeeding essentials

For my new twin mama that is planning on breastfeeding. I got you!

A wonderful gift that can turn into another gift basket is breastfeeding basics.

Below are some breastfeeding gift ideas:

Water jug

Staying hydrated while nursing is fundamental. I know at times is hard to do all the things and then expect to drink water.

But I figure that a cute personalized cup would help keep the new mama motivated.

I love this water jug because it also has words of encouragement to keep you motivated throughout the long days.

mother of twins cup

Photo by 3DragonsfliesDesigns

Other breastfeeding gift ideas

Pumping bra: Who wants to hold shields all day when you’re a mom that has twins. A hands-free bra is a must.

This is the same one I had and I love it. I actually had two!


Nursing bra: the name of the game is efficiency when it comes to breastfeeding.

So you need a bra that can make the process easier. I love the fact that these ones come in a set.

A good deal for the number of bras that you’ll get.


Nipple cream: The more you breastfeed especially in the beginning your breast tends to get sore.

I love this nipple cream and it’s also safe to use while nursing!


Breastmilk storage bags: where to put the milk you pump out? I love bags because they are easier to freeze and don’t take up as much space.

These are the same ones I bought when I was pumping!


Reusable breast pads: I like these pads because you can throw them in the wash and use them over and over.

No need to constantly buy pads. Trust me you will go through a lot of them.


Disposable breast pads: At times you might be on the go, traveling, etc, and would need to buy disposable pads.

So these were the ones I used when I was on the go!


Comfortable clothing

You just delivered twins you need comfy and loose clothing.

The last thing you want is tight clothing. So using your twin maternity clothing might still be necessary throughout the postpartum stage.

Below are some clothing gift options:


I love this robe. Is cute but also comfortable.

New moms tend to spend a lot of time in comfy clothing.

So why not give her a nice comfy robe?

mom robe

Photo by ModParty


PJs are going to become your new BFF. And this one is great because is nursing friendly!

You need to stay comfortable so giving her nice, soft PJs is a wonderful gift!

nursing friendly pajamas

Photo by BabyBeMineMaternity

Belly wrap

I love belly wraps because after delivering a baby whether vaginally or through c section nothing is the same…

Your muscles are loose and your organs are all out of wack.

The tightness of the belly wraps helps keep everything together…

And so helps the healing process.

So a friend or family member that will buy you a belly wrap will become your new BFF.

postpartum belly wrap

Photo by MommyBellyWrap

Monogram blanket

You’re going to spend so many nights feedings babies.

What better way to stay nice and warm than with a cute monogram blanket.

Who doesn’t love anything monogram?

Is a nice and personalized gift…

monogram blanket gift idea

Photo by southernmysass

Another option to staying warm is a Heating blanket. I just love that they provide that automatic heat for the person that is using it.

A good way to stay warm throughout those long nights.


Sleep mask

Because you’re going to be sleeping at odd hours AKA taking naps during the day.

Sleep mask can help block some of that daylight.

The color and the lashes of this one are perfect!

mom sleep mask

Photo by ShushBear


You get the snacks and everyone gets the snacks.

For a twin, mama is hard to think of herself when she is constantly taking care of twins especially when doing it alone.

So why not give her the gift of food.

A thoughtful snack gift basket can be a great option.

snack gift ideas for new moms

Photo by DaisyMaeFloral

Food subscription

Another way to make sure she is fed is with a food subscription.

Getting out of the house is complicated with two babies so saving a grocery run is the perfect gift for the new twin mom.

A place like Home chef and Blue apron are wonderful meal subscriptions options.

You can choose for how many meals, what meals, etc…

Feeding a family that just brought two babies home is always a great gift!

Kitchen gadget

This Pressure cooker is an all one. I love it because you can slow cook meals, steam, cook rice, and so much more!

This is the perfect gift for the new twin mom who doesn’t have time to slave away in the kitchen.

Just throw the food in and let the pressure cooker do its job!



coffee is always a good gift regardless of the occasion…

And for the twin mom that is getting no sleep, she will truly appreciate it.

Whether you send her a coffee gift basket, gift cards, or bring her coffee…

She will love you very much!


Postpartum tea

If you’re not a coffee lover or you also enjoy tea then this is a great gift.

This specific tea is meant to help in the postpartum stage when hormones are all out of range.

It helps regulate/balance those hormones with vitamins and minerals.

Also safe to take while breastfeeding!

postpartum tea for new moms

Photo by AmishWays

Store membership

Whether is from Costco, Sams, or even Amazon. This is an amazing gift!

With twins come extras… And being able to buy in bulk is huge.

To this date, we still buy diapers and wipes from Sams plus all other family essentials.

We have saved a lot of money shopping this way.

So a paid membership to any of these places would be an amazing gift.

Cleaning certificate

The gift of cleaning is huge. We all know just because we have children life doesn’t stop.

So having someone come and take care of your house would be a huge help for a new twin mom.

One less thing she will need to worry about!


A wonderful alternative to a cleaning certificate is a Roomba. I have this one and it has been life-changing.

Being able to just let it loose and not have to physically vacuum my house has saved me so much time and allow me to focus on other things.

As a twin mom time is everything. So giving the gift of time to do other things she will be thankful to you forever.


Inhome spa

Can’t go to the spa? Then bring it home.

When the days are super long and all a twin mama wants to do is relax and take care of herself

This gift will be greatly appreciated.

I love this basket because it has all sorts of items to help you create that spa mood while in the comfort of your home.

at home spa for moms

Photo by RoamHomeGrown

Back masager

Taking care of twins while at the same time healing from delivery can leave you with aches and pains.

A back massager can be life-changing!

Is an awesome gift to help soothe and provide comfort on those roughs days.

I love this one because is a neck and also a back massager. A two for one!


Entertainment membership

Nights are long with twins. You’re going to spend a lot of time feeding and changing diapers.

Why not give her the gift of entertainment…

Whether is a Netflix subscription, Hulu, or even Amazon. She will truly appreciate it.

I watched so many shows that I can’t even keep count anymore. But they truly help make the time pass by and not feel so draining!


Give up your time is a priceless gift. Coming over to do a load of laundry, help feed babies or just hold babies.

Are all gifts that money cant buy!

Remember not all gifts come with a dollar sign.

Listening ear

At times a twin mama just needs someone to vent. Healing and taking care of two babies is hard work!

You might not understand what she is going through but at times twin parents just need that will let us vent.

Night nursing/Postpartum doula

Having someone come over for a night to take over the care of the babies will be a tremendous help.

Sleep deprivation is real. And the lack of it can completely drain someone physically and mentally.

Getting the gift of a night of sleep or at least some sleep will be priceless.

The best way to find night nursing is through searching for what’s available in your area!

I worked for Melissa the owner when I was a new nurse. She offers night nursing, day help, and even newborn care!

She is in the DFW/Houston area!

So if you live in any of those areas I truly recommend her services.

Uplifting gifts

A thoughtful gift like this bracelet is what a twin mom needs at times.

When you’re going through the emotions is hard to see the light especially in the postpartum stage when hormones are out of whack.

You might need a constant reminder to let you know that you’re doing a great job and you’re a wonderful mother.

I love this bracelet, not because of the gift but the note that comes with it.

She can place this card on her fridge, or even a bathroom mirror.

This will remind her every single day that she is doing an amazing job even when she doesn’t feel like she is.

bracelet for moms

Photo by SprinklesandWishes


Pregnancy brain is a thing and twin mom brain that a whole another thing.

When you have two babies to keep track of plus yourself you don’t have time to play it by memory.

At times you might need to write things down. Especially when you need to keep track of feedings and diapers.

A good journal is also a great gift. Especially if you can customize it like this one.

journal gift idea for new mom of twins

Photo by BeatificHappyPlanner

Last words for gifts for new twins moms after birth

As a new twin mama, you’re juggling and wearing many hats. Let others help you out…

These gift ideas were meant to be practical and to make the life of a new twin mom much easier.

Whichever gift you choose to go with she will truly appreciate it. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

In the end, is all about the intentions and the thought that goes into the gift.

And if all things failed give her the gift of your time and food!

For the expecting mom of twins… She will also appreciate any gifts and help

If you have any other gift recommendations or would like to share some of the gifts you have received. Please let us know in the comments below!

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