Twin Baby Registry Must Haves: Everything You Need For Your Newborn Twins + FREE Checklist

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Ultimate twin baby registry list: Newborn baby checklist

If you’re getting ready to start your twin baby registry then look no further because I have the must-haves list for you!

As a twin mom myself I know the items that are a must, the things that are optional and the items you can skip.

Plus I have also bought and tried this items myself!

This twin essentials checklist is comprehensive so brace yourself.

mom looking at baby items

I wanted to include everything so that you don’t have to wonder and ask yourself questions like…

“What should I put on my baby registry for twins?” OR “What are the must haves for twins?”

But instead, you can take notes and prepare yourself…

Just keep in mind that I’m also a minimalist so if it’s on the list then is a must.

However, I know not every mom is like me so I also added some items that I will mark as optional.

So enough chit chat and let’s get right into the list.

Twin baby registry checklist pdf

I have created a PDF printable baby registry checklist to help you stay organized and keep track of everything.

Is simple but to the point!

When should you create a baby registry?

Because twins can be born earlier than singletons…

I recommend looking into the places you should register for twins as well as starting the registry sometime between 18-20 weeks.

This is also the time you could start buying baby stuff for twins or wait until friends and/or family buy from your registry.

So keep this timeline in mind!

It might seem earlier but trust me you want to be prepared sooner rather than later.

Twin essentials for sleeping

I’m not including twin nursery decor items or ideas because that’s a personal thing.

These are the items your twin babies will need in order to have a safe place to sleep!

2 cribs or 2 pack and plays

I have used both options with all three of the kids and they work just fine.

If you’re tight on money then the pack and plays will work… Just get the mattress and sheets and you’re good to go.

I love this crib from Graco is the same one I used with two of my kids. Is convertible and also love it in this grey color.

I love this Graco pack and play that also comes with a changing station.

But other favorite brands besides Graco are: Delta, and Dream on!

2 matresses for either cribs or pack and plays

Depending on if you choose a crib or pack and play do keep in mind that the mattresses are different.

The mattress for the pack and play is slightly smaller!

The crib mattresses we used are this Graco one and this dream on me. Love them both.

Can’t go wrong with either. The dream on me is slightly cheaper.

For the pack and play, this dream on me playard mattress is a great

4 Fitted crib sheets

Fitted crib sheets are a must. I love the cotton-type style. And with twins, you need a backup because nobody wants to do laundry every day.

I love cotton sheets. So the Burt’s bees baby fitted crib sheets are a good option.

For the pack and play sheets. We had this kind more jersey cotton but we love them!

We also had this kind of pack and play sheets that came in a pack of 2.

4 waterproof matress pad

Waterproof mattress pads are a must at least in my opinion. They add that extra layer of protection in case of pee emergencies!

You want to protect your mattress as much as possible… And every time I have had a baby with a leak the mattress has always stayed clean.

That’s only because I use the mattress pad.

For the pack and play, this waterproof mattress pad is great

And for cribs, this Sealy waterproof mattress pad.

4 swaddle blankets

The muslin type is great because they are soft and breathable. I know many of you might live in warm climates so these come in handy.

Plus they are long enough to help you nail the swaddling technique.

I like the Aden + Anais blankets. We used them with all three of my kids.

To this date, my 5-year-old sometimes uses them for comfort…

They are super soft and for some reason the more you wash them the better they get!

4 swaddlers

I’m a nurse that has taught many parents how to swaddle babies.

But there is just something about this already done for you swaddle that makes the process much easier and faster.

These are perfect for my peeps that just want convenience or are struggling a bit with the swaddling technique.

The swaddle me brand is inexpensive and they come in so many different patterns!

4 sleep sacks-optional

Sleep sacks are actually for the time when your twins begin to roll over and you want to keep them in some sort of wearable blanket.

You technically don’t need one in the newborn stage but it won’t hurt to register for one.

Two kind that are great are – This brand I discovered on Amazon that sells a pack of two

And the Halo brand sleep sack

We started using them at around 4 months when our kids started rolling over.

1 sound machine- optional

A sound machine is an optional item for many but for me a must-have.

This truly helped my babies begin to differentiate night from day plus it blackout any outside noise.

Babies are used to sleeping in a noisy environment. So the sound machine will help with that!

I keep them simple because the only sound you truly need is white noise.

We love this one and have 2 of them.

I also love this one and this one… Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

The best thing to help start your twins in a nighttime routine!

1 video monitor- optional

There are so many options out there and it can get overwhelming fairly quickly. You don’t need one right away.

Especially because the babies will be sleeping in your room.

This one is a good option for video monitoring

2-3 different pacifier brands- optional

None of my children were pacifier takers but we had them just in case.

They do help with soothing! I wouldn’t force it on a baby unless they truly want to take it.

The best newborn pacifiers are the Philips Avent ones but I know, not all babies love them.

The Philips Avent are usually found in hospitals so is the perfect place to try them!

Consider trying 2-3 different brands. Some babies can be picky with pacifiers.

Other amazing pacifier brands are: Nuk, and Mam

Diaper changing essentials

How many diapers do you need with twins? what sizes?

Diapers are always a great gift and a good thing to register for!

You can even have a twin diaper shower…

2 boxes newborn diapers 2 boxes size 1 diapers

The best diapers for the newborn stage are Pampers.

For sensitive skin pampers pure protection

In this post, I go over all the best diapers for twins based on newborn, skin, and cost!

Diapers are one of those things you might have to try a few before seeing what works best with your babies.

PRO TIP: Once you find the brand that works for you consider doing a subscription or buying them in bulk to save some money!

1 box of diaper sizes 2, 3, and 4

Diapers are expensive and they quickly add up.

Even though you won’t be needing the next sizes for a while why not add them to the registry?

You never know who might want to buy you extra diapers. So it doesn’t hurt to add them to the list.

2 boxes wipes

You can’t go wrong with wipes. They can be used for all sorts of things.


I also have a post that I discuss the best wipes for twins based on all-around, sensitive skin and budget.

Thw best overall wipes for the newborn stage are water wipes. I know they can be pricey so other favorites are the pampers sensitive

Once my babies got older at around 3 months I started using Sam’s brand unscented and also love the Target up and up!

1 changing table optional

Unless you’re going to spend time in the nursery then you can skip a changing table for now.

If you do want one then consider getting one that also serves as a dresser.

I love this one because is compacted if you’re working with a small twin nursery.

Changing pad and covers -optional

I love this changing pad because is also waterproof.

Don’t forget the changing pad covers

1 diaper caddy per station

I love a diaper caddy because you can have many of them throughout the house and they are easy to carry.

You can’t go wrong with any of them… Because they all serve the same purpose. It just comes down to personal choice and compartments.

This is the one I have and to this date still use

1 diaper bag

I love the backpack-type diaper bag.

It allows you to be hands-free and you can find one that’s large enough to hold all of the items you need to carry when you are out with twins.

Diaper bags are also another personal choice item.

I have the Itzy ritzy backpack but that was a gift and is totally a splurge.

This one is a really good one especially if you’re on a budget.

1 tub diaper barrier per area

I’m a big fan of a good diaper barrier. Babies’ skin is sensitive and they need something to keep their skin moisturized.

You can start with a basic barrier like vaseline– You will also need vaseline if you have twin boys and choose to circumcise them.

My all-time favorite diaper barrier is Aquaphor is easy to apply, not cakey, and good for all types of skins.

I only recommend something like Desitin once your baby has a full-blown diaper rash.

Is medicated with zinc oxide which can be harsh on a baby’s skin.

1 container hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is always a good thing to have…

Don’t forget to get a small one you can add to the diaper bag for when you’re on the go.

Also, a much-needed item as we live through this pandemic!

1 box of disposable diaper bags

These bags come in handy when out and about or even for your house.

Diapers can smell pretty bad and if you don’t have the time to take the trash out this little bag will come in handy.

They block out odor and so prevent you from those pretty stinky smells.

Twin baby must haves: Baby gear

Twins need gear… They don’t need 2 of everything but for some items, they will!

Below are the must-haves twin gear plus some optional items…

2 infant car seats with base

There are so many different options when it comes to car seats.. But 2 good brand that I love are Britax and Graco.

I have used both and you can’t go wrong with either.

2 car seat covers

I wish I would have bought this with my first but with the twins, it was a must.

You’re already going to be a celebrity trust me you don’t want random strangers touching your babies.

Car seat covers offer a barrier to keep your babies safe without feeling like you need to be rude.

Twins can also be born prematurely so we need to protect them as much as we can!

We had the cloth ones with the opening on the top. They have many different styles that can also serve as nursing covers.

You can’t go wrong with any of them.

1 extra car seat base per additional car- optional

If you have more than one car and you will be driving both to take the twins out and about…

Then I strongly recommend having an extra car seat base for each car

Again Graco and Britax are my favorite brands

2 convertible car seat optional

Once your twins are surpassed the weight for the infant car seat you will need to upgrade their car seats.

Might as well add them to the registry and see if someone would buy them for you.

Again my favorite brands for convertible car seats are Graco, and Britax

1 double stroller

A stroller is another thing that there are options galore.

Consider a tandem vs a side by side. Some doors are very narrow.

Depending on the car seat you have two options:

A. You can get a travel system which is a car seat stroller combo OR

B. You can just get a stroller frame AND later buy a double stroller

1 baby carrier optional

Some babies can be picky with carriers. Mine hated them.

We had the ergo baby and use it for a bit…

Consider registering for one and seeing how it goes. And then buy another one later OR

You can always go for a twin baby carrier

1 swing optional

You don’t know if your twins are going to like swings.

Just because you have two babies doesn’t mean you need two of everything.

Register for one and see how they do!

I can be bias but the best swings are by Graco

1 bouncer optional

I like bouncers for once they are a bit older and they can hold their heads.

So maybe register for one and see.

Bright starts make great options for bouncers.

1-2 rockers

Rockers are amazing because you can use them for multiple things…

They serve as a place for them to seat and play, you can also tandem feed them, etc…

I truly recommend starting out with 1 at least because of how resourceful they can be!

You can’t go wrong with any of the fisher price rockers

1 activity gym optional

This is great for tummy time. Not necessary because you can totally just use a blanket for it.

But I like the fact that some of them have toys, shapes, colors, etc that will keep your babies entertained.

You can’t go wrong with any of them.

All my kids had a fisher price activity gym

twin registry must haves

Bottle feeding supplies

If you’re planning on bottle feeding either formula or breastmilk below is the items you will need to register for.

1 pack Burp cloths

The best burp cloths are the ones mamas use for cloth diapering

They are very absorbent and can use it multiple times!

The Gerber cloth diapers are the best to use as burp cloths

We used them with the twins and they helped so much!

1 drying rack mat

If you want to go the bottle rack way go ahead.. I did found them to get super nasty fairly quickly.

And with twins time is everything. Then I discovered drying mats and those were life changing.

So if you’re looking for an alternative to a bottle rack and/or get gross out pretty quickly then go for a mat instead.

A drying rack mat is way more sanitizing.

Once the mat got dirty just simply throw it in the wash or clean it with soap and water.

There are so many different types. I have had the microfiber one but I also like the silicone one

1 bottle brush

You can’t go wrong with any of them. The oxo is great because it comes with a stand.

These bottle brush keys were a lifesaver.

The different sizes made cleaning different nipples and also pumping part much easier and faster

2 different brands of bottles pack 8-9 oz

I recommend buying the bigger size bottles, to begin with.

You’re going to eventually need them so might as well think ahead.

My favorite bottle brands are Philips Avent. They have minimal parts and are easy to clean.

Babies can be picky with bottles so you might need to try more than one.

Besides the Philips Avent, Dr. Browns are also a good brand!

While you’re in the testing phase of bottles start with a few. Once you know the brand that works get more if possible…

The more bottles you have the less washing you will need to do.

1-2 packs of bottle nipples

If you get the bigger bottle they come with larger nipple sizes. Which are a little too fast-paced for newborns.

Depending on the bottle you choose you might need the slower pace nipples.

For the Philips Avent, you might need the 0 flow or 1

The moral of the story is to look at the bottles you choose and make sure you have the right nipple level for your babies!

Formula -optional

Is hard to know which formula would work for your babies.

The reason why many people won’t register for it.

You could start with known brands like Similac and/or Enfamil.

If you’re also planning on formula feeding then begin at the hospital. They have those brands there. Is a good place to test and see what works.


For my breastfeeding mamas below are the things you will need to make the process a little easier…

I also added pumping supplies!

1 breastfeeding pillow

When it comes to a nursing pillow they are two options you can go with.

A. My best friend pillow OR

B. The twin z pillow

The problem with the best friend pillow is that it will only help if you’re planning on exclusively breastfeeding.

While the Twin z pillow will give you options. You can use the pillow for nursing, lounging, etc!

It depends on what you’re wanting to use the pillow for.

1 box breast pads- reusable or disposable

For breast pads, you can go the reusable or disposable route. I had both. Mostly used reusable ones.

The disposable type can come in handy when you’re on the go/traveling.

For disposable the Lansinoh brand is great… And for reusable this organic washable kind from Amazon was amazing.

1 nipple cream tube

For nipple cream, consider starting out with the brand the hospital provides…

Where I delivered the use medela so I used that brand until I ran out of the samples.

Then I started using the brand of my stretch mark cream the earth mama one and I loved it as well.

2 pumping bras

Hands-free pumping bras are a must…

Especially if you want to be able to distract yourself while pumping or do other things if you have a pump that allows you to be free.

The simple wishes brand is great. I recommend buying 2 that way you always have a backup.

1 Pump- optional if not covered by insurance

Pumps are usually provided through insurance for free but if for some reason you don’t have insurance or the pump you would like is an upgrade.

You can always add it to the registry and who knows someone might buy it for you.

The pump I swear by is the spectra s1. Is an upgrade with most insurances but I love that pump.

Definitely do your research and figure out what you will be using your pump for.

I also recommend medela as another pump option

1 Additional pump parts

Additional pumping parts are a must… Changing parts is part of the maintenance and function process of pumps.

So whatever pump you decide to go with it wouldn’t hurt to register for extra pumping parts…

My favorite pump is the spectra and I swear by it and its parts…Spectra pumping parts

1 box of storage breastmilk bags

I love bags because they are so much easier to store in the freezer.

Especially when you are short on space already.

I have tried so many different brands and I didn’t have an issue with any of them

The breastmilk storage bags I have used are medela, lasinoh, and up and up

Microwave sterilize bags- optional

This can simplify life and keep your pumping parts cleaner.

I love the medela bags because they are easy to use. Just add a little water and you’re done!

Feeding solids- optional

You won’t be feeding solids until sometime around 4-6 months…

No need to add the items to the registry but if people would like to contribute then why not?

One less thing you will need to buy once the twins enter the feeding solids stage!

High chairs

My favorite high chairs that we have used with our twins are the ones from Ikea

They are so easy to clean and maintain… And with twins time is everything!

Because not everyone lives close to an Ikea the Graco brand high chairs are also a good choice… Can’t go wrong with any of them!

2 bibs

I like the silicone type or the waterproof washable kind.

They’re easy to wash and/or clean.

Because you know babies can get pretty messy when they begin to eat solid foods.

2 Feeding sets

I like this feeding set. It comes with plastic bowls that have lids you can later use for storage.

Then also come with spoons. So is a good introduction to solid foods.

2 Sippy cups

You won’t need this right away. Not until around 6 months. I would start with a trainer sippy cup and also begin to use an open cup!

My favorite trainer cups are munchkin, nuk, and nuby

Bathroom essentials

You don’t need much when it comes to bathing… Because newborns don’t really need baths as we do!

So the list is pretty simple…

Tub optional

You really don’t need a bathtub. We had one and used it once with our first.

Because babies can get cold pretty easily and is hard to keep them warm in a tub.

Consider having an adult shower with them! Is super quick to do and this way they can stay nice and warm throughout the bathing experience.

But if you need one I recommend more of a seat like this one to just help support the baby while you give them a bath.

1 bathing set

I recommend a set because is a good way to test all of the bathing products and see if you like them or not.

My favorite baby brand is Aveeno, my kids have super sensitive skin, and is the brand that has worked the best with their skin.

To this date, we still use Aveeno.

I recommend getting fragrance-free products. Again baby’s skin is sensitive.

But brands that are fragrance-free like Dove, and Aquaphor are also great alternatives!


There are a few safety items you need with babies to make life easier!

Below is the list of things you will need.

1 pair of nail clippers

Baby’s nails get long and sharp. I recommend a nail clipper that has a good grip to help you feel more confident.

The safety 1st brand is a great one and is also super affordable.

1 termomether

A thermometer is also another necessary item.

I hope you never have to use it but is better to be safe.

The most accurate temperature on a newborn is rectal.

So I recommend you get a super cheap thermometer you don’t care about getting dirty.

Again safety first has thermometers that are pretty inexpensive.

2 nose sockers

You will get a burp syringe in the hospital but those things get pretty gross. There is no way to keep them clean.

I dare you to cut open one and see the inside of it.

I strongly recommend getting the nose frida sucker. We actually had two. one for the house and the other for the diaper bag.

Teething toys- optional

Teething can start as early as 3 months. I put this as optional because a cold washcloth can help soothe a baby’s gums.

So no fancy toys are needed.

I love this teething/brush combo to soothe their gums

Clothing- optional

Everyone and their mama is probably going to buy you clothes.

Some people might even skip the registry and just buy you clothes especially if you’re having twin girls.

For this reason, I recommend not registering for clothes.

If you do keep it simple and down to the basics

I recommend newborn sizes and up to 3 months

1 pack of long sleeve onesies

I love the pack of white onesies. I know white!

But they are easy to match and work for a boy and/or girl.

I like the carters one because I found that Gerber type after a wash shrinks pretty badly.

1-2 packs of pants

Pants are also one thing you can register for to go with the onesies.

Buying pants in neutral colors will help you mismatch and make life much easier.

Again I like the carters ones.

2 packs of socks

Buying them in one color will help when the drier decides to swallow socks.

This way you don’t have to worry about having socks that are missing a pair.

You can also use them as mittens since I have found mittens hard to stay on.

I like this brand and the different color options they have.

Sleepers- several sets

I recommended buying gowns, zippers, and/or magnet sleepers

With twins efficiency is key. Nobody wants to button-down sleepers in the middle of the night.

Babies live in sleepers so register for a handful of them.

twin registry must haves

Last words for baby registry list for twins

Creating a registry for your twins can feel overwhelming.

My hope is that seeing this post can help you and ease your mind!

Remember you don’t need to buy all of these things all at once.

If you’re having a twin baby shower then take advantage of that and allow people to buy items from your registry!

This twin baby registry checklist is meant to help you stay organized and prioritized!

In the end, babies don’t need a lot so take it easy. I hope you found this list helpful and congratulations again.

And if you’re looking for the top baby shower gift ideas I have a post all about that!

I would love to hear in the comments what you’re adding to your twin baby registry.

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