The Best Gifts For Twins First Birthday [ Memorable + Useful]

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Twins First Birthday Gift Ideas

You have come up with the best theme party for twins first birthday but now you’re asking yourself…

“What do you get twins for their first birthday?”

Well, if you’re asking yourself the above question you’re at the right place…

Because this post is all about the gifts you can take to a twins first birthday party!

gifts for twins first birthday

Whether you’re looking for a toy gift or make it a little more personalized.

You will be able to find something here for the twins in your life.

Let’s face it twins have no freaking idea what a birthday is yet alone a gift…

But who cares. The celebration is really for YOU.

You have survived a twin pregnancy, newborn twins, and now a whole year with twins.

If that’s not a reason to celebrate then I don’t know what is…

So let’s get right into the lit of twins first birthday present ideas.

What to look for when shopping for a birthday gift for twins?

Below are some of the things I suggest keeping in mind when shopping for a gift for a brand new toddler.

Recomemended age + Safety

Toys come with an specific age range for a reason!

Your twins just enter toddlerhood so they have no idea about what is safe vs what isn’t.

Toys that are label with an older child in mine might have smaller pieces that can be hazardous to a 1yr old.

So always think about the recommended age of the toy.

Toys for 1 yr olds tend to be bigger pieces, things they can easily push around, press buttons, make sounds, etc.

Easy to use

A twin mama doesn’t have time to figure out 50 million pieces and read instructions galore.

She needs toys that are simple, easy to use, and put together.


Toddlers are know for being destructive.

They like to throw and put things apart…

Can the toy stand the test of time? Especially when dealing with two toddlers?

Or is the toy going to fall apart within seconds?


Not all toys come in pairs or can easily be shared by twins…

So keep that in mind when shopping for a toy for twins…

You don’t need to buy two items.

But is the toy you’re thinking about buying easy to share or take turns using it?

Do you need to buy two gifts for twins?

This is up to you, the budget you’re working with, and the gift you want to buy.

Some of these gift ideas are meant to be shared so one is enough.

But a gift like a plush toy or even clothing then considers buying two. One for each twin.

Use your best judgment when shopping for a gift for twins…

And the most important thing to keep in mind is the intention the gift is giving with.

Toys for twins 1st birthday

Toys are always a fun gift for twin toddlers…

Especially since they are entering a new stage in which their imagination, motor skills, and personalities are starting to fully develop.

So why not buy toys as their first birthday gift?

Stacking up toys

I love the toys they can use to stack up things and use their hands to build.

My all-time favorite toy that all three of the kids still use and can all participate in is mega blocks…

I love this mega-building block set below.

Is an easy to share toy that will have their imagination and fine motor skills going in no time.

toys twins can share blocks


Other stacking up toys

Below are more options for stacking up toys… They are fun and easy to share.

The cups: All about tacking up cups.

Square blocks: They can create mountains and mountains of blocks.

And rings: This one is all about stacking up from the biggest ring to the smallest one.

I love that it comes with the stand to help you keep them organized.

They are all great for getting their fine motor skills going!

This toy below is also a great one for staking, counting, and learning colors…

I love Melissa & Doug for toddler toys…

Because they’re simple but also durable.

stacking toys gift for birthday


Ride on toys

If you’re toddlers are walking I love the type of ride-on cars in which you can either push them or they can push themselves in.

Is the perfect toy to get them super tired in…

Especially if you choose to take it out for a bit outside during the summer months.

Talk about being able to take the best nap ever…

We have 2 of the mickey ride-on toys and my twin toddlers love them…

They ride around the house in it, outside, run into each other with them, and even take their plush toys for a ride.

ride on toy for toddlers


Other ride-on toys options

The little tikes one: Has been around for a long time and is truly a classic.

You can’t go wrong with this one!

And if you’re more about the bike type of ride-on toys then this giraffe little tikes one is also a wonderful gift.

Push around toys

Sometimes those toddlers just need to let out some energy and just need a toy to chase around or that they can push anywhere.

I love those types of gifts because not only are they practical but many of them can teach them colors, numbers, animals, and so much more!

This monkey toy has been around our house since my first was born.

I love it because is another toy all kids can share by chasing after it.

monkey toy toddler twins can share


This one is not a toy you push around but you do press it and it creates a lot of sounds and fun colors.

It keeps my kids entertained and is easy to take turns with…

press toy twins can share


This corn popper is super noisy but is a fun one!

Your twins can pretend they are making popcorn or that they are playing house AKA use it as a vacuum.

They can even chase each other with it… The options are endless.

push around toys gift idea


Other push around toys that are also fun

This bubble mower: What toddler doesn’t love some good old bubbles? And especially the type that comes out when you push the toy.

Definitely a great way to keep them engaged!

Bubbles are always a winner for any kid.

Telephone: This fisher price telephone is a great gift to get their imagination going and why not begin some fun convos.


Swings are also another push toy that would be fun… Especially when is an indoor swing.

The perfect way to keep twin toddlers entertained when you cant get outdoors because is eaither too hot or the weather doesn’t permit it.

gifts twins first birthday swing

Photo by LadybugSwingCompany

Sit to stand toys

If you have twin toddlers that arent fully walking then a toy that can help them practice that skill will be an awesome gift.

There are many sit-to-stand toys and my favorite are the ones that are made by the brand VTech.


Water toys

If you live somewhere that is hot or just want to enjoy some more time outside…

Then why not buy a gift that will keep twins cool and also entertained?

Two water gifts that I love are splash pads and water tables… they are both great, fun, and easy to share.




Puzzles are another one of those gifts that you can’t go wrong with.

Is the perfect item for twins to use their hands and learn about patterns, shapes, etc.

Puzzles for toddlers are made with them in mind…

They’re wooden, big enough for their hands, and easy for them to put in the right spot.

My favorite wooden puzzles are from Melissa & Dough



Tents might seem simple and boring but there is so much you can do with them.

They’re also a great gift for your twins to begin to explore their imaginations.

Also, a great gift for everyone to share.

We have a tunnel/tent and my kids use it to pretend to play all of the time.

Whether they are pretending they are in a cave, playing house, or even taking their toys in there…

The options for a tent are endless.


Personalized gifts for twins

Who doesn’t love personalized items?

They are sentimental and they will touch a twin mama’s heart.

I love this little block because is totally customizable while also neutral.

toddler blocks gift ideas

Photo by BLOCKSetc

This is not really a toy but is a great gift for the toddlers that are beginning to eat from a plate and use a spoon.

I love how you can customize it with their names on it.

plates that are personalized for toddlers

Photo by LilliMoGifts

Another fun personalized gift is a bear…

So why not get them their first teddy bear?

I love this one because it will be the perfect gift for twins boy and girl…

Stuffed animals tend to have a great attachment for kids and who knows it might be the one toy they’ll keep forever…

twins first birthday gift teddy bear

Photo by StorksnRainbowsGifts

There isn’t too early to begin reading… Why not gift them a book they can read over and over.

I love books because they are gifts that you can use for a long time and make them part of your everyday routine.

Whether it becomes part of a bedtime routine or just a time to spend some quality time with your twins…

Books are always good gifts. Especially this book that is completely customizable to twins.

gifts twins first birthday books

Photo by TwobornTwinNursery

Other book gift options

These books aren’t personalized but will make a great gift as well.

I like books that come in a set like this one because they give you plenty of options to choose from.

Another type of book that is great for toddlers is the ones that have sounds in them.

A perfect way to keep them engaged while you’re reading to them.



1st birthday party photo props

An out-of-the-box gift idea would be to buy party decorations or props to use for a 1-year-old twin photoshoot.

If you know the twin parents are planning on taking photos for the twin’s first birthday then why not contribute to the theme?

These birthday hats are a great addition to a photo shoot. I like how simple but cute they are.

twin hats for birthday party

Photo by PrettyPoshShoppe

Another gift you can contribute to is outfits or even onesies.

These onesies are great for a photoshoot or to even wear on the day of the birthday party.

I like how simple but also neutral they are.

gifts twins first birthday onesies

Photo by DoozyDesigns

Last words for gifts for twins 1st birthday

Finding the best gift for twins’ first birthday shouldn’t be too difficult.

They have no idea what gifts are so they will be happy with anything. Even a box.

So whatever option you’ll decide to go with they will love.

In the end, is the thought that counts and the memories they will be able to build with those gifts.

I hope that these ideas made the process of finding and selecting a gift much easier for you.

I would love to hear about any other gift ideas you have that would help other mamas out there. Leave a comment below.

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