17 Annoying Questions Twin Moms Get Asked by Complete Strangers

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Welcome to the life of twins… If you always wanted to be a celebrity or get 5 minutes of fame then you’re in for a ride of your dreams.

As a twin mom, you will get asked a series of silly, bizarre, and sometimes annoying questions by complete strangers.

twin babies

So the next time you go to the grocery store doesn’t be surprised if someone stops you to ask you all about life with twins.

So what do you do about it?

Let it be but also make sure you keep it moving because your time is valuable.

I want to share with you guys some of the questions I have been asked or that you could possible get asked by strangers.

Why? so the next time someone stops you…

You’re not in complete shock Or you feel a little more prepared to face complete strangers’ random twin questions…

Below are some common questions you might get asked as a twin mom

1. Are they twins?

Recently my husband brought up a good point about this… There could be a possibility that you adopted one and gave birth to the other and they both have the same age…

But if someone stops you to ask you this question and you answer YES.

Then you just open the door for all sorts of questions to be asked.

Sometimes I just want to say no they aren’t… Just to mess with people but then I take it back.

What I really want to say is that I borrow one from the neighbor…

They just have the exact age and were born on the same date, and they also live in my house and have the same parents.

2. Are they natural?

So do you really want to know what I went through in order to have these babies… I think that’s a little personal and none of your business.

Whether we had to go through IVF or not. Is a little much to ask a stranger.

So many families go through a lot in order to get pregnant. Why do that matter to you?

Who cares.

3. Are you going to have then naturally?

Honestly, you can’t make that decision.

Yes, you can have twins vaginally but at the end of the day, only mother nature can truly control what happens the day of your delivery.

A. This is another personal question

B. Who knows? You can’t truly control that

4. Were you shoked?

I cried for like a month. I was prepared for one baby, not two.

The closest I have been around twins is working as a nurse. But still, there were not mine so I didn’t have any clue of what my new life was going to look like.

5. Are they identical?

Why is it that the first thing people ask is if they are identical?

There are not reality TV people. Yes, some twins are identical, and even though they might look like they are. They can still be fraternal.

It all has to do with genetics plus when at what point the egg splits during ovulation…

But this is not the time to give a stranger a genetics class.

Let me take you back to genetics and biology 101. I didn’t come to the grocery store to give a science lesson.

Even if they look alike it doesn’t mean they are identical.

6. When is your due date because you’re really big

This is beyond rude. I actually got this comment at a target from the customer service employee when I was returning an item.

if you don’t have something nice to say then just sip it. We already have all these crazy hormones and have our own insecurities.

We don’t need you to come and tell us how big we are. We already feel it.

Being pregnant with twins is freaking hard and we don’t need a complete stranger making us feel even more insecure.

7. Did you want twins?

of course, I did. who wouldn’t want to have twins?

I completely plan for this life. Look even if you would love to have twins. Nobody can guarantee to get pregnant with twins.

Even if you do fertility treatment, your chances are higher but are still not at a given.

So in the end whether you want twins or not. Is not a thing you can truly control.

8. And your doctor allowed you

Somebody actually asked me this. I’m not making it up. of course, my doctors allowed me to have twins.

She said go ahead and this is exactly what you need to do to have twins.

Sorry people. It doesn’t work that way.

9. Is it hard raising twins?

This is a two-part question:

For me personally, the newborn stage was hard. My first was a singleton. So it made me realize how much easier it was to deal with one newborn vs two.

However, I have also met many mothers whose twins were their first pregnancy.

So if the twins were my first then you wouldn’t have anything to compare them with.

So would they be hard to raise? That’s a question I still can’t fully answer. Every stage of twins comes with pros and cons.

Plus it also depends on each person and their perspective. We each handle situations differently and for that reason, we see things from a different angle.

10. How do you survive?

With coffee, patience, and laughter. You quickly begin to prioritize, let things go, and just roll with things.

Having twins truly forces you to get organize, prioritize, and learn to just let things go.

11. I’m going to say a prayer for you

Thanks but how is this supposed to help me?

I don’t want to disrespect anyone’s religious beliefs. But when my kids are throwing tantrums, screaming, and I’m ready to lose it. I don’t know if prayer is going to help…

Plus I truly want to know the reason behind that statement… Is like when someone tells you to bless you.

Are you being sincere or just trying to be funny? I guess it depends on the tone.

12. Omg I want to have twins just like you

Would you like to come to my house when everyone is losing their damn minds?

OR come look at my finances to see all of the money I have to spend on diapers, wipes, formula, etc.

Because that whole two for the price of one is definitely not a thing for us twin parents.

Be careful what you wish for. Yes, I love my twins but they are also a lot of work.

13. You have a boy and girl lucky I hope I do too so I only need to be pregnant once

Lucky? I’m just glad they are healthy.

Isn’t that what we should be concern about?

Do you even know how hard it is to be pregnant with twins? delivering twins? surviving newborn twins? ETC.

OR how hard it is to just be pregnant period. So moms can’t even get to experience that ever. We are fortunate that we get two babies to love on.

So I don’t know if I would consider it luck but more of a privilege.

14. My cousin has twins..

Thanks for letting me know that you know someone who has twins but how does that help me or how does that relate you to my journey.

I get it people are trying to make small talk but trust me. Your cousin, aunt, brother, etc having twins is not the same as you having twins.

15. Twins run in your family

They do but that doesn’t mean anything.

Yes based on genetics your chances can increase.

However, there are plenty of other moms who are getting pregnant with twins and they don’t run in their family.

The same can be said if you do IVF treatment you’re guarantee multiples. Not necessarily. Chances do increase but only mother nature will know your destiny.

16. Did you find out as soon you took the test?

Of course, I did. I pee on the stick and then right next to it there were two extra signs stating that I was having twins.

The only way to confirm a twin pregnancy is the same as confirming any other pregnancy with an ultrasound.

17. I had my kids back to back so is like having twins

I have been told this one and I just want to slap that person.

I’m sorry but unless you carried two babies at the same time, and are raising two babies at the same time then you don’t know what it is like to have twins.

Yes, you might have more kids than I do. or you might have 3 under 3 but still is not the same as having twins and you definitely won’t tell people that you had triplets.

I’m considered a mom to multiples and I still don’t tell people I know what it’s like to have triplets, quadruplets, etc.

Because I have no idea. I had twins and that’s all I know.

Last words for funny questions twin moms get asked

As a twin mom, you will get asked some pretty interesting things by complete strangers who think that you are obligated to respond to them.

You can either laugh about it, keep moving, or actually have a full-blown conversation with them.

Whichever route you choose just be ready because sooner or later you will get asked at least one of these questions.

I would like to hear from you in the comments about the most bizarre questions you have been asked since having twins.

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