The Best Online Breastfeeding Twin resources and Courses

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Online breastfeeding twin resources you should check out

If you’re currently pregnant with twins or are struggling to breastfeed twins. Then these online breastfeeding twin resources will make breastfeeding twin much easier.

I said much easier because let’s face it. It doesn’t matter what we do. there isn’t a magical pill to “figure” out breastfeeding.

Especially because each baby is so different and there is no way to find all the answers in one course.

But hey we can learn important tools and skills to helps us get through it.

twin breastfeeding classes

I wish I would have taken one of these classes. Yes as a nurse I’m recommending you these courses to. Why?

Because twins are different. And learning the art of feeding two babies takes time and lots of dedication.

These are some of the best online breastfeeding classes and resources you should know are available to you if you were to need them.

  • Breastfeeding online courses
  • Free breastfeeding resources
  • Lactation consultant
  • Twin mom blogs

Breastfeeding online courses for twins

There are many online breastfeeding courses. However, I wanted to focus on courses that are targeting us mommas of twins. Breastfeeding a singleton vs twins is not the same.

We need to find resources that are created with our specific needs in mind.

Do keep in mind that every baby is different. So you can’t expect to take a course and realize that all of your questions will be answered or that your twins will do exactly as the course lays out.

Back to the courses…

Twiniversity online breastfeeding course

This website goes beyond a course. it has so much information about twins that you could spend hours and hours reading all of their content.

The name of the course is What To Do When You’re Breastfeeding two

They have an intro video of the course so you can get a feel for what you will learn.

The course is also taught by a lactation consultant which is great because you know is someone who has knowledge about breastfeeding.

The course has lots of modules with video content and they also make it relatable by providing true stories of other twin mommas like you who are trying to figure out breastfeeding

If you need extra help they also provide one-on-one virtual lactation consultation.

The course is worth every penny. But if for some reason you’re on a tight budget then for sure check out their website. Is worthed.

Full Hearts Collaborative

This website is all about courses. They not only have a breastfeeding twin course but they also have courses about expecting twins, breastfeeding twins for experienced parents and so much more!

Like Twiniversity the class is taught by a lactation consultant who by the way also has twins… talk about truly relating to our unique situation.

What really drew me into this class is the fact that is limited to a certain amount of families.

As a nurse, who has helped so many moms with breastfeeding I have learned that being able to give that one-on-one time is so beneficial and the key to helping you succeed in breastfeeding.

These courses truly focus on creating a community and environment of being able to share each other’s journey without feeling so overwhelmed by the number of people in the course.

Go check them out because they offer so many classes and services that can help you simplify your twin mom’s life.

The Pump Station

This website offers everything plus the kitchen table. They not only have a twin breastfeeding class. They also sell products such as car seats, rent pumps and pumping parts and so much more.

They have a lot of different support groups for new moms and also for breastfeeding.

If you’re looking for a vault of resources this website is great.

The class is also taught by a lactation consultant and is a 3-hour interactive course.

Free Twin breastfeeding resources

We all know that twins are expensive and at times spending a certain amount of money on a course can be hard.

So where can you find free resources?

WIC lactation services

For my mommas out there that don’t know what WIC is. Is pretty much a government service that helps women and children with lower social economical status.

You qualify based on income but is worth checking out if your family can qualify.

They offer classes, support, the ability to rent a pump, and also provide you with an allowance for food for you and your babies.

They have offices all over the United States… Click here to find a WIC office near you.

Free twin online breastfeeding resources

Some other resources that can help you with breastfeeding your twins are websites such as:

These websites provide tons of breastfeeding information without having to pay a dime.

Lactation Consultant

Lactation consultants can be very beneficial through your breastfeeding journey. They can provide you with tips and solutions to possible issues you can come across while breastfeeding your twins.

They are trained nurses for a reason. They have learned and are currently learning all about breastfeeding. Everything I know about breastfeeding I have learned on the job and from lactation consultants.

Part of my training when I was a postpartum/newborn nurse was to spend a day with a lactation consultant. Thats how valuable they are.

Online lactation consultant resources

When you’re busy with twins it can be hard to leave the house. So what to do when you need breastfeeding help?

You find help online

  • Nest Collaborate is an online website all about getting you in contact with a lactation consultant.
  • Medela also has an ASK THE LC resource

But I’m sure you’re asking yourself.. how expensive is this service?

How much does it cost to hire a lactation consultant?

Prices vary depending on experience, location, and so many more things. I would first see if your insurance would cover a consultation or even part of it and then go from there.

But even if you can only hire one for an hour. Do it. Just make sure you maximize the time by having a list of all of your questions and concerns written down.

This way you’re not scrambling for what to ask but you’re prepared.

Get specific

For example, every time I latch my baby I feel.. (describe the pain) what can I do to decrease it or make it better?

Really get specific and describe everything that is going on and what you have done to work on it.

The best way for a lactation consultant to help you and to really get your money’s worth is to ask very specific questions.

Twin mom blogs

No better online resources than getting the first-hand experience from other mommas who have to survive twins.

Twin mommy can give you realistic expectations and share all of their tips, tricks, and hacks for nursing twins.

If all things failed you will have a community that is going to support you no matter what.

online twin resources

Last words for online breastfeeding courses for twins

Breastfeeding twins is hard. Don’t feel bad because you have two babies to figure out how to get latch on and stay latch.

But not to worry because there are so many resources available for you right at your fingertips and in the comfort of your home.

Use them whether you pay for a course or take advantage of free resources. Do it.

Let me know in the comments what resources you have used to breastfeed your babies…

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