9 Awesome & Easy Indoor Activities to Entertain Twin Toddlers

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How to keep twin toddlers busy indoors

Keeping twin toddlers entertained is no easy task. They tend to get bored pretty easily and when you’re stuck inside what can I twin mama do?

Get creative…

Start thinking about all of the different indoor activities you can do with twin toddlers.

At times you won’t be able to get outside. Whether because the summer heat is unbearable, is raining, or is so cold that you and the kids will turn into popsicles.

You will need to find ways to make the indoors nice and fun and not end up driving yourself crazy.

15 month old twin toddlers indoor activities

I can’t guarantee you that there aren’t going to be fights, tantrums, and meltdowns because sorry you have twins.

But I can provide you with some easy activities you can do to keep the day and your twin toddlers moving.

So if you’re asking yourself how do you entertain a twin toddler? “what should I do with my toddler twin?”

Then I got YOU!

Let’s get right into the ways to keep your twin toddlers busy whether is summertime, winter, fall, or you just can’t get outdoors and must stay inside.

In no specific order below are the at-home activities for toddler twins

Have a plan in mind

You’re a twin mama you need a plan for most things. Yes at times is better to just roll with it.

But when it comes to keeping your 1 year old twins, 15 month old twins, OR even your 2 year old twins, entertained you need options galore.

A plan just means having options. Back up plans.

When the first thing you’re planning on doing isn’t available, or you don’t have the supplies to make it happen.

What do you do?

So always have a plan and a backup plan. OR some sort of agenda for the day.

So when you find yourself on meltdown territory because it will happen.

Having that list of ideas in hand will quickly help you come up with something to keep your twin toddlers busy yet again.

1. Play first thing in the morning

Your twins are going to want your attention at all times.

They will probably ask you all throughout the day mommy can you play with me, mommy, mommy, mommy.

So why not start out the day by playing with them?

And as your day progresses then you can incorporate all of the other activities that will allow you to get things done around the house.

So make the first part of the morning free play. The twins get to choose what to play.

Whether you do obstacles, forts, build something, or just go full-blown imagination.

Let them pick out something that will make them feel that you prioritize their needs besides your endless to-do list.

Trust me I know that finding that balance is hard.

But maybe spending that quality time with them in the morning will help out smooth out the rest of the day.

No guarantees here but you can at least make the attempt.

2. Little helpers

Because taking care of twin toddlers isn’t enough you also have an endless to-do list of chores.

So why not recruit them?

Look I used to cringe at the fact of asking my 2-year-old twins to help me do anything. Hello, that’s just creating more work for myself.

But you will be surprised as to how empowering toddlers feel when you give them a task to do.

They will feel important and if you show them how to do it they will eventually get with the program or at least attempt to.

Start with a basic and small task:

  • Letting them bring you an item
  • Put that item in this bucket
  • Transfer laundry into the washer
  • Pour milk into a cup with your help.

Pretty much anything you might be doing as long as it’s safe let them help you.

This will also teach them independence.

I have shown my twins how to put their toys away. And now when I say cleaning time my little man knows exactly what to do.

My daughter is still a work in progress but she is getting there.

Just know because twins yet again have two completely different personalities one might be easier than the other.

And that’s ok. Keep trying eventually they’ll both get there.

3. Toys

Toddlers get bored pretty easily. So you will need to have toys at hand and the more different they are to each other the better.

Consider not having all the toys out and just bringing them out one by one. This will give them the illusion that they are getting different toys each time.

Get creative. A box can be a toy too.

At times kids are way more entertained with playing with things that they aren’t supposed to rather than actual toys.

So boxes are always a backup plan in my house when nothing else seems to keep twin toddlers entertained.

Try boxes.

Rotating toys

Consider a toy rotation system.

What’s a toy rotation?

You time how long they play with a certain item and then you move on to the next.

This is a great way for both twins to learn how to share and play together.

Toys that can help with this are:

Individual playing

If you’re sick by now that just because they’re twins they don’t need to do everything together.

Then you know exactly where I’m going with this.

Let them explore their own individuality.

Let them play with different toys and/or specific toys that they each like.

The more you learn about your twins the easier it will be to know what toys work for who.

My daughter surprisingly enough doesn’t like dolls. She loves playing with car trucks, helicopters, etc.

My son, on the other hand, loves building things. So he is all into forts, blocks, and even dolls.

So at times, I let them play with their own individual toys.

As much as you want to teach them to share it’s important that you also treat them as individuals.

They will be label as twins forever so the more you can focus on their own individuality and needs the better.

4. Music

Toddlers are already loud but maybe turn this into a constructive and fun game.

Whether you use:

  • Teach then nursery rhymes songs, ABCs, etc
  • Have a dance party

Music can be a great way to keep twin toddlers busy. Is a way for them to let out all of their energy and creativity.

Is also a great way for the whole family to participate. So if you have older siblings this can also be fun for them.

5. Arts and Crafts

how to entertain 1 year old twin toddlers

This is the perfect time for them to start exploring and learning. So easy crafts will also keep them busy.


  • Finger painting

Even just using plain paper and pen can work. Just make sure you keep an eye on them because we know toddlers love to put everything in their mouths.

This time is about letting them be creative. Learn how to hold a crayon, do simple scribbles, and paintings.

6. Sensory

Sensory toys are the perfect way to get your twin toddlers to develop fine motor skills.

Don’t need to be complicated. You can keep the supplies simple.

All you need is a bucket, maybe a scooper or cup, rice, marbles, etc. And you’re done.

Let them go wild and play in it.

You can go as complicated as provide them with directions but if you just let them play in it they will slowly figure it out.

You’re so also promoting their independence and need to become explorers on their own. Which is big for twins.

7. Playdate

So maybe you can’t get out of the house but that doesn’t mean that your bestie and her kiddos can’t come to and visit.

This is a win-win because your twins will get some playmates and you get to catch up with your friends.

So maybe call your friends and see if they are available and you guys can have an indoor play date at your house.

8. TV

So TV is not the enemy and we are in the 21st century. TV has changed so much that it provides so many learning opportunities for your children.

You are in control. So you get to decide exaclty what they will and not watch.

You can use this time for them to learn ABCs, colors, numbers, animals, you name it the TV has it.

So if you like me believe in screen time then use it. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Is all about how you use it.

When you’re out of ideas, are about lose your mind, and need a quick break ASAP a little screen time can work wonders.

Remember you need your sanity too.

9. Bath time fun

Bath time can be a great time to get your twins undivided attention.

They are stuck in a tub so you can use this time to teach them specific skills.

Use bath time to:

  • Sing them songs
  • Play with their bath toys that also serve as learning toys

They are in a contained environment which you know doesn’t happen much. So use it to your advantage.

Last words for indoor activities for twin toddlers

Look being stuck inside with little ones can get rough when you don’t have a plan or activities set to keep everyone busy.

You’re not alone. I had to learn to get creative and find “playtime” in any and everything.

Especially when COVID-19 hit. We were all on the struggle bus of finding ways to keep our little ones busy inside while keeping our sanity.

My goal is to provide you with some ideas on how you can keep your twin toddlers entertained.

Just remember that regardless of what you do at some point they might be meltdowns and tantrums.

Take a deep breath and if all things failed have a dance party and blow bubbles.

For some reason, bubbles and dancing tend to make everything better.

I would love to hear in the comments what activities you do to keep your twin toddler busy.

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