9 Twin Baby Shower Games That Will Have Everyone Having Fun

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The best virtual twin baby shower games

So you planned the best twin baby shower, selected the theme, and sent out the most beautiful twin shower invitations...

But now are wondering if they are any fun twin baby shower games out there…

Well, a lot of shower games can easily be changed to accommodate your unique twin situation!

twin baby shower games

This post is all about games that are tailored to twin mamas to be… Because why play the regular games that don’t technically apply to us?

So I have gathered a list of some fun games you can do at your next twin baby shower.

Some of these games are even virtual shower approved. All you need is a pen and paper!

Games can sometimes get a little complicated so for that reason I kept the list short and sweet…

So let’s get into the list.

How many games should be played at a baby shower?

Honestly, there used to be so many “rules and regulations” But this is the 21st century so make out of your shower whatever you’ll like.

I would say at a minimum one game… But it all depends on your personality, your guest, and the length of the shower.

Baby showers are about coming together and celebrating…

The games are par for the course.

So how many you decide to incorporate is your choice! Just have fun.

What is the ideal game for a baby shower?

When it comes to an “ideal game” it comes down to preference.

I wouldn’t think that one “specific” game is the best to play at a shower.

As long as everyone is having a good time that’s all that matters.

But ideal games are the ones that are:

  • Easy to understand and play
  • Simple instructions

We arent all geniuses and the whole point of the shower is to celebrate the new twin mom to be…

So don’t make the games complicated. Keep them simple.

My favorite shower games are the ones that utilize good old pen and paper or make you do some form of activity.

All the games below are meant to be fun, and easy to understand with minimal prompting.

1. Twingo

This is just like bingo but with twin expressions.

These common expressions are all about questions you will get asked by complete strangers for being a mom of twins.

Is a way to get you into this whole new world with twins and to prepare you for some of the questions you might get asked by others.

So just like “BINGO” the first person that completes a row from whatever direction gets to say TWINGO.

2. Celebrity twins

This game is all about testing your guest and how many twin celebrities they actually know…

So get a timer for like 5 minutes and within that time they should write as many twin celebrities they can think of.

Once the time is up… Whoever has the most names down wins the game.

3. What comes in pairs?

On a piece of paper and a 5-minute timer have your guest write as many things as they can think of that come in pairs.

For example socks, gloves, shoes, etc.

Whoever has the most pairs at the end of the 5 minutes wins the game.

4. Double diaper

Have 2 dolls/bears and 2 diapers and make your guest compete to see who can be the fastest at changing double the diapers.

Time everyone and whoever can complete the task the fastest wins…

This can be the perfect time for you to see which of your family and/or friends can be your most efficient little helpers.

5. Twin basket cost

virtual twin baby shower games

This is a fun way for people to realize how twins arent two for the price of one!

In a basket put as many baby items as you would like: pacifiers, bottles, etc.

On a sheet of paper have your guest write down the cost of each item.

The person that gets to the closest amount of the total value wins a price.

A good way for people to see how expensive baby items are!

6. My water broke twins edition

Freeze ice cubes with little babies inside of them.

Each guest gets two ice cubes and whoever ices cubes melts the fastest they get to say my water broke and they win a prize.

The cool thing about this game is that they have to wait for both babies to completely melt before winning!

This makes the game a lot more interesting and fun.

7. Twin trivia: How much do you know about twins?

A fun way for family and friends to learn more about twins…

The host or anyone asks a series of questions about twins and whoever gets the most answers right wins.

The questions can be true or false or multiple choice. Whatever option would be best.

Example questions:

  • Are twins born vaginally or c section?
  • Whats the average week twins are born?
  • What’s a singleton?
  • Whats indentical? vs fraternal?

You can easily GOOGLE more questions but just think about all of the lingoes you have learned since becoming pregnant with twins…

A fun way to see how much people know about multiples.

8. Don’t say twins

At the beginning of the shower give each guest a tag that says twin on it.

The point is for them to not say the word twin throughout the shower and collect as many tags as possible.

Towards the end of the shower whoever has collected the most tags wins a prize.

This game can be done with tags, necklaces, pins, etc…

The point is to not say the chosen word and collect as many items in order to be the winner.

9. Twin unscramble

Create a word scramble using twin pregnancy, newborn twins, or any twin-related lingo.

The person that can find and unscramble all the words the fastest wins.

Last words for twin baby shower activities

Showers are a fun way to come together and celebrate the soon-to-be family!

Hope that these ideas will help you create some memories…

And for your friends and families that don’t know much about your soon-to-be life with twins is a great way to introduce them to it all.

If you have had your twin shower or are getting ready for it I would love to hear all about your experience in the comments below.

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