Toy Gift Ideas For Twin Toddlers That They Can Actually Use For Learning Too

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Keeping twins entertain can be hard…

So if you’re on a search for some new toy gift ideas for your twin toddlers then you’re in the right place.

best educational toy gifts for twins

Whether is for a gift or not these toys have been put through the test by twins aka my own!

if you’re looking for a new toy that can spark their imagination, teach them something new or practice their motor skills…

Then these toys do just that!

At times indoor activities aren’t enough or going outside isn’t an option…

You need the toys!

So the next time you’re thinking “what do you buy 2 year old twins?”

Then come back to this list…

Toys for twin toddlers

These toys were chosen regardless of twin gender and they had to meet these criteria:

Can twins share them?

Are they easy to use?

Easy to clean?


As a busy mama, I needed to find toys that will not only entertain twins but are easy to use, hassle-free as most importantly they can be shared!

So trust me when I say that any of these toys will make the best gifts for twin toddlers…

Whether you need gifts for 2 year old twins boy and girl, twin boys, and/or twin girls..

These gifts will work for any of them!

Motor skill toys

Once twins become toddlers and especially if they’re walking…

Good luck keeping them still. They want to chase things and be on the go.

Why not give them toys that allow them to stay active and busy!

Basketball set

We have this basketball set and my twins love it…

Is the perfect toy for them to share… It comes with more than one ball so they can both participate in the activity.

toy twins can share



Another house favorite is this trampoline. They have to take turns but for some reason they love it!

At times they just sit there and play together…

Can you tell we have gotten a lot of use out of it?

It also comes with a handle…

A great gift to let them burned some energy out.

toy gift ideas for twins trampoline


A slide

You can’t go wrong with this slide.

They can also use their toys/dolls to go down the slide. Another good sharing toy!

And you can use it inside or outside.


Balls are one of those things that you can use for anything.

You can dumb them and chase them…

Use them to teach toddlers to count, learn colors, and so much more.

My favorite way to use these balls is to throw them into one of those inflatable pools and let the kids run wild.

They can be messy because they spread everywhere but trust me it keeps toddlers entertained for hours.

toys twins can share together



A wagon is definitely an easy-to-share twin toy…

I like the fact that you can use it for playing but also to transport them around.

Whether is to run a quick errand or go pumpkin picking during the fall

Wagons are a great multipurpose gift!



A tent/slide tunnel is a perfect way to entertain two busy toddlers.

Add some balls to it and they will stay in it for hours.

The best part of it is that you can separate the tunnel and tent or keep it all together.



Piano math

An awesome way to incorporate music and learning.

This piano math has all sorts of animal sounds

Role play/Imagination toys

No better way to spark a toddler’s imagination than by role-playing.

A fun way to get their imagination going.


A playhouse is a fun way to share and also pretend.

Love this playhouse because is simple and big enough for twins to share.

Cutting fruit set

I love Melissa & Doug toys and this fruit set is awesome.

A great way to teach them about fruits and teaching them concepts on parts and wholes.

Pretend vet

This Melissa & Dough pretend vet set is awesome.

Another fun creative way that also includes two animals.

The perfect way for twins to play together.

Learning toys

The best of both worlds. The kids get to play but also learn something new.

Leapfrog makes some pretty awesome learning toys.

This learning friends 100 words book is amazing. Both of my twins love it.

They take turns with it, and I also use it to teach them new words.

I love how animated it is and it provides the words in English and Spanish…

Can’t get better than that?

learning toys twins can share


This is another favorite in my house. Is animated and the perfect way to teach your toddlers their ABCs.

You can hang it anywhere around your house!

abcs and numbers learning toy gift idea for twin toddlers


This v tech learning soccer ball is great.

V tech is another good gift idea for a learning toy.

This soccer ball teaches colors, words, and encourages the kids as they kick the ball around.

Another good toy to share amongst twins.

soccer learning balls


These mega blocks have been around since my first was a toddler. I love this particular toy because all of the kids can participate.

They are also perfect for learning to count, colors, and building all sorts of cool things!



This fisher price vacuum is another great learning toy.

Is never too early to teach your twin toddlers about chores…

Plus they get to learn words, phrases and so much more.

vacuum toy for sharing



This is another learning and also using motor skills toys.

There are so many types, shapes, forms, etc.

You can’t go wrong with any.

I like this wooden set because it includes animals, ABCs and so much more!

Shape sorting cube

Another motor skill toy…

I love Melissa & Doug toys and this shape sorting cube isn’t an exception

They can learn shapes and colors while at the same time sort and match shapes.

Bath toys

What toddler doesn’t enjoy bath time?

Who says it can also be fun and why not learn something while you’re at it?

Ring toss

This octopus with rings is a great way for twins to use their motor skills and coordination.

Comes with more than one ring so another toy that twins can share during bath time.

Bath basketball

Another coordination and motor skill game.

A bath-friendly basketball hoop.

Bath ABCs

Who says that you cant use bath time to teach your twin toddlers their ABCs?

I love this bath toy because. Is a simple and colorful way to teach them their ABCs and numbers

Or to practice what they already know!

Last words for toy gift ideas for twin toddlers

It is hard to keep two busy toddlers entertained.

These toy gift ideas were meant to be shared and help keep them entertained.

You can’t go wrong with any of the options.

I hope that this list makes your next gift purchase much easier.

In the end, is about the wonderful memories and experiences these toys will bring your twins!

I would love to hear about your recent toy purchases. Leave a comment below. And what other gift ideas do you’ll recommend.

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