What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag for Twins [ A Realistic Checklist + FREE Printable]

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Twin hospital bag checklist- Your go-to checklist with PDF printable

Because preparing for the arrival of newborn twins isn’t enough now you need to worry about the items that you need to pack in your bag for your twin delivery.

So if you’re asking yourself…

“What should I pack in my hospital bag for twins?” OR “When should I pack a hospital bag with twins?”

Then you’re at the right place. I’m not only going to give you the items you should be packing but also everything else you should ditch out and leave at home.

twin hospital packing list

I’m also going to provide you with a FREE packing list printable that was created by me.

A nurse who has worked with new moms plus I have also been in your shoes.

So trust me when I said I have seen it all. And know exactly what you need and don’t need to bring to the hospital

So let’s get right into this hospital bag checklist.

When did you pack your hospital bag with twins?

So when to pack hospital bag for twins?

As you have read by now twins can be born a lot earlier than a singleton. On average twins can arrive before 36 weeks. This means you need to get ready ASAP.

Like, go right now… Well after you read this post.

I’m not saying this to scare you or to let you know that your twins will be born early.

I’m telling you this so that you can be prepared and if it happens you’re not caught off guard or racing to pack like a madwoman.

As a nurse and everything, I knew about twins I made sure my hospital bag was arranged between week 28-30.

I would recommend that around 24 weeks start looking into the items you need to have before your twins arrive and slowly start packing everything.

By the latest, your twin hospital bag should be ready by week 30.

You don’t want to end up having to rush to the hospital to find out that you forgot something important.

Hospital bag essentials: The 3 must-haves for mom

So these 3 items are non-negotiable. Or at least in my opinion.

What are those items?

Hair ties, chapstick, and a charger.

I know random items. But hear me out.

Labor can get pretty hot and humid and the last thing you want is to have hair all in your face and not be able to pull it back.

Your lips are going to be so dry from all the breathing, humidity, and dehydration.

And nothing worse than having your phone die when you’re trying to take photos of your newborn twins and/or trying to keep yourself entertained.

What to pack for the soon-to-be twin mom?

This packing list is all about YOU. The twin mom-to-be.

As a previous postpartum nurse and also twin mom myself I know the items that the hospital will provide you.

So this list is all about comfortable things and mostly personal items.


Think loose, nonelastic, breathable, flowy, nursing-friendly tops.

Dresses and/or gowns are also great for c-sections. You don’t want anything sticking or digging into your scar.

Pretty much the twin maternity clothes you wore are good to take to the hospital.

You can pack a “home outfit” but you could just wear whatever you brought.

Unless you want to wear something specific for when leaving the hospital.


I will bring the shoes you’re wearing to the hospital which I would try and wear closed-toe shoes with socks since hospitals are really cold.

Plus a pair of cheap slippers. Hospital floors are disgusting. You don’t want to take a shower barefoot. Trust me you don’t.

PRO TIP: If you forget socks no worries. Hospitals have socks with grips on them. Ask for some. But please don’t walk barefoot.

Do I need to say it again… HOSPITAL FLOORS ARE DISGUSTING!


This can vary from person to person.

But think:

  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Lotion
  • Maybe a face wash
  • Makeup if you need it
  • Chapstick
  • Hair ties

Keep it simple. You could bring shampoo and all sorts of stuff. But depending on how long you stay there you might not need to wash your hair.

Also, you’re going to be so busy, sleep-deprived that you truly just need basic hygiene items.

Important documents

ID, insurance card, birth plan if you have one, and any other important paperwork the hospital might need.

Other items to place on hospital bag

  • Cell phone, charger, camera
  • Snacks
  • Water cup
  • Favorite blanket
  • Sweater: Hospitals are really cold
  • Cash/cards
  • Don’t forget to pack a bag for dad with the essentials

If you’re ever unsure of what your hospital provides.

Don’t be afraid to look on their website, call and ask, or if you take a hospital tour make sure you ask.

What you need to keep in mind when going to the hospital is that majority of the time you’re going to spend either:

A. Distracting yourself from contractions and the super long labor

B. Taking care of newborn twins and figuring out life with two babies after you deliver.

C. Healing and trying not to die after pushing two babies or being cut open.

D. Visiting your twins in the NICU.

Because you’re mostly going to be focusing on some of these things above.

You need to keep packing minimal. You will be suprise as to how little you truly need.

What to pack in a hospital bag for twins?

maternity hospital bag

After three kids I have realized that less is better. Yes, twins require extra stuff but it doesn’t necessarily mean you need two of everything.

As far as the twins go. They also only need the bare minimum.

  • Going home outfit (hat, socks, outfit)
  • Twin nursing pillow if you don’t want to use the pillows from the hospital to help you breastfeed your twins.
  • Add a blanket
  • Make sure you have the car seats ready to go in the car

If your babies are born earlier or don’t meet a certain weight requirement they might need a car seat test.

But the hospital will let you know about that. Just make sure you have them.

Everything else is up to you if you want to lodge more stuff but you don’t need them.

While your newborn twins are in the hospital you won’t need much. The hospital has a lot of the basic items your babies will need.

Free PDF printable hospital bag for twins checklist

This packing list is for twin moms regardless if you’re having a vaginal or c-section.

I included what you absolutely need to have in your twin hospital bag.

twin hospital bag printable


Common questions answered by an RN

I’m going to answer some common questions regarding what to pack for the hospital and what to keep at home.

How many weeks are twins usually born?

So twins tend to be born earlier than singletons. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your twins will be premature.

Depending on the type of twins you have the latest your OBGYN will allow for your pregnancy to continue before inducing you is 38 weeks.

So either way, your twin pregnancy is not going to go all the way to 40 + weeks.

And on average twins are born between weeks 35-36. So the moral of the story is to be ready early.

What items would the hospital provide for mom?

You can always call ahead and ask or if you take a tour ask away. But for the most part, these are some of the items hospitals provide to patients.

By the way, is already part of your bill so you might as well use them.

  • Pads
  • Breast pads
  • Mesh underwear
  • Squirt bottle (to help your private area stay clean)
  • Dermoplast (which is a numbing spray)
  • Tucks ( for hemorrhoids)
  • Sitz bath
  • Nipple cream
  • Pain medicine and any other medication you might need
  • Hospital-grade pump and pump parts

Pretty much any items related to postpartum care the hospital will have.

What items does the hospital provide for your twins?

These are some of the items the hospital will provide for your twins even if they have to be in the NICU.

  • Formula
  • Shirts
  • Blankets
  • Hats
  • Socks
  • Wipes
  • Diapers
  • Vaseline
  • Bulb syringe
  • Baby shampoo

Honestly pretty much everything you will need the first couple of days the hospital has.

All babies do is feed, poop, sleep, and repeat. So they don’t need much.

Should you bring your own medication?

No. Like I mentioned before the hospital will provide your medication. Even stool softeners.

We rather provide it for you.

Is important for your medical team to have a record of the medications you’re taking. We even provide you with your prenatal vitamins, iron, etc.

Just in case something happens not that a stool softener can hurt you. But we need to have everything on record so that we can better help you.

So please don’t take your “home medications” unless they have been approved already by your doctor.

If you’re ever unsure of what the hospital provides ask your doctor.

But trust me we have it all and I have given it all.

Hospital bag for c section twins?

Honestly, I wouldn’t pack much differently.

The only thing I added above was if you prefer to wear gowns/dresses to prevent anything touching your c section scar then pack dresses instead of pants.

The hospital will have everything you might need to care for your c section. They even have abdominal binders.

If you don’t know what an abdominal binder is like a corset.

Its meant to provide support and allow you to move easier throughout your recovery.

Do I need to pack formula in my hospital bag?

No. Unless you have a very specific formula that the hospital doesn’t provide.

But do keep in mind that the hospital might make you sign a liability form.

What formula milk do hospitals use?

Hospitals have name-brand formulas.

The biggest two brands they have are Similac and Enfamil. Where I used to work they also had Gerber.

But if you’re wanting to know just ask.

When should you start buying for twins?

Because you’re going to pack your hospital bag earlier. I would start buying as soon as you feel comfortable.

Start thinking about creating a preparing for twins checklist to help you stay organize and prioritize the items that you truly need.

Plus the things you should totally skip.

I started getting ready around 24 weeks. By 28 weeks I was all ready and pack.

But I’m also a nurse with a lot of “nurse superstitions” so I wanted to prepare as earlier as possible.

Sometimes knowing too much hinders you but I’m actually glad I did.

I didn’t go into labor until almost 38 weeks but I’m just glad I knew where everything was and all I had to do was just grab and go.

Last words for hospital bag packing list for twins

The last thing you want to do is overpack and bring items that you will not need or the hospital can provide you with.

The hospital is already charging you and/or your insurance for all of those items so used them.

Your number one priority is delivering healthy babies.

Don’t drag yourself down by bringing extra items you won’t use. Keep things simple.

If you’re unsure of what the hospital will provide call them or ask your OB.

If all things failed to: Go for the basics and comfort items.

I would love to know what you thought of the hospital bag checklist? Did you find the list helpful? What else did you pack in your bag? Let me know in the comments.

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