9 Ways to Survive a Road Trip with Twins [Tips for twin toddlers + infants]

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How do you survive a road trip with twins?

Thinking about getting on the road with your twins but don’t know what a car trip with little ones will entail?

Then you’re at the right place. These tips are going to help you survive a road trip with your twins.

Whether you have twin babies or twin toddlers these tricks will help you plan your next car traveling adventure with twins in tow.

road trip with twin toddlers

Yes, it might not be easy… Because let’s be real being stuck in a car for god knows how long with little ones can make you want to pull your hair out.

But you’re a survivor… You will make it. (wait did I just started singing Destiny’s child).

Below are the different ways to help you survive car traveling with twins. Plus some additional tips for traveling with twin toddlers and twin infants.

  • Have a plan
  • What you need to plan ahead
  • Entertainment
  • Snacks galore
  • Frequent stops
  • Smart Packing
  • The types of bag you need accessible
  • Keep expectations low
  • Don’t forget to have fun

1. Have a plan

As you already know that with twins life runs smoother with schedules. Going on a road trip is no exception.

You don’t need an A-Z plan but you should plan out the routes, meals, stops, schedules, etc.

Just because you’re on the go doesn’t mean you can’t stick to a schedule. Because you’re on the road it does need flexibility.

But stick to some form of routine. Your twins are already used to a schedule. Try to keep some things familiar to them.

2. What to plan ahead?


Think about where you going, how long is it going to take, what freeways/roads you will need to take?.

This is good to know because then you can plan rest stops accordingly.

At times is good to know what route you’re taking because then you will familiarize yourself with the restaurants, gas stations, etc that those specific routes have.


Knowing the route allows you to plan certain stops based on food availability, bathrooms, maybe a park so the kids can run around, etc.

What time are you leaving?

If you have a certain time you need to be at your destination by then coming up with a time to leave is important.

This is also important when you’re trying to do everything around the twin schedules and whether or not it will help to leave early, later, after a nap, etc.

How are you going to keep the kids entertained?

Are you bringing electronics, books, worksheets, etc?

Should you call ahead at your final destination and make sure that when you get there everything is set for you?

such as cribs or pack and plays.

Do they have basic baby items you might need?

Make sure you arrange ahead of time. There is nothing worse than getting to the location and realize they don’t have the things you need.

Pretty much the more in-depth of a plan you have the easier things will go.

Do be flexible.

Just because you have a plan be open to adjusting. Because as we already know life with twins is pretty unpredictable at times.

So be open to just go with it.

3. Entertainment

Depending on how long you’re going to be in the car you might need several methods to entertain your twins.

Most specifically if you’re traveling with twin toddlers because they tend to lose interest quickly. Twin babies could care less because they spend a lot of time sleeping.

But your toddlers will get bored easily and you’re going to need to get creative.

Pack electronics

Yes, I believe in electronics and I don’t think they’re the devil. Especially when you’re stuck in a car with two toddlers. This is about survival mode.

Tablets are good for games, shows, movies, learning games, and so much more.


This is a great time to read to your little ones. They are strap to their car seats and they can’t run away. So they are more likely to pay attention.

This is a great time to introduce them to the wonderful world of reading. Get several types of books with cartoons and/or characters they’ll like.

This will help keep their attention even longer.

Hit your local dollar store or the Target dollar spot

Think coloring books with markers, stickers, hard toys, balls.

Pretty much anything interesting or that your kids have never seen.

road trip with twin infants

Children love exploring and seeing a “new toy” could be fun. Especially during a long car drive.

Also, don’t underestimate the power of signing and playing songs.

If you have extra time maybe create a playlist of your twin’s favorite songs before you leave for the road trip.

4. Snacks galore

I’m going to embrace my inner Oprah by saying. You need the snacks because you get a snack, and you get a snack, and everyone gets a snack.

Don’t forget to also pack snacks for you and whoever else is in the car with you.

You will need them. Nothing worse than being hungry and finding yourself in the middle of nowhere with no food options.

What type of snacks should you pack?

  • Easy to open
  • Small packages
  • Mess-free
  • Snacks your babies are familiar with
  • Healthier options

You’re in a car so pack simple and easy snacks. Also, this is not the time time to experiment with new snacks either.

Your twins are already out of their elements. So try to keep the peace and stick to basics and what they already know.

5. Frequent stops

This is a given especially for very long road trips. You’re going to stop for gas anyway so used this time to let the babies run around and stretch their legs.

You might have a schedule for stops but also plan for unscheduled stops.

Get into your head that you’re going to need to stop a lot.

The faster you get this in your brain the better it will be when you find yourself frustrated at the fact that it has been 50 million hours are you’re still on the road.

PRO TIP: Have strategic stops. Meaning if you can find an area in which there is greenery, parks, museum, even a Bu-cees…

Stoping at these type of areas will not only let your kids run around but it will also provide them with some form of entertainment.

For my mommas out there that don’t know what a Bu-cees is literally a huge gas station that’s is like a freaking amusement park here in Texas.

6. Smart packing

Create a checklist on everything you need to pack.

Think about where you’re going and pack accordingly.

I used to be an over-packer before I had kids. I would pack everything plus the kitchen table.

But once kids came about that went out of the window. I became minimalistic.

You need to think smart. Yes at times we want to overpack because you never know what you might need with kids.

But take the time to truly think about what you need and what you can do without.

Remember everything you pack you have to lodge it around.

packing checklist for twins

Questions to ask yourself when packing for your twins and also yourself?

  • What’s the weather like at the place you’re going to?
  • How long are you going for?
  • While you’re there what are you planning on doing?
  • Are you spending a lot of time outside?
  • Are you going to the beach?
  • Where are you staying?
  • The place you’re staying at what do they already have that you wouldn’t need to bring?
  • Are you staying close to grocery stores?
  • Would it be easier if you just buy the items once you arrive rather than pack them?
  • What baby gear do you need?
  • Can that gear be used for multi-purpose?
  • How much space do you have in the car?
  • How big is the place you’re going to?

These are just some of the questions to ask yourself when starting to pack. I hope they spark even more questions.

But this is the way I think every time I’m going to pack for a family trip.

This allows you to truly focus on the necessities and only bring the items you will need.

7. The different bags you need in your car while on the road

You need a bag for all of your baby items, you need a first aid kit, and a cleaning supplies bag.

You can either keep all of these items in the same bag or separate them.

These bags need to be in the front with you ideally. Because these are the items you will need throughout your time on the road.

You don’t want to have to stop every time you need something to get to the trunk.

Baby bag

This bag includes the items you will need while on the road for your twins.

Think diapers, wipes, diaper cream, sippy cups, pacifiers, blankets, snacks. pretty much the items to keep your twins comfortable.

First aid kit

Accidents can happen and are better to be safe than sorry.

You’re also on the road and your twins might be eating things they aren’t used to or they are around a lot more people than they are used to.

Germs are everywhere. Keep band-aids, medications such as Tylenol, Benadryl, thermometer, etc.

Cleaning supplies

Your car is going to get messy and your babies will too. Have hand sanitizing wipes or cleaning spray ready to go.

As well as hand sanitizer, trash bags, etc.

Nothing worse than a smelly car or food gets stuck in your car carpet. These items allow you to clean things as they get dirty.

8. Keep expectations low

You’re on the road. Anything can happen. You can prepare for any and everything.

You can bring all of the snacks and all of the books. But know that regardless of what you do you can still experience meltdowns, tantrums, flat tires, and just life.

Be ready to just roll with it and keep it moving.

Every time I get in the car with my twins and get ready to head somewhere my go-to phrase is as long as well all get to our destination in one piece then is all good.

9. Don’t forget to have fun-build memories

Don’t get so caught up on the plan and everything you need to do and bring for the trip that you forget to actually enjoy the trip.

You’re creating new memories with your twins. One day you would look back and these memories will be long gone.

As stressful as it can be. Remember to laugh, have fun, and enjoy each moment.

Tips for a car trip with twin babies

Create a changing station in the car

Is easier and faster when you have twin babies. Plus gas stations can be gross so is a great way to keep the germs away.

Bring your twin nursing pillow

Your twin nursing pillow can be used for multi-purpose. You can change babies on it and you can also use it to do tandem feeding.

Bring earplugs

They will be some crying and you won’t be able to do anything about it. You can’t keep everyone happy you have two babies.

If breastfeeding

Stop to nurse then. Bring a pillow so you can do tandem nursing.

If Pumping

Pump while on the road and feed them a bottle. That’s what I did.

It might be easier to just hook yourself to a pump and feed them a bottle than having to stop so frequently and get situated in the car with limited space to breastfeed two babies.

Extra bag for feeding supplies

Whether you’re nursing, pumping, or formula feeding you might need an extra bag to keep all of these items separated from the rest of the car things.

You want to be able to reach for these items as soon as you need them.

Other twin babies road trip tips

  • Bring a comfort item that reminds them of home. Whether that a blanket or their favorite pacifier
  • Dress them according to the weather but keep them comfortable
  • Sit in between both babies if your car allows it. You will be able to keep an eye on them plus be able to hand them items quicker.

Tips for surviving a road trip with twin toddlers

Toddler cups + containers

Don’t forget to bring their sippy cups and snack containers to make feeding them snacks easier.


This is not the time to be super strict with schedules. If they have a tablet and are keeping them occupied and happy then let it be.

Remember this time is temporary and the point is to survive that car ride.

Bring earplugs

Just like babies. Twin toddlers can also get whiny and throw tantrums. And at times there is nothing you can do about it.

Dress them comfortably

You’re going to be on the road for a while. Let them be in their pajamas.

Hands-on toddler activities

Coloring activities, stickers, dry erasers, play-doh, workbooks are easy and a fun way to keep them entertained.

Separate them

If you have space separate your twin toddlers so they are not fighting for toys and/or grabbing each other snacks and so on.

Create changing stations in the car

If your twins are not potty trained then also changed them in the car. It will save you time and avoid all the extra germs from the gas station.

If for some reason you’re working on potty training then consider bringing a potty.

Either one you can do in the back of the car or a potty cover you can place on top of a toilet seat.

Comfort item

Yoru twin toddlers are used to schedules even more so than twin babies. They will definitely notice the difference between the environment.

So bring their favorite blanket, book, toy, anything you can think will help them feel more comfortable.

Last words for hacks to survive a road trip with twins

Road trips can be fun but can also be challenging when taking little ones. Especially when those little ones are twins. The goal is to remain flexible and plan ahead.

Remember the reason behind this is to create memories so try your best to just go with the flow.

Going with the flow will help you deal with unexpected changes. Because plans can change at any time.

Don’t forget the reason for the trip so if all things failed just laugh, take a deep breath, and let things roll-off.

Let me know if you’re heading anywhere with your twins. I would love to hear about your twin car travels.

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