19 Amazing Digital Twin Baby Shower Invitations You Need In Your Life

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Cute twin baby shower invitations

Looking for some fun, cute, and unique twin baby shower invitations?

Then look no further because I have a list of beautiful invitations that you most definitely will fall in love with one.

The best part of it all is that with COVID world and so many more things being done online.

All of these invitations are digital. Yes, you heard me right. You can easily download them, customize them, hit send and you’re done.


Being pregnant with twins is stressful enough. Coming up with twin shower ideas and yet alone invitations can be overwhelming.

So I wanted to keep some things simple by finding invitations that were easy peasy.

Plus I included some FREE PDF editable invitations to give you even more ideas!

These twin shower invites are broken down into 4 sections listed below:

  • Twin gender neutral shower invitation
  • Twin girl
  • Twin boy
  • Twin boy girl invites
  • Twin baby shower printables

When should baby shower invitation be mailed out?

So with twins because they tend to be born earlier. Ideally, your shower will be done by week 30.

At the latest, you will want your guest to have their invites a month before it. This gives them time to prepare for it and mark it in their calendar.

But with COVID right now some many more people are just sending evite invitations and having drive-by twin baby showers.

This is the reason why all the invitations are digital. So that you don’t need to hassle with mailing anything and making the delivery process much easier and faster.

Twin gender neutral shower invitation

Whether you know the gender of your twins or not. These are great invitations when you just want a neutral theme.


Who doesn’t love a good taco? A Mexican theme invite can be very vibrant, fun, and festive.

Bring out the mariachi, the good food, and your dancing shoes.

If you’re looking for bright colors and to have a good time. Then the taco invitation card is the one for you.

gender neutral twin shower invitation

Photo by PixelPerfectionParty


Who doesn’t love to cuddle a nice fluffy bear? Bears are soft and cute. Plus they give you comfy vibes.

If you’re the chill type and just want a low-key shower then the bear invitations are the ones for you.

Who doesn’t love bears? They are such a simple but cute shower theme.

 shower invitation for two little bears


Safari theme

If you love anything animals and you’re more of the safari type like elephants, giraffes, lions, etc. Then this is the invitation for you.

If you’re looking for the more outdoorsy feel, greenery, and of course safari animals.

Then this is the pefect invitation theme for you.

And if you get to have the shower outdoors it will bring the whole theme vision to life.

cute twin baby shower invitation

Photo by CardDigitalForYou


If you love colors and can’t seem to decide on just one or even two…

Then this is the perfect invitation for you. Create the shower theme all-around your favorite neutral colors.

Who knows you might end up with something unique and magical.

twin rainbow invitation for baby shower

Photo by AfterLunaStudio


Similar to the taco theme but more on the desert outdoorsy vibe.

If you love bright colors and plants AKA greenery then this is the perfect invitation combo for you.

etsy twin baby shower invitations

Photo by DesignMyPartyStudio


Who doesn’t love a good animal theme? Especially little baby foxes. They are so cute and adorable.

Plus they usually go well with orange and earthy colors.

If you’re more of a neutral/earth vibes mix with cute little foxes.

Then this is the theme for you.

This theme is also great because you can always switch off the fox for your favorite animal.

foxies double trouble shower invites

Photo by PaperCanoePrintables

Twin girl baby shower invitations

If you’re all about the pinks, chic, sophistication, glitter, and pretty much any and everything girlie.

Then I have some twin girl shower invite ideas for you.

Soft pink

If you’re all about the pinks more so soft pinks and very girly things then this is the perfect theme for you.

It is very simple but also chic and sophisticated.

So if you’re wanting more of an elegant but chic shower then these are the perfect invitations for you.

cute twin shower invites

Photo by YourSeasons


I mean you’re going to have two little divas/princesses.

If you’re all about girlie girls, glitter, crowns, etc, Then this is the invitation for you.

You can even wear a crown yourself and a satchel! Celebrate you. You’re the center of the whole shower anyways.

princess baby shower invitation

Photo by SJPrintableGoods

Two little cuties

Are you a cutie lover? And also lover of bright colors?

When I think of cuties I think of bright summer days and feeling refresh.

This could also be a great summer theme shower.

But for anyone who loves things that are bright, vivid, new, and creative then this is the invitation for you.

little cuties twin girl invitations

Photo by dandylionpaper


Butterflies symbolize change, enduring, etc. They’re also colorful and vibrant.

What better way to embrace your new life with newborn twins than my having a butterfly theme shower.

This soft purple invitation is very chic and feminine but also adds the vibrance and color that the butterfly provides.

You can’t go wrong with this theme. Especially if you’re into meanings behind things. Like what butterflies truly simbolize.

twin girl baby shower invitations

Photo by Frostifine


If you’re all about the softness and cuteness of bunnies then this is the theme invitation for you.

Also soft pinks. Very chic and sophisticated.

invitations for twin girls baby shower

Photo by LittleArtCottage

Twin boy baby shower invitations

Whether you want a very boyish theme or want something boy with a feminine twist.

You will find a great idea below to help you come up with your twin boy shower invitations.


This is a fun invite that can go so many different ways. You can incorporate all of the elements or just some.

You can go boat, whale, anchor, or just pick one item and run with it.

Very sailor and also fun for twin boys.

boy theme shower invitation

Photo by DesignMyPartyStudio

Twin baby shower invitation elephants

I couldn’t create a shower invitation idea without adding an elephant to it.

I don’t know what it is about elephants that makes them so stinking cute.

They are perfect for any theme.

They create this soft and airy vibe to them.

So if you’re about animals and more so elephants then you will love this theme.

Very soft, cute, and easy to combine with any design.

cute twin elephant shower invitations

Photo by BlueBunnyPrintables

It’s twins

This is a very simple but chic twin invite. Just because you’re having boy twins doesn’t mean that your invitations have to be super manly.

They can still be cute. So this is that balance of creating an invitation for twin boys while remaining very chic.

So if you like a mix of both then this is the theme for you.

baby shower invitations twins boy

Photo by FieldandFountain

Little men

This is your all-the-way boy theme shower. If you’re wanting the shower that screams twin boys then this is the one for you.

From the mustaches, ties, colors, etc. This says You’re having twin boys.

If you’re looking for something traditional, classic, but very cute and modern then this is the theme for you.

little men shower invite

Photo by DeReimerDeSign


Just because you’re having twin boys the theme doesn’t have to be super boyish. It can still be chic and sophisticated

Well if you’re all about tea time then this is the theme for you.

Plus is also very simple, manly but also feminine.

Is that the perfect combo of being a shower for boys but for a mama that also enjoys girlie things?

cute twin digital shower invitations

Photo by PrintableMoment

Baby shower invitations for twins boy and girl

At times planning a shower for the opposite sex can be hard. Finding that balance of being too feminine or too boyish.

But also cute, fun, and most imrpotantly it has your taste in it can be hard.

So I have some ideas to help you come up with the perfect invitations for your boy-girl twins.


Here I go again with the elephant theme. I’m telling you I’m a sucker for them.

Like I said before they go well with any gender.

That’s probably why I like the elephant theme so much.

Plus it can be diversified pretty easily. You can keep it simple and chic but also colorful and fun.

Pretty much you can tailor this theme to your specific needs and likes.

twin elephant shower invitations

Photo by TheHappyCatStudio


Whether you’re having twins in the fall or you’re a pumpkin lover then this is the theme for you.

Is very simple but also chic. You can tailor it to your specific likes. Who said because is a pumpkin it has to be orange?

Just look at this invite. They combine a soft pink with a soft green and it looks very beatuiful.

So get creative and make it your own.

twin invitations baby shower

Photo by HighPeaksStudio

Baby shower invitations twinkle twinkle little star

This was one of the themes of my two showers. If you’re all about the galaxy, stars, moon, etc.

twin gender neutral shower idea

Then this is your theme. I also like it because you can make it whatever you want with the colors that best suits you.

Mine was with creams, blues, and gold. But this invite has a combination of pinks, blues, and gold.

So feel free to pick your favorite colors and make them yours.

twinkle little start invitation baby

Photo by DrawMeAParty

FREE printable: Twin baby shower invitation templates

Looking for some more twin shower invitation ideas?

Below is a few FREE printable PDF editable twin baby shower template to help you get inspiration or for you to customize as you please.

I have included ideas for twin boy baby shower, twin girl, and even gender neutral. And they are all FREE. No email required.

They all come in one PDF so that you can see all of them at once and choose from there or not.

Do keep in mind I’m no crafty Briggette. Just wanted to help you out. If you’re feeling stuck and just need a little guidance.

twin boy baby shower invitations free


Last words for Etsy twin baby shower invites

So those are all of my ideas for a twin shower invite. I hope that you find one that works with your style the best.

Or that you can at least begin to brainstorm some invites for your next shower.

Being pregnant with twins is hard enough so I wanted to provide you with some digital invitations that will make the customization and sending process super easy.

No need to leave the house, go to the mailbox. Just hit send right with your phone from the comfort of your home.

If you learned anything from these ideas is that is all about YOU and making them your own.

In the end, only you know your true style and the vision for your shower.

I just wanted to provide you some inspiration and direction when you feel lost on where to begin.

If you love any of these ideas or if you have some other twin invite ideas I would love to hear about them. Drop a comment below.

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