Non Toys Gifts Ideas For Twin Toddlers That Are Gender Neutral And Kid Approved

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Cute gifts for twin toddlers that arent toys

Let’s face it the first thing I think about when buying a gift for a child is a toy…

But what if the kids in your life just got too many of them or you would like to change it up in the gifting department?

non toys gifts for twin toddlers

Then I have great non toys gifts ideas for the twin toddlers in your life.

Whether is a gift with a personalized touch or some form of membership.

You will be able to find something on this list!

So let’s get right into it the ideas

Personalized gifts for twins

There is just something about personalized items that just suck me in…

So why not get them a personalized shirt with their names… Like this twin T-shirt.

Super simple but cute!

personalized twin shirts

Photo by LittleDahliaBoutique

You can also go for a soft and colorful blanket like this one… And why not add their names to it?

personalized blanket non toy gift idea for twin toddlers

Photo by SugarHouseSwaddles

Or a water cup for those hot summer twin adventures

water cup personalized gift idea

Photo by CherishedBlessings

A photo frame is also a nice touch… What toddler doesn’t love looking at themselves?

So why not give them a personalized photo frame with a photo of them and their build-it best friend?

non toy twin gift ideas personalized photo frame

Photo by BLDLTD


A membership could be something to the local zoo, a children’s museum, YMCA, or a theme park.

These are also great memberships that will keep your twin toddlers entertained throughout the year.

And memberships are sometimes cheaper than buying a pass…

We have a zoo membership and just by all 5 of us going twice it pays for itself.


Think of an art class, a music class, or even swim lessons…

My son was in swimming class and it was the best decision of our lives.

Even though we don’t have a pool I find that swimming is such an important skill we can teach our children…

You never know when they might need it!

But classes are a good way to spark their interest in the arts, see what your twins would like as they grow, and also enrich their learning.


Puzzles are a great way to get their brain skills going as well as learning motor skills.

There are so many puzzle options out there and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

I love this pack of wooden puzzles that come with different animals, colors, transportation, etc


Books are another great nontoy gift that will also spark their imagination and vocabulary.

A great thing to incorporate into their bedtime routine and/or spend some quality time with them right before bed.

Books come in many different forms, types, colors, etc

This set of books from sesame street are a great start for a gift

I also love this going to bed book I read it to my kids almost every night

And this bedtime stories book is also great.

Arts and crafts

No better time to get their creativity going than by drawing, coloring, painting, etc.

You can start with something simple and mess-free like Melissa & Doug Paint with a water set

Or you can get more adventures with finger painting

You can do paper art, bags, window art and even decorate wooden toys

The options are endless. Is all about getting creative and letting them explore their imagination.

Dress up clothing

Why not have fun and gift them clothes they can play pretend in?

Maybe your twin toddlers are starting to show interest in animals, specific jobs, superheroes, and so much more…

Explore that with some dress-up clothing.

Who knows that might even become their next twin Halloween costume?

From princesses, construction workers, superheroes, and more

The options are endless.

An udated wardrobe

Maybe they are growing or a new season is coming and is time for a new wardrobe.

Clothing mind seems like a basic gift but when you need to buy items for two it can quickly add up…

So why not help a twin mama with clothing items or even gift cards to their favorite children’s store.

You can never go worn with basics like:

Shirts, pants, dresses, socks, and even comfy PJs.

One on one date

Twins are taught to share everything even time with parents.

So why not give them the gift of alone time?

Time with one parent or even both by themselves?

This is a priceless gift that your twins will truly appreciate…

As much as they love to spend time with their sibling is important for them to be able to spend quality time alone with their parents…

Even if it’s just for a few hours.

A savings account

This gift sounds boring but we recently opened savings accounts for all three of our kids.

And we realize how fundamental it is…

Let’s face it we tend to buy toys and more toys… So why not put that money into something they can later gain access to?

Every time someone asks what they can get your kids just give them their savings account number..

You will be surprised as to how much a couple of dollars here and there adds up over time.

This money could be put towards college, a car, starting a business… The options are endless.

But you’ll know that it will be going towards something much bigger than a toy!

Day at a local national park

Do you live close to a national park?

Take the day and introduce them to the outdoors and the adventures it has to offer.

You can hike and even have a picnic.

Toddlers have a lot of energy so why not let them burned out some of that steam in the great outdoors.

Day at the beach

If you live close to the beach or even a lake this is another awesome gift idea.

What toddler doesn’t love the water?

And if you have had them in swim classes this is the perfect time to practice!

Is also a great way to bond as a family and do something as a whole.


I know sometimes staring at our 4 walls might get boring…

And maybe you can’t get away? So why not do a staycation?

Rent out a house or a hotel for the weekend or even a night and getaway as a family.

It might seem silly but you’ll be surprised as to what a change in scenery can do for everyone.

You can do all sorts of things there you can’t in your house…

Plus create some new and fun memories.

Last words for non toys gifts for twin toddlers

Whether your twins have too many toys or you just want to switch things up.

A nontoy gift is always a great idea. It also teaches kids that there is more to life than just toys…

In the end, is all about the memories and experiences we have with them not the things we buy them!

So whatever option you decide to go with they are all good ones…

I would love to hear in the comments about your recent non-toy purchases. And what other ideas you might have.

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