Amazing Twin Baby Gift Ideas That Are Actually Practical And Meaningful

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Twin baby gift ideas: The best gifts for newborn twins

Looking for some gift ideas for the newest members of your life?

Whether is the twins first Christmas or just because…

These twin baby gift ideas are super cute and some are even personalized.

twin baby gift ideas

Some gifts are practical and essentials…

While other gifts are all about the emotional side of things…

Because who doesn’t love a gift that will melt your heart?

So for whatever occasion or just because you want to brighten up a twin mama’s day, I have ideas galore.

Let’s get right into the best gifts for twin babies.

Diapers and wipes

Diapers and wipes are one of those gifts that parents can’t get enough of…

And when you have twins yes, please… The more the merrier.

Twins can go through a lot of diapers especially in that newborn stage. The first month with twins is going to be all about diaper parties.

And baby wipes are also great because they can be used for many things… AKA multipurpose.

My favorite newborn diapers are Pampers and my favorite all-time wipes are the water brand

These two posts are all about: best diapers I recommend for twins as well as the best wipes for twins.

Diaper caddy

This might seem basic but you don’t know how much it will help…

With twins is all about efficiency and having everything within arms reach.

When you’re taking care of twins and doing it alone you don’t have time to go back and forth into the nursery to get items…

You need stations wherever you’ll be around the house.

And a diaper caddy is good for that…

It gives you the option to keep all of your must-needed items in one place.. And the best part is that is easy to take with you around the house.


A good diaper cream

With twins you go through a lot of diaper changes so keeping their butts nice and moisturize is a must.

Start with something gentle and good for sensitive skin like Aquaphor and move on to something like Desitin for a full-blown diaper rash.



Baby kits

At times the last thing a mom thinks about is basic/safe baby items…

So why not gift her something that she might not think about but she will need at some point.

Things like:

Nail clippers

Nose sucker



Much needed items that you can never go wrong with as a gift…

Basic baby kit set

A Basic baby kit full of necessities is also a great gift.

It includes things like a nose sucker, nail clippers, and so much more!


Safety kit

This is another great kit you can give as a gift…

This safety kit includes things like nail clippers, brush, comb, thermometer, etc


Twin baby gift sets

Gift sets are always a nice touch because you can totally make the basket or buy it with everything in it.

The best part of giving gift sets is that you can totally customize what you place inside of them.

I love this gift set because it has two little stuffed animals, a brush/comb with some cute shoes.

And is neutral…

twin baby gift

Photo by AvaMarieBaby

This gift set includes much-needed items like bibs, washcloths, burp cloths, and so much more.

Things that a twin mama will need sooner or later!

So if you’re about giving gift sets that are more practical then this is a good option.

Photo by SuesseShoppe

Bath gift sets

These are other gift sets that come in handy.

You won’t be bathing newborn twins much or using much soap…

However, when you do a gift set would go a long way. And is also a great way to try a product before fully committing to it.

This is an awesome gift.

The bath products I recommend are: Aveeno, Dove, and Aquaphor




Twin baby gifts online

You might not live close to the new twin mom or also we are in the midst of a pandemic so visiting a new baby is a little hard…

But you can still contribute to a gift.

We live in the online world and there are many gifts you can buy and ship to someone’s house.

Some of those online gifts are:

Items mentioned already but also gift cards, subscriptions, and even memberships…

These are all great twin baby gifts you can purchase online.


If you’re ever unsure about what to buy get a membership or some form of subscription plan.

Subscriptions for diapers, toys, books, etc will help a twin mom tremendously and make her new life with twins so much easier.

Not having to deal with store lines, picking up items, etc will save a twin mama so much time and let her focus on other things.

Personalized twin gifts

Nothing gets me more emotional than a personalized gift.

Personalized gifts have that added touch and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

This photo frame is a wonderful gift for twin babies because is a way for the new parents to add some cute photos they might have taken of the twins…

personalized twin gift

Photo by MyPrintsCharmingShop

Another fun and cute personalized gift are onesies…

Twins will go through a lot of clothes… Between throw up, poop, and just because…

A fun onesie like these ones will give a new twin mom a good laugh on those super hard days.

gender neutral twin onesies

Photo by TheTeeStudio

I love this puzzle because it serves the purpose of providing a personalized gift but is also useful when the right time comes…

They can use this gift to learn letters, colors, and work on their motor skills.

Y’all know I’m all about multi-purpose anything and this gift accomplishes just that!

twin baby puzzle gift

Photo by WoodilyToys

Books are also a great gift… It is never too early to begin reading to babies.

And why not read a book that’s is personalized to them.

personalized twin baby gift ideas book

Photo by ISeeMeBooksUS

Presents for twin baby boys

These twin baby boys gifts are all cute and fun…

I love this onesie and hat combo because is simple but a good way to represent twins.

twin boy onesies

Photo by take2designCo

If you’re a sports fanatic then these twin onesies are the perfect gifts…

twin sport onesies

Photo by MumsyGooseBaby

For the new twin mom who needs a good laugh or has a great sense of humor, she will get a kick out of these twin’s gowns…

And who doesn’t love a good old gown?

Super easy to deal with when having to change 50 billion diapers a day…

Especially during nighttime feedings.

twin gowns

Photo by CutieWhoots

Gifts for twin baby girls

If you’re all about any and everything girlie then you will love these twin girl gift ideas…

These twin onesies are simple but I love the color combination.

twin girls onesie baby gift idea

Photo by SoftCottonDelight

Tutus are a fun way to play dress up and take some cute newborn twin girl photos.

tutu for twin girls

Photo by DabinDesigns

I love these blankets because not only are they super cute but you can use them to swaddle your twin girls.

twin girl swaddle blankets

Photo by mamabijou

Twin baby gifts boy and girl

Finding cute gift ideas for boy-girl twins can sometimes be hard…

But these onesies sets are super adorable.

They give out both girl and boy vibes.

twin boy and girl onesie gift idea

Photo by Monamees

This is a super down-to-earth set…

Love how simple it is but also cute!

outfits for twins

Photo by take2designCo

Another simple but cute alternative to the one above… The dress here makes the outfit a little more girlie.

twin boy girl outfit ideas

Photo by BabyBodysuits

Loveys are one of those things that can eventually become the twin’s best toys…

My oldest still has his little lovey from when he was a baby…

For sure a very personal gift!

lovey for twin boy and girl as gift ideas

Photo by snugglebudies


Who says rattles need to be boring?

This is an awesome gift you can customize and make super unique to the twins.

rattles for babies

Photo by IGotChew


Are also great gifts because babies love to put any and everything in their mouth…

So why not give them a safe toy that they can use for that?

You can totally use a cold washcloth to soothe their gums but nothing beats them having something to actually chew on.



Pacifiers aren’t a thing that all babies will use but if they do is a great gift…

You can easily lose them and for some reason, you can’t nerve have enough of them.

This is a great gift because some babies can be picky…

So is a great way for people to buy you something you can try and see which brands work better for your twins.

My all-time favorite is the Philips type that comes with the attached animal…

But Nuk and MAM are also great brands.


When I say toys I mean like any baby item that could also keep the twins entertained.

Such as car seat toys, shakers, or even those crinkle book toys

Babies love these types of toys because of the sounds, shapes, and patterns.

And a twin mom would thank you for the stimulation they will provide them.


Some babies tend to drool a lot so why not give them some personalized bibs?

I love this one because they couldn’t be more true to what life with twins is about…

Especially in the beginning stage.

bibs for twins as a gift

Photo by CrazyBabyClothing

You can also buy them in sets of different colors, shapes, and patterns.


Burp cloths

Burp cloths are also a great gift…

You can use them for feeding and clean messes that your babies will make.


Milestone blanket

A milestone blanket is a great gift to keep up with the memories…

Don’t beat yourself up if for some season you fall behind with the photos… It happens to all of us.

But this blanket will make the process so much more fun…

I like how simple and neutral this one is.

twin baby milestone blanket gift idea

Photo by DuneStudio

Here is another option for a milestone blanket… This one is great because it can be used for any gender.

There is just something about animals that are easy to match and they are just so cute.

milestone blanket for twins

Photo by TheLittleBlueLion

Memory book

Want to help the new twin mom stay organize with all of the memories she will create?

Journals, books, etc are great presents to help the new twin mom keep everything in one place.

If you’re crafty you can probably make one too!

Or if you’re like me then you can just buy one…

twin baby gift idea journal

Photo by lovedbyjacob

Baby photo album

Another great gift is an album for the twin parents to place all the photos they will be taking throughout their new journey with twins…

This is a great memory they can pass down to their twins as they get older.


Hand/foot print kit

I know some hospitals would do hand/footprints on newborns but even so, you might want to create your own at home.

This is a nice personalized gift that a twin mama will love.


Twin baby gear

Baby gear can get expensive and especially when buying it for two…

You definitely don’t need two of everything but at times certain gear will come in handy.

These are some newborn twin gear ideas:


I like rockers because they are multipurpose.

You can use them for entertainment, a safe place to sit babies, and also to feed them by yourself.

My favorite rockers are from fisher price.



Swings are also one of those things that can be great to place a fuzzy baby in or for them to take a quick nap.

My all-time favorite swings are the ones from Graco.


Lounging pillow

This is another multipurpose gift.

Can be used for nursing twins, for them to sit, and also be bottle-fed.


Baby brezza

If you’re formula feeding this gadget can be a lifesaver when making bottles.

It can make the process much faster and efficient…

What twin mom wouldn’t love a practical gift that would make life much easier?



I usually don’t recommend registering for clothing because people always tend to buy it…

For a twin mom, you need clothing that’s easy to put on and saves you time when changing diapers.

The best type of clothing you can buy for newborn twins are items that are easy in and out





You can never have too many socks either because they will go missing and you can also use them as mittens.


A nice thick blanket they can use to keep them warm throughout those chilly days is a nice gift.

You can also add a nice touch with name personalization.



Swaddles are also a great gift…

Newborn twins will spend a lot of their time being swaddle so why not give them something they will use a lot.

You can go with muslin blankets that are soft and breathable or you can use the velcro type that make the swaddling process much easier and faster.



Are you crafty? Can you make things?

This would be a very personalized gift that twin parents would love…

Whether you sew a hat, blanket, or even curtains for the nursery these are all great gifts for twin babies…


Tummy time is so fundamental in the beginning stages…

So why not buy a cute and fun playmat that can keep twin babies entertained and engaged.


Last words for baby twin gift ideas

Finding a gift for twin babies doesn’t have to be complicated.

In the end, they don’t really need much. You can keep it simple and stick to diapers or you can totally personalize it…

Whichever route you choose to go with you can’t go wrong with it.

All that matters is the intention and the thought that went into the gift.

I hope that these presents ideas for baby twins help you find a gift that the twin parents in your life will love!

I would love to hear about the gifts you have recently purchased for your baby twins… Leave a comment below.

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Newborn twin gift ideas: The best presents for baby twins

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