Twin Birth Announcements Ideas That Are So Freaking Cute

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Twin baby birth announcement ideas

You have survived a twin pregnancy and you’re now a twin mama… Congrats…

What better way to celebrate such news than by creating some twin baby birth announcements.

twin baby after birth photos

Whether you want to send it out to friends and families to share the news or you just want to create some fun memories for your own!

Then I have the cutest and funniest ideas just for you!

I’m sure you will find some inspiration…

Twin baby birth announcements

All of the ideas I’m going to mention are to give you some guidance and get your creativity going.

The good thing about them is that you can fully customize them.

If you’re a crafty person then you’re in for a treat because you can make a lot of these things.

However, if you’re anything like me then don’t worry because you can also buy them…

These twin birth announcements are meant to be simple, quick, and easy to either make or buy.

Your new life is going to be crazy so no need to complicated things.

I have included ideas you can totally do while in the hospital, photoshoots you can recreate and so much more!

Oh and if you’re currently pregnant with twins I have a post full of twin pregnancy announcements

And feel free to also use this post for future inspiration.

When should you sent out twin birth announcements?

This is really up to you. The first month with twins is crazy busy. So give yourself some grace…

Depending on the route you choose you can take a photo and simply send it right away to family and friends.

However, if you’re choosing to print photos and then mail them that could take some time.

Just make sure you have everyone’s address ahead of time.

You can totally collect these addresses during your twin baby shower.

This makes the process much faster.

But to answer the question you should send them as soon as you can get to them.

If you can do it right away great and if it takes you a year jk then who cares.

You make the timeline.

The number one priority is taking care of YOU and the babies.


A cute tag is a fun and easy way to announce the birth of your twins…

If you’re crafty you can easily make one or you can order them from places like Etsy!

The best part of them is that you can customize them to fit your style!

We’re here

I love this wooden we’re here tag… Is very simple and neutral.

This is also a great way to announce when you either don’t have names picked up or aren’t ready to share them just yet…

twin tags for baby announcement

Photo by hanletteringandco

Hello my name is

This tag scream gets to know me, I’m new here… A perfect way to welcome your twins into the world.

Is also a fun way to announce their names.

If you’re about neutrals, simple but cute then this is a good way to make the twins’ arrival announcement.

name tag baby announcement

Photo by TheGoodGraceCo

Name board

I love this board because is a good way to not only share with friends and family a little bit about the twins…

But you also get to keep this for future memories you can share with them!

Is a beautiful way to keep all of their stats…

This specific board is also neutral which makes it easy to go for twin boys, twin girls, boy-girl twins…

And even for my twin mamas that choose to wait until the delivery to find out the sex.

twin birth baby announcements

Photo by TheLittleBlueLion

Onesie tag

A cute onesie and a tag. Another fun way to announce the birth of your twins…

You can color coordinate the onesies if you’ll like or keep everything in one color…

There is so much you could do with this onesie tag combo.

onesie twin announcement

Photo by CraftsandSplinters


I had to include a frame option because there are so many things you can do with this.

You can hang it in the nursery, in your room.. give it to friends, families, etc.

You can personalize the words to make them specific to you, or whoever you might be giving them to.

twin baby announcement

Photo by BellaBustaGift

Welcome home

I’m not a big fan of welcome home signs just for safety reasons but I saw this and I had to include it…

Because you can place this sign in the inside of your house. It doesn’t have to go outside.

But is cute and fun to announce the birth of twins… Who doesn’t love a good old sign?

welcome home twin

Photo by TrueLoveDesignsShop

Twin newborn photos

Who doesn’t love sweet photos of babies… And you get to experience twice the adorable photos…

I had to include some samples of newborn photos you could recreate as a way to announce the birth of your twins.

If you’re on a budget, you can take the photos yourself with either a camera or your phone!

Twin boys newborn photos

This neutral photo basket is so cute.

You can color coordinate outfits and customize the decor and everything else to your liking.

twin boys photos

Photo by zoikphotoprops

Twin girl newborn photos

Have twin girls? Here is another chic and cute newborn twins photoshoot idea.

If you’re about the soft pinks and have a cute girlie outfit you can totally recreate this look.

twin girl photos

Photo by WhiteWillowprops

Twin boy girl newborn photos

I love this newborn twins photoshoot idea because it was done with a swaddle.

A fun way to keep the theme neutral!

twin boy and girl birthing announcements

Photo by paisleycoutureframes

Twin seasonal newborn photos

Consider making the theme of the newborn photos and announcements revolve around the time of year your twins were born?…

Love fall? and had twins born in the fall?

Then something like this greenery basket with fall colors, pumpkins, etc would be a great way to announce a twin birth.

Maybe use the time of year your twins were born to recreate their photoshoot.

twin babies photos

Twin birth announcement hospital

Don’t want to wait until you get home to announce your twin delivery?

Then you can totally create a twin baby birth announcement while in the hospital.

Going home twin outfit

Who doesn’t love a monogram going home outfit?

This is a fun way to announce their birth and their names.

cute twin outfit for going home

Photo by WonderfullyMade13914

Hospital tag

I saw this and I had to include it. Some hospitals have babies wear tags with their names in order to identify them!

This is a fun and clever way to welcome twins and also tell everyone their names!

twin boys birth announcement

Photo by EverythingDoneToAT

Newborn hats

Another fun and clever way to announce a twin birth is with baby hats.

You can totally customize them and make them whatever you want!

A fun thing to do while in the hospital.

twin girl hospital

Photo by TinyRoseCottage

Mom, Dad + Twins

No other way to create a twin baby announcement than by having the twin parents be part of it.

You worked so hard throughout that pregnancy to keep those babies healthy and safe!

You deserve to be part of the announcement…

Parents holding twins

This is a super cute twin newborn announcement.

Who doesn’t love naked babies?

Easy way to create a twin birth announcement. Don’t need much.

Just an extra hand to take the photos and two naked babies!

twin boys birth announcement

Twin mom and babies

This is another wonderful way to create a twin birth announcement.

A proud twin mama looking into her babies and admiring the fact that you delivered twins.

twin mom with babies

Twin dad and babies

I bet you never thought you could love your partner even more…

Who said that dads cant be part of the announcement?

Another cute way to incorporate a twin birth announcement is by making the twins and dad part of the experience…

Yes, he might not know what it’s like to deliver or let alone be pregnant with twins but if you have a supportive partner like I do…

Then you will feel so proud and appreciative of having such a person walk with you in this new twin life adventure.

twin support

Raw new twin family

Why not make it a family affair? Include everyone…

The best part of this photo is that is raw and real…

You can’t get more real than a photo right after delivering twins…

Just get the camera out and have a hospital staff personnel take the photos!

twin birth baby announcements

Last words for twin baby announcements after birth

Creating twin announcements is such a fun and wonderful experience!

It doesn’t matter what route you choose to go with.

You can’t go wrong. I hope that these ideas helped you and provide some guidance!

I would love to hear about your announcements and what you ended up choosing .. Leave a comment below.

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