11 Amazing Gifts For Twin Dads That He Will Truly Love

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Gifts for new dads of twins

I’m all about celebrating the twin mamas because hello being pregnant with twins, and taking care of twins, especially alone is no joke!

But there are also some amazing twin dads out there that deserved to be celebrated…

So I have gathered the best gifts for twin dads… Whether you’re looking for a twin father’s day gift, birthday gift, Christmas, or just because of gift…

gift ideas for twin dads

This list is full of ideas galore! From personalized gifts to handy and practical gift ideas…

You will sure to find a gift for the twin dad in your life!

So enough chatting and let’s get into the list!

1. Diaper bag

Diaper bags are one of those gifts you can’t go wrong with!

If you’re not going to share a diaper bag and would like a more masculine type bag for the dad then a diaper bag would be a good option!

Bag Nation diaper bag is a great diaper bag for dads because is large, they come in neutral colors, and is super low maintenance.

I have a post all about the best diaper bags for twins if you want more info on the bags that are best suitable for carrying all of the things twins might need.

2. Shirts

Nothing better than a nice humorous shirt! Twins are hard so having a sense of humor helps…

This shirt is simple but has an awesome message that I’m sure plenty of twin dads would agree with!

Even twin mamas out there would too.

twin dad

Photo by HolidayShirtsCo

3. Whiskey glass

If the man in your life is all about a nice glass of whiskey then a whiskey glass with a nice twin saying would be a great gift!

Who doesn’t need a beverage after a long day of working hard and taking care of twins?

4. Beer glass

If the man in your life aren’t about the whiskey then why not a beer glass?

You can’t go wrong with a nice cold beer after a long day of taking care of twins!

5. Coffee mug

Who doesn’t love coffee? and as a twin mama, I survive on coffee every single day… So if the dads in your life are all about the coffee life… Then a mug is a great gift!

6. Keychain

Keychains are also one of those simple but sentimental gifts…

I love keychains because is an item you can take with you everywhere you go!

So they are the perfect reminder of the life you have at home even when you’re far away.

7. Book

Let’s get real usually, we are the ones reading and getting prepared…

Very seldom do men spend the time to read or prepare for a baby let alone two.

Why not gift them a nice book that was also written by a fellow twin dad!

Dad’s Guide To Twins was written by a twin dad who I also mentioned in my post about the best twin mom blogs to follow!

Sometimes having the perspective from a dad’s side allows us to see things from a different point of view…

And if you’re struggling to get your partner involved then maybe reading a book from another man/dad would help them get a bit more excited and prepared.

8. Tools

Tools are one of the practical and handy gifts that any dad would love!

Well, if they like to fix things around the house then a nice set of tools would definitely be a great gift.

9. Money & gift cards

Money and gift cards might seem underrated but at times they can be the best gift…

If you don’t know what to get you can’t go wrong with cash or a gift card.

Twins add up fairly quickly… Between diapers, wipes, etc… Gift cards and money can help subsidize some of those expenses.

This post has all the tips & tricks to help you prepare for twins on a budget.

10. Activity or Experience

So what the heck do I mean by gifting an activity or experience?

Well if they like to play a sport, instrument, etc then you can get them a pass or a lesson for that activity!

If they like golf then maybe a golf class or a new set of golf sets or a day to go and play golf…

This gift idea is more about getting real and digging deeper into the dad’s hobbies, likes, etc…

This gift can get tricky but if you really know the twin dad well enough then you’ll know what sort of things they like to do when they have free time!

11. Time

I know some of us are short on cash but at times the best gifts are the ones that money can’t buy.

So if you have some time to give then the gift of time can be an amazing gift.

Whether you help with chores so that he can go do an activity alone or read a book in silence…

Or work on a house project he is been meaning to do but hasn’t had the time to do so.

Time is priceless so don’t underestimate the power of it!

Last words for gift ideas for twin dads

Gifts don’t need to be complicated it can be as simple as a nice personalized shirt or just a gift card!

In the end, is all about the intention behind the gift.

So I hope that the list above helps you find the best gift for the twin dads in your life! Or at least make the process easier.

You can’t go wrong with any of them!

I would love to hear about the gifts you have bought the twin dad in your life? Leave a comment below.

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