37 Epic Twin baby shower ideas That Are Insanely Beautiful

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The best twin baby shower decoration ideas you can buy or DIY

One of the fun parts of preparing for a baby is planning a shower.

And in your case is a shower for two… So if you’re looking for some twin baby shower ideas then you’re at the right place.

Whether you’re expecting twin girls, twin boys, or just want to keep the shower theme neutral.

I got you covered…

double trouble twin baby shower ideas

I even added theme ideas for the soon-to-be twin mama that is all about the different seasons.

With many ideas out there it can get overwhelming pretty quickly.

So I kept the list short AKA less than an billion jk. But with plenty of options to help you make and/or narrow down your decision.

Because remember with twins the timeline to prepare is a lot shorter than with a singleton.

This twin baby shower ideas post is broken down into 5 sections stated below:

  • Twin baby shower theme for boy/girl
  • Girl shower ideas
  • Boy shower themes
  • Gender-neutral decoration ideas
  • Seasons theme ideas: winter, fall, spring, & summer

When should you have a baby shower for twins?

Deciding when to have a shower is a personal choice. However, going back to the fact that you’re pregnant with twins.

Then consider having a shower earlier than usual.


Because twins like to be born earlier. A lot of twins are born by week 35. So to play it safe.

Consider having your shower by week 30 at the latest.

I had my shower at 24 weeks and even though I made it to 37 and 6 days. I knew that with twins anything was possible. So I’m actually glad I had it early.

It gave me plenty of time to prepare.

You want to give yourself plenty of time to open items, wash them, return them, buy something else, etc.

So start brainstorming twin shower invitation ideas plus themes ASAP.

And also don’t forget to plan for some fun twin baby shower games!

Twin boy and girl baby shower theme decorations

Coming up with a theme that can work for a boy and a girl can sometimes be challenging.

Because finding that perfect balance can be hard without being on the opposite side of the spectrum.

So I have listed some ideas that go well together for boy/girl twins.

Old macdonald

Are you all about the farm animals? Soon enough you will find yourself signing Old Macdonald. So why not embrace it from the get go.

What better theme than one that revolves around classic nursery rhymes.

So if you’re all about the classic and baby song’s then this is the theme for you

neutral theme baby shower ideas

Photo by BlushberryPixels

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

What better way of celebrating boy/girl twins than with a classic Minnie and mickey mouse theme.

This was the theme of my boy/girl twin shower so I had to include it.

Plus if you’re a Disney fanatic like I am then this a great idea to consider.

twin baby shower idea

Twin elephant baby shower decoratons

I don’t know what it is about elephants that make everything so cute and adorable.

I’m actually one of those people that think that an elephant theme goes well with any gender.

Even a gender-neutral shower.

You can keep the theme simple but you can also go full-blown with it.

Elephant themes give you a lot of flexibility. Another reason why I like them.

So if you’re really into cute little baby elephants then this is the theme for you.

twin elephant baby shower decorations

Photo by sistersINparty

Ice cream theme

Did someone say ice cream? You get ice cream and I get ice cream…

Isn’t pregnancy all about indulging? What better way than to create your twin shower theme all-around your favorite dessert.

What there isn’t to love about ice cream?

Fresh, cooling, and delicious. Also a perfect theme for a summer shower.

And because you’re having twins… You get that extra scoop.

Great… Know I want ice cream!

ice cream theme shower for boy girl twins

Photo by PartyInvitesAndMore

Mermaids and Sharks

For all my water lovers’ twin pregnant mamas this is for you.

If you’re into water animals and the wonderful life that lives under the sea. Then this is the theme for you.

Mermaids are absolutely adorable. If you haven’t seen a little girl mermaid costume then you need to check out my twin costume ideas post.

If you don’t love the sea adventure shower idea. You will definitely love the little mermaid costumes.

And if you think sharks area a little much you can always do another fish.

sea theme shower for twins

Photo by HaleyMadisonDesign

Twin 1 and Twin 2

You can’t have twin shower ideas without including the classical thing 1 thing 2.

Talk about super appropriate for twins.

You can definitely make this for any gender. But I had to include this twin shower idea classic.

twin baby shower ideas

Photo by MadellaPartyDesign

Twin girl baby shower themes

If you’re having girl twins then these themes are all about being chic, beautiful, simplistic, but also very girly.

So if you’re into all things girlie then you will find a theme right here.

It’s twins

Out of all the twin girl theme shower ideas, this is the most simple one but chic.

So for my mamas that still want something girlie but not over the top. Then this is the theme for you.

It’s beautiful but simple.

twin girl shower idea

Photo by ShowPonyPartyShop

Bright pink

If you’re all about the pinks and more so the bright pinks AKA very girlie then this is your theme.

A combination of different shades of pink and gold make the theme very feminine.

This is one of those super sophisticated decoration ideas. So if you’re into bright and popping and want a big WOW factor then this is your theme idea.

baby girl shower decorations

Photo by caketothetop

Girl elephant

Because elephants make everything better. I had to include a twin girl elephant theme.

This is more of softer pink colors combine with the cuteness that the elephants add.

So if you’re into girlie and cute then this is your theme.

elephant theme shower for girls

Photo by PoshPartyKits


Whether you go for a ballerina or tutu theme I had to add it to the list.

You’re probably going to get a lot of clothes.


Because people love to buy clothing for girls. And with those clothes, you’re probably going to get at least a few dresses and even tutus.

So if you’re into all things dressing up: tutus, glitter, dresses, skirts, etc.

Then this is the theme for you.

ballerina theme shower

Photo by DreamPaperie

Oh baby

Soft pinks, whites, and grey is the name of the game. If you like girlie but neutral then this is the perfect combo.

You get that chic vibe but with a simple style twist to it.

twin girl baby shower decorations

Photo by PoshPartyKits

Twin boy baby shower themes

For my twin pregnant mamas who are expecting boy twins, I have some fun and cute ideas for the little men in your soon-to-be life.


If you’re about sports or want the man in your life to feel part of the theme. Then you can go with a sports theme shower.

Whether you decide to incorporate different sports, or pick one and run with it.

This is definitely a super fun twin-boy theme shower.

baby boy theme shower idea

Photo by IrisNaiderDesign

Oh deer

This is a cute way to incorporate animals into your theme.

But I like it because is not your typical elephants, foxes, or lions.

Is deer… This theme is nice because you can make it whatever you’ll like.

You can go full-blown hunt mode or you can keep it soft and airy. Just depends on your vibe.

deer theme baby shower idea

Photo by HaleyMadisonDesign


This is an all-the-way boy theme.

Anchors, boats, whales, sharks, etc.

You can decide the specifics of the theme. Whether to go all in or just pick out certain things from it.

DIY boy baby shower

Photo by AllOcassionFavorsUS


If you’re looking for something very simple but says boy theme then this is the right one for you.

Who doesn’t love a good old teddy bear?

They are nice and cuddling.

You can make the theme all around bears and just add a couple of pop of colors like blue, green, or yellow and you’re good to go.

Simple but cute.

twin boy bear baby shower diaper cake

Photo by SunshineGiftBaskets

Little man

You can’t get more boy theme than mustaches and ties.

If you’re all about a theme that screams “manhood” all the way then this is your go-to theme.

Is straightforward and specifically meant for boys.

boy diaper cake for baby shower

Photo by SunshineGiftBaskets

Gender neutral twin baby shower

Whether you don’t want to find out the gender of your twins or you just like the idea of a neutral shower. Then I have some shower ideas for you.


Every time I see an animal theme I think neutral. They are a fun way to create a gender neutral shower that’s more than just focusing on neutral colors.

The different animals add so many dimensions and ways to decorate your baby shower.

You can definitely get creative with this theme.

You can go all the way in and do all sorts of different animals or you can pick a handful like one or two and make your theme all around those animals.

gender neutral animal twin shower

Photo by HaleyMadisonDesign

Oh babies forest

If you’re all about nature, greenery, trees, wood, outdoors, etc.

This is your theme.

This is a great twin shower idea to implement right in the outdoors. It wil match so perfectly.

But if not possible you can also do it indoors.

It all about combing the natural colors that nature provides. So is simple but very earthy (I think I just made that word up).

DIY outdoor twin shower

Photo by caketothetop

Two peas in a pod

You can’t get a more “twin” related shower than this one right here.

If you want to have a theme that symbolizes the fact that you’re pregnant with twins. Then this is the one for you.

The cool thing about it is that you can make it simple or add more to it.

twins shower decoration ideas


If you’re into farm animals this is another great theme to incorporate. Lambs are soft and cute.

So if you’re looking for a soft, not in your face. Very settle theme this is the one for you.

Photo by HaleyMadisonDesign

lamb baby shower idea

Photo by HaleyMadisonDesign


I like this theme because when you think about rainbows you think of super bright colors.

But this theme is all about the soft neutral colors put into a form of a rainbow.

So who said that a theme has to just be one way.

This is the perfect way to incorporate many colors into one idea.

So if you’re a lover of all neutral colors and can’t decide on one then go neutral rainbow.

Incorporate all of you’re favorite neutral colors into your theme.

rainbow neutral shower decorations

Photo by groovygoose

Seasons- twin baby shower ideas

If you’re a lover of all seasons or are into having a shower depending on the season you’re due then these are the theme shower ideas for you.

There are decoration ideas and/or themes for winter, fall, spring, and summer.

So you will find some inspiration to help you find the best season twin shower for you.

Oh, and let’s not forget that majority of the ideas are gender neutral.

Winter shower ideas

Whether you’re looking for a winter wonderland, trees, and/or Christmas vibes. You will find some inspiration with these winter themes.

Cold-weather animals

What a fun way to create a winter shower than with some cold-weather animals.

Like penguins and pandas. This is another way to have an animal theme but all directed towards the wintertime.

winter theme shower ideas

Photo by BigDotOfHappiness

Pine trees

If you’re all about the green pine trees and love the outdoors. Then this is the perfect theme for you.

Is that perfect holiday season mix with the green smell of the outdoors.

pine tree baby shower

Photo by NoteWorthyPaperPlace


If you’re all about Christmas time, the red, green, decorations, gifts, etc.

Then why not have a Christmas theme shower.

If this is your favorite holiday and you’re having twins in the winter then why not?

There is nothing wrong with having a holiday theme shower. Go all in.

holiday theme shower idea

Photo by PeanutPartiesPlace

Oh baby it’s cold

This is a simple way to incorporate a winter wonderland theme. You can keep it as basic as you want or go full-blown winter mode.

If you’re all about the snowflakes, glitter, and whites then this is your go to theme.

it's cold outside baby shower theme ideas

Photo by KbPaperCo

Fall theme shower ideas

Whether you’re looking for fall colors, leaves, pumpkin anything. You will find some inspiration with these fall theme shower ideas.

Fall leaves

Isn’t the best part of fall the leaves? If you’re all about the awesome weather and more so all of the colorful leaves on the ground.

Then a fall leaves theme is the one for you. Fun, and colorful.

This theme is all about embracing fall.

leaves fall shower theme ideas

Photo by HeatherleasCrafts


Love Halloween? Having twins around October? Then why not create a Halloween theme shower.

Embrace your favorite holiday and go all in. Whether is the color orange, black, spookiness, skeletons, witches, etc.

Have fun and enjoy your Halloween theme shower.

gender neutral baby shower decorations

Photo by richardjayle

Fall colors

If you’re all about the bright oranges and reds. Pretty much all things fall colors. Ten this is your theme.

This is the perfect theme to implement outside when the weather is nice and cool. No better way to implement a fall theme shower.

fall decoration ideas for shower

Photo by richardjayle


Love all things pumpkin? Then you need this theme in your life. Is all about the pumpkin pies, pumpkins, and pumpkin vibes.

So what more can a pumpkin lover ask for?

She can ask for pumpkin everything!

pumpkin theme shower idea

Photo by TaneasPartyShop

Spring twin baby shower themes

Light colors, nice weather, and greenery. This is what springtime is all about! Find some inspiration with these spring shower themes.


I don’t know why I think about lemons when I think about spring. Maybe because spring screams soft yellow colors like lemons?

If you want something light and airy then a lemon theme might be a good fit for you.

lemon straw decorations for shower

Photo by ForTheMemoriesCo


This Bee theme just makes me think of soft neutral colors. Which in turn makes me think about springtime.

You can keep things fresh and simple with this bee theme.

spring theme baby shower

Photo by TaneasPartyShop

Summer twin shower ideas

Whether is a nice cool drink, bright colors, or a refreshing snack. Summertime is all about staying nice and cool.

One of these super theme ideas will sure spark some inspiration.


I have never been to Hawaii but who says you can bring the Hawaiian theme to you?

This is a great summer theme because is all about the colorful and tropical feels.

So if you’re all about fun, brightness, surfing, beach, shave ice, hula. Then why not go with an aloha theme.

tropical theme shower ideas

Photo by fallinginlazcos


What can be more refreshing during the hot summer months than a nice watermelon?

Whether this is your all-time favorite fruit or just want a fun, colorful, refreshing theme then why not go with a watermelon theme shower.

This is all about keeping things cool and refreshing.

summer twin baby shower

Photo by BlushberryPixels

Road trip

What better way to celebrate summer than with a nice road trip? Are you a lover of exploring new places, being on the road, learning about other places, enjoying the outdoors?

If you’re all about traveling, freedom, breeze flowing, hair down don’t care, summer vacations. Then this is a perfect theme for you.

road trip summer baby shower

Photo by CavaDesign


Are you all about summer cook-offs, grilling, and some good BBQ?

Then why not go all-in with a BBQ theme shower. Whether you like hot dogs, burgers, brisket, grill, a good refreshing drink, etc.

Then this is the perfect theme for you.

summer baby shower

Photo by MintandMonochrome


What better way to stay nice and cool than with something cold.

This is the perfect theme for being pregnant with twins during the summer months.

Plus you can make the theme colors nice and bright to fit with the summer mood.

popsicle theme baby shower

Photo by PaisleyDayneDesign


Don’t oranges sound refreshing during a hot summer?

This is a very cute summer shower idea to incorporate if you’re all about the bright colors and cute fun designs that oranges add.

cutie decorations for baby shower

Photo by TaneasPartyShop

Last words for twin baby shower themes

So this is a wrap for all of the twin baby shower ideas.

Hope that these different ideas will start to spark some even more ideas on what you might want for your twin shower theme to be about.

Whether you decide to DIY or buy these decorations I hope that this fun and some out of box ideas will make the process of selecting a theme much easier for you.

In the end, a twin pregnancy is stressful enough. So try to have fun and not overthink it.

It doesn’t have to be pefect. It just needs to be fun and most importantly it needs to be YOU and what you like.

I would love to hear all about your baby shower and what other theme ideas you have found. Drop a comment below.

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