Amazing Gifts For Expecting Mom of Twins They Will Actually Love

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What to give an expecting mother of twins for herself?

Being pregnant with twins is hard and exhausting…

You totally deserve to be spoiled a little or a lot.

So whether you have a birthday coming up, mothers day, Christmas, or just because.

gift guide for expecting mom of twins

I have gathered a list of the best gifts for expecting moms of twins…

From personalized gifts ideas, all the way to practical items you will find something or at least some inspiration on the next gift purchase!

So whether you’re enjoying your twin pregnancy or having a hard time right now…

My hope is to bring you some joy… Is not about the gift is about the thought that goes into it.

Enough talking and let’s get into the gift ideas…

Comfortable maternity clothing

Being pregnant comes with aches and pains… Being uncomfortable is the last thing you need.

A twin pregnancy is a whole another case because our bellies tend to grow even more… Maternity clothing gets expensive.

So why not ask for a cute twin personalized shirt like the one below?

twin maternity shirt

Photo by ItsYourDayClothing

Other gifts you can request to keep you comfortable are:




Gifts for moms expecting twins that need to stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is a constant struggle even when you’re not pregnant…

But part of staying healthy throughout your twin pregnancy is making sure you drink lots of water.

And if you’re finding yourself pregnant with twins during the summer then is essential.

So why not get a personalized cup or a tumbler?

No better way to get inspired to drink than by having a cup that gets you in a good mood.

This mug below couldn’t describe the life of a twin mom better!

expecting mom of twins mug

Photo by GiftCorp

And this one is very girlie but also simple!

twin mom tumbler

Photo by AWEinspiredCrafts

A jug that provides inspiring words yes, please!

Talk about staying motivated to drink water.

water cup for twin mom

Photo by 3DragonfliesDesigns

Gifts for expecting mom of twins: Items to sleep better

One of the many reasons my twin pregnancy was so hard was due to night sweats and the inability to get comfortable.

I love how everyone tells you to sleep now… Because is so easy to sleep while pregnant?

I wish I could tell you that you will be able to sleep all night long…

However, you can buy items to make the experience a little easier!

Below are some great gifts people can give you to help you sleep better:

A pregnancy pillow: Is hard to get comfortable while pregnant. I love this pillow because is huge giving you the ample space you need.

Sorry husbands there might be no space for you.


sound machine: I used to be skeptical about this until I had to desperate sleep train, my first child.

Now everyone in my house sleeps with one of these.

If you’re a light sleeper and any little sound startles you. You need a sound machine. They will black out any outside noise.


sleep mask: Talk about complete darkness. Is another great item for my sensitive sleepers.


Expecting twin mom gift basket

Gift baskets are another thoughtful gift.

The wonderful thing about them is you can customize them.

Gift basket ideas

At home spa: No better way to relax than by getting the spa feeling without going.

Give her all the creams, the scent, and everything else in between. Pregnancy is hard so why not take a step back and pamper yourself.


Give me the coffee, the tea, and hot cocoa: I know coffee is limited while pregnant but you can also enjoy a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate.

If drins are your thing then getting this type of gift basket would be your jam!


The stretch mark care: oh stretch marks… Something I wish I would have started taking care of sooner rather than later.

This gift right here is everything. Taking care of your body while pregnant is also part of the process.

A much-appreciated gift!


Gift certificates

You can’t ever go wrong with a gift card. It’s like you get to spend someone else money on something you already enjoy?

Yes, please…

Whether you get a certificate for a massage, for someone to come and clean your house, for food, or just to spend anywhere…

They are amazing and are always welcome.

Gift cards might seem like they aren’t thoughtful but at times I would rather someone get me a gift card to my favorite place and let me pick the gift.

Then buying me something that isn’t me…

This is the perfect gift if you want to buy something for a pregnant twin mama you don’t know much about her liking!


Books and journals

if you’re all about documenting because pregnancy brain is a thing. Then a journal is a good place to start.

This is also the perfect time to learn all about your twin pregnancy as well as life with twins.

What better gifts than the ones that could help you prepare for your soon-to-be life with newborn twins?

Below is a personalized twin journal… This is an added touch and would be a very thoughtful gift!

journal for expecting mom of twins

Photo by spunkandlove

Twin pregnancy and preparing for twins books

When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads 4th Edition: Proven Guidelines for a Healthy Multiple Pregnancy:

I was given this book as a gift and I love it.

Has a lot of info about being pregnant with twins from body changes, diet, etc, and even after the twins are born.

Written by doctors so if you’re about the medical facts then this is your book.

What to Do When You’re Having Two: The Twins Survival Guide from Pregnancy Through the First Year 

This book was written by a twin mama and also the founder of Twiniversity.

So if you want more of the input of a mother who has been in your shoes then this is the book for you.

For the pregnant with twins mom whose family/friends can’t afford monetary gifts

At times people don’t have the means to buy an actual gift buy who says that they can’t still support you?

Being pregnant is a long process and pretty tiring!

So why not get the gift of a supportive family or friend.

  • Being a listening ear aka letting you vent!
  • Hand me downs if they have had kids: They can give you maternity clothing, baby clothes, and even gear.
  • Help: come and help you organize your house, clean, declutter, etc…

As you get more and more into your twin pregnancy is going to get harder to do things. Let people help you.

Last words for pregnant twin mom gift ideas

Being pregnant with twins is hard so why not get spoiled?

Hopefully, you found some inspiration and ideas for a gift. You can’t go wrong with any of them!

In the end, is the intention that counts.

People just want to support you and help you make your twin pregnancy much easier…

So let them. Whether is with a gift or with their time. Either way, it is very appreciated!

And for the new mom of twins in your life, there are gifts she will also appreciate!

I would love to hear about any of the gifts you have received while pregnant. Leave a comment below

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What to buy an expectant mother of twins? Amazing twin mom pregnant gift ideas

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