29 Easy at Home Self Care Ideas for Twin Moms [ Take 10 Minutes or Less]

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Simple self care ideas for busy twin moms

Taking care of twins is overwhelming and even stressful.

So if you’re thinking “how can I take care of myself with twins?” and you’re needing some easy ways to incorporate taking care of yourself as a twin mom then you’re at the right place.

How can we continue to give and pour to our babies without recharging ourselves?

After suffering from postpartum depression my first pregnancy I told myself self-care needed to take priority the second time around.

I’m here to tell you that in order for you to pour all of your mind-body and soul into those twins you need to take care of yourself.

busy mother of twins

I’m sharing some quick self-care ideas because let’s face it… We are constantly short of time when balancing taking care of two babies…

We can barely keep up with the constant diapers, feedings, and the needless schedules to take a breath and do something for ourselves.

These self-care activities are meant to take no longer than 10 minutes and you can do them right from home.

So even if you just left the hospital with newborn twins you can still participate.

Enough talking. Let’s get right into it.

1. Give yourself a facial

Something as simple as washing your face with soap and water can not only help you wake up but can help you feel refreshed.

You could even begin a skin routine. Mine only takes about 5 minutes and I do it every single day twice a day.

2. Enjoy a hot shower

Nothing more relaxing than a hot shower. When you’re short for time a quick shower can help you unwind and wash the stress away from a long day dealing with twins.

If you have even more than 10 minutes a hot bath can be life-changing. Especially if you get to light some candles, turn the lights off and enjoy a glass of wine.

Yes please sign me up for that.

3. Breathe and count to 30

Taking care of twins 24/7/365 is an exhausting full-time job.

At times doing something as simple as counting to 30 to help you keep your cool is all you need.

Right now my twins are going through the terrible 2s.

I find myself counting to 100 and learning a new level of patience I didn’t know whats possible.

4. Lock yourself in the bathroom

If everyone is in a safe place then locking yourself in the bathroom when all you want to do is lose it can help you cool off.

Plus the peace and quiet can help you hear your own thoughts.

And if you turn off the lights then you can really go into some deep meditation.

5. Listen to an audiobook

Let’s face it we are crazy busy taking care of twins. At times TV is not an option because we are just on the go at all times.

Well if you have some headphones especially wireless is the perfect opportunity to listen to a book, podcast, or anything that will give you some inspiration and help you relax.

6. Watch a funny video

I love Youtube. Is a great way to learn and also connect with a person one-on-one.

Especially when you’re feeling the stress of taking care of twins. Watching something funny can help you decompress.

7. Read

I know when I found out about twins all I wanted to do was to read any and everything twin-related. But maybe take this time to read for pleasure.

Getting into the reality of a book can help you forget about your crazy life with twins and submerge yourself into the fictional life of the book.

I don’t know what it is about watching other people’s drama.

Is like you get to forget about your own issues and just let yourself wander in someone else’s world.

8. Soak your feet on Epsom salt

This used to be my favorite when I worked in the hospital and had to stand a lot. Is also a great way to just let your feet relax.

9. Paint your fingernails

I don’t know what it is about nail polish that can truly put someone in a good mood and help you relax.

Plus you get to do something for yourself that will give you that extra confidence that you need.

Maybe is the pretty colors or the painting part that’s therapeutic? I don’t know but I do it sometimes.

Definitely not good at it and I’ll rather pay someone to do it but when you have no time you gotta do what you gotta do.

10. Enjoy your favorite dessert

I mean there isn’t anything that some good chocolate or ice cream can’t fix.

Find your favorite dessert and let yourself indulge in it.

11. Enjoy a nice glass of wine

Wine makes anything better. Especially after a long day of dealing with crying, tantrums, and keeping up with twins.

12. Journal

If writing helps you decompress. Ten putting all of your thoughts on pen and paper can help you relax.

It’s also a great way for you to look back and see how much you have accomplished and everything you have done after delivering twins.

13. Use your twin’s crayons and coloring books

I recently discover how therapeutic this can be.

Let me tell you how relaxing coloring can be. It’s like your letting your creative side come out and let the crayons guide you into creating an art piece.

14. Scalp Massage

Whether you get the actual scalp massager or do it with your fingers you should try it.

Letting your hair down and letting it be free while you rub your fingers through it. Can be soothing and very relaxing.

15. Open curtains to let natural sunlight in

Sitting in darkness can make you feel crummy and put you in a bad mood from the get-go.

Try opening the curtains first thing in the morning and letting that sunshine right into your house.

This is a great way to just get your day started on the right foot from the get-go.

16. Light up a candle

Candles galore. The smell alone can get you in a good mood.

The crazy thing is that they sell many different types, flavors, sizes, etc. You can literally feel like you’re at a spa or apple picking just by lighting a candle.

17. Sit on your outside patio

This is great to do when you have a beautiful day with amazing weather.

Nothing better than sitting on your patio, enjoying the breeze, seeing the cars pass by, and maybe catch a sunset.

And either a cup of coffee in hand or a nice glass of wine. I’m already there.

18. Massage your hands

Get you some good smelling lotion and rub your hands

19. Massage your feet

The same applies here. Get some good lotion and rub your feet.

20. Make yourself another cup of coffee

Coffee is life and at times we need an extra cup or two to survive twins.

If you like me enjoy the smell and the sound of the machine brewing it then my friends that alone can be relaxing.

It sounds silly but is the little things.

self care tips for twin mom

21. Put on an actual outfit

I know we live in our “mom uniform” but at times getting dressed up can truly change the way you feel. If you feel good your day will also run smoother.

So go ahead and put on that cute shirt or dress or whatever it is that makes you feel amazing.

22. Laugh

Twins are stressful and taking care of them takes a lot of energy. At times having a sense of humor helps you get through the rough days.

Laughing helps make anything better. Part of the reason I stay sane taking care of my twin toddlers is just laughing.

Not taking my life so seriously and letting things be.

There are so many things that are out of our control when it comes to twins. So why not just let things go and roll with them.

23. Scream

Another perfect healthy emotion is to just scream and let whatever you’re feeling out.

Sometimes a good old scream is all we need to get back on track.

24. Cry

A good cry is also normal. It might take a lot more energy than laughing or screaming. But if it helps then do it.

Just let it all out and keeping things moving.

25. Call your bestie

Your community is the best people to stand by you. Your friends can listen to you, advise you, and help you stay sane.

26. Reach out to other twin moms

No other moms to understand your struggles than a twin mom. We know how challenging it is to take care of two babies that have completely different needs, personalities, and so on.

At times all you need is for someone else with similar experience to tell you I have been there and you will survive it.

27. Find a new recipe

If you enjoy cooking or even baking. Finding something new to make can help you decompress.

Who knows everyone might enjoy the new recipe and it could become part of the family weekly menu.

28. Tell yourself how amazing you are for keeping twins fed and alive

You need to be your biggest cheerleader.

At times the best self-care is to tell yourself how amazing you are and what a wonderful job you’re doing at taking care of those twins.

Give yourself the credit for rocking twin mom’s life. Is not an easy life. But you’re making the most out of it.

29. Congratulate yourself at the end of the day for keeping everyone alive and fed

Look it was a long day but you survive it. You keep both babies alive, breathing, and fed. You did it.

And at times that’s all you can do. So celebrate those victories.

Last words for self care activities for twin moms

If all things failed.

Think of every time we get on a plane and the flight attendant explains to us how we must put the oxygen mask on ourselves first before helping anyone else.

Well, the same applies here. At times we are so consumed in twin land that we forget to fill up our tank.

We can’t just give and give all day without doing something to fulfill ourselves.

Self care is a constant and everyday thing. Even if you only have 5 minutes don’t go to bed without doing soemthing that makes you happy.

Do something that makes you feel full and makes you feel you.

Those babies will thank you later for it.

And if your friends and/or family really want to spoil you then I have a list of gift ideas for new twin moms… They are helpful and practical.

Drop a comment and let me know what you do to stay sane… What’s your go-to ritual?

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