17 Twin birthday party theme ideas That Are Freaking Adorable

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Twin 1st birthday party themes

Planning a party for twins can be fun but also overwhelming!

Surviving a twin pregnancy, newborn twins, and taking care of twins is freaking hard and should be celebrated…

So if you’re wondering “How can I celebrate my twins birthday”

And you’re looking for a good theme for your twins’ 1st birthday party, or just some twin birthday party decorations.

Then this is post is for you and is filled with ideas galore…

twin birthday party decorations

Whether you’re looking for twin boy birthday themes, twin boy and girl, twin girl, or just something gender-neutral.

I wanted to provide you with many ideas to help you get into party mode.

Parties don’t need to be so overwhelming. The point is to start with an idea and build from there.

So whether you’re throwing the party of the year or a small gathering. You will find something to help you get your creative juices going.

Let’s get right into the different twin party themes.

What is a good theme for a 1st birthday party?

If you’re thinking “what should I do for my twins’ first birthday?”

Then you’re at the right place. There are many different themes you could choose for your twins’ first party.

That first year is such a huge milestone. You survived twin life for a whole year…

You deserve this celebration. Is more for you than the babies and that is ok. Because let’s be real they have no idea what the heck is going on.

With that in mind, these themes were chosen to help you get your creativity going!

So whatever theme you’ll end up choosing is the best one for YOU!

And if this is your first holiday with twins… Then I have a post all about personalized/non-toy ideas for twins first Christmas

Twin boy birthday themes

For my boy twin mamas that are looking for inspiration on a birthday theme. I have some all-boyish themes and also chic and neutral themes.

Sports theme

If your twins or even yourself are all about sports then this is the theme for you.

You can include all the sports they like into one or focus the theme on a specific sport or even a specific team.

first year twin birthday ideas

Photo by TwingenuityGraphics

Construction theme

Bulldozers, excavators, and so much more!

Nothing screams boy theme than a construction zone theme.

If your little ones are all about creating, destroying, and even building then this is the perfect theme.

Twin boy birthday themes

Photo by BabyNestDesignss

We are one

I saw this theme and I had to include it.

This theme definitely screams twins. Two becoming One.

Also, a great way to keep the theme chic and neutral if you’re not into the super boyish themes.

You can do soft colors, golds, white, etc…

twin boy first party

Photo by BridgeWoodLane


I had to include this theme because is all about color.

If you’re into traditional colors then centering the theme on a specific color is the party theme for you.

This theme is all about the color blue but you can totally recreate it with your favorite color.

Twin birthday themes

Photo by PartyTouchesUK

Bohemian theme

If you’re all about the boho vibes then this is your theme.

I also love the neutral colors of it. So if you have twin boys but aren’t a fan of cars, sports, etc.

Then a more neutral, boho, and chic theme is the one for you.

Twins first birthday decorations

Photo by CitrusFindings

Twin girl birthday ideas

Whether you’re looking for fun vibrant colors, chic, and/or neutral then you will find some inspiration in one of these themes.

Wild one

I had to include this tutu theme. If you’re all about all things girlie then this is your go-to party theme.

You can use any colors that scream girlie, chic, and fun.

twin girl birthday ideas

Photo by WillAndTrist


I had to include a classic. If you’re all about the classics then a Minnie theme is the way to go.

Is also very girlie and chic.

minnie theme party

Photo by EKDesignGallery

Neutral rainbows

If you can’t seem to pick just one color then going the neutral rainbow route is the way to go.

You get to incorporate your love for the neutrals without compromising the design.

If you’re all about neutral colors then this is your theme.

birthday decoration ideas

Photo by HoneyWildPaperie

Tucan party

Nothing screams more fun, fresh, and vibrant than this theme.

If you’re all about the super vibrant and fun colors then this is your theme.

This theme would also be great for a summer twin birthday party right by. the pool.

Definitely a very fresh party theme!

first birthday party theme

Photo by partymonkey

Twin boy and girl birthday themes

Boy girl themes can be a little tricky. But I have some ideas to help you get your creativity going.

Whether you want something neutral or fun you will find a theme idea just for you.

Princess and Prince

If you’re all about royalty and castles then incorporating the prince and princess theme is your go-to theme.

You’re part of a very selected group… Not everyone gets to have twins.

So this is a good theme to celebrate being part of that small twin crew.

twin boy girl party ideas

Photo by graciegirldesigns77


If you’re all about the sweet things in life then this is a fun boy girl twin theme.

Who doesn’t love donuts?

You can make the theme whatever you like. Add sprinkles, different colors, and so much more!

twin boy girl theme idea

Photo by TheLifeWeChoose

Wild ones

This is like a safari/jungle theme. A fun way to incorporate your love for animal print.

Perfect combo for boy-girl twins.

first birthday party outfit

Photo by TheLifeWeChoose


Who doesn’t love sweets?

Candy candy galore. If you’re a candy lover and also love bright and colorful things then this is a great theme.

You can incorporate some vibrant colors into the birthday decorations.

And make it all about your favorite candy… What better excuse to be able to indulge in your favorite candy?

1st twin birthday theme idea

Photo by MakinMemoriesOnPaper

Gender neutral birthday theme ideas

If you’re all about the neutral colors and themes then this is your spot!


Nothing screams more gender-neutral than a jungle theme. The colors, the animals all make it the perfect neutral theme.

If you’re all about nature and animals then this is the perfect theme.

You can make the theme whatever you like. Incorporate any or every animal from the jungle, safari, etc…

birthday theme decorations

Photo by BlushBazaar

Two peas in a pod

I had to include this theme. Nothing screams more of a twin birthday party than this theme.

Is a classic. So if you’re all about simple and classic.

Don’t want to complicate the theme then this is the one for you.

gender neutral party ideas

Photo by BigDotOfHappiness

Twin 1 and twin 2

Another classic theme. Simple add fun. Easy to do and completely represents having twins.

twin gender neutral theme

Photo by WhimseyWinkDesigns


If you’re the life of the party and love colorful things then a Mexican theme is the one for you.

Who doesn’t love some good tacos and margaritas?

Talk about a fun fiesta!

twin birthday themes

Photo by ColleenMicheleDesign

Last words for twins birthday decorations

A birthday party can get overwhelming fairly quickly.

Hope that these ideas for twin birthday decorations and themes make the process for you much easier.

Finding the perfect theme. Is all about looking into your life and what you and your family love.

In the end is all about celebrating YOU, the milestones, and how far you have come.

Is about building amazing memories you can look back to!

So don’t get so overwhelmed that you forget to enjoy the process.

And if you’re not sure what to bring as a gift… I have a post all about the best gift ideas for twins first birthday.

If you found a theme for your next party or some inspiration I would love to hear in the comments.

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