36 Cute and Funny Twin costume ideas You Will Love

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The best twin Halloween costume ideas

Updated 7/17/22

Fall comes with amazing weather, spending time outdoors with your twins, and of course everything pumpkin.

But let’s not forget that with fall also comes Halloween and if you’re into costumes and play dress up with your twins then you’re at the right place.

I have gathered the best twin costume ideas to start sparking your DIY imagination and/or simplify what your twins will be for Halloween this year.

DIY cute twin costume ideas

These ideas are great for your newborn twins, your twin toddlers, the twin pregnant mother to be and I even included some funny twin onesies that can be used as costumes.

In the end, this is for us twin mamas. Because our little people would care less. They don’t even know what Halloween is.

But how cares. Is all about us having some fun and building some great memories.

This post is broken down by twin costume ideas for:

  • Twin newborns and infants
  • Boy and girl
  • Toddler girls
  • Funny
  • Pregnant twin mom to be

Newborn twin + Infant twin Halloween costumes

Whether you’re looking for cute twin baby costumes or some fun dress up ideas.

This list will help you find the perfect Halloween costume for either your newborn twins and even infant twins.

Milk and cookies

Talk about adorable. For my twin mamas that love that good old milk and cookies then this is the perfect costume for your twin babies.

This is a chocolate chip cookie but it could inspire you to DIY or buy the costume with your favorite cookie in mind.

twin costume ideas milk and cookie

Photo by TheCostumeCafe


This is the perfect costume for my DIY twin moms. If you love knitting or crocheting this will inspire you to make something for your little people.

At times nothing screams proud mama than making something with your bare hands. I’m not crafty at all. But if you’re then this is a cute idea.

twin baby halloween costumes

Photo by Monarchdancer

Twin 1 + Twin 2

I’m sure we have heard the word double trouble everywhere. But I couldn’t help myself and I had to add these twin 1 twin 2 onesies.

Nothing screams more hello I’m a twin than these onesies.

Because you don’t get enough attention as it then these onesies will definitely give you even more eyeballs.

twin baby costumes

Photo by ThreeMilkMaids

Two little mermaids

When I saw this I had to add it. This is another DIY costume for my crafty twin mamas out there. But if you have twin girls this costume is so stinking cute.

I mean what’s not to love about two little mermaids? If you’re into girly costumes. I don’t even know if that’s a thing but I just made it into a thing.

Then this costume is the one for you.

twin girl halloween costumes little mermaid

Photo by CurlyTailCrochet

First Halloween- twin baby costume

For my twin mamas who are experiencing their first of everything and more so the first Halloween.

I had to add something related to that. This costume has that mixture of cute and fashion-forward.

But also screams…Hey, I’m new here and is something to celebrate.

Bringing twins into the world is something you should celebrate every day.

Because you’re a tough mama for getting up every day and taking care of not one for two babies.

cute twin halloween costumes

Photo by LilyandMax

Two peas in a pod

Two peas in a pod? How fitting for twins. This is more of a suit/sleeper. So is great for the mamas that live in cold climates.

If fall for you is not so fall is more of a winter combo then this costume will keep your little people nice and warm.

two peas in a pod twin costume

Photo by BabasBlessings

Mario and Luigi

Our twins will never know who Mario and Luigi were. If you’re into older characters AKA reminiscing younger you through your children then this is the costume for you.

This costume symbolizes the whole reason behind Halloween with little kids. That’s is all about us the mamas.

You get to dress your twins in your favorite childhood characters and not feel bad about it.

Is another one you could DIY.

cute twin costumes mario and luigi

Photo by EmiJessCrochet


I don’t know what it is about elephants and babies but they just make me smile.

Another DIY project that could be very simple. If you don’t want to go full-blown custome mode.

A simple hat and you’re done.

elephant twin costume ideas

Photo by LocustTree


This one is for all my sushi lovers.

You get to pick the ingredients/type of sushi.

If you’re wanting something unique then this is a great one. I mean who will dress their twins in sushi Halloween costumes?

If you like outside-of-the-box costumes and love sushi this is a win-win for you.

twin baby costume ideas

Photo by TheCostumeCafe

Super twins to the rescue

Calling all super twins and super twin moms.

This is another one of those simple DIY costumes.

You can sew or crochet a cape based on your favorite superhero and you’re good to go.

superhero twin costume

The CozyBuckeye

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

I wouldn’t be doing costumes right if I didn’t include a classic. Nothing screams more classic than Disney’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

If you’re all about the classic and traditional costumes then this is the type for you.

newborn twins costume ideas minnie and mickey

Photo by OurHeartlandHome

Boy and girl twin Halloween costumes idea

Below are some costume ideas for the boy-girl twin mamas out there!

At times is hard to find the balance between cute and girlie vs too boyish.

Well, these costumes below have that perfect balance to help you find the best boy girl Halloween costume for your twins.

Peanut butter jelly

Peanut butter jelly peanut butter jelly. I’m sure now you have that song stuck in your head.

But twins are like peanut butter and jelly. So different but when mix together they are a perfect combo.

So a very fitting costume!

boy girl twin halloween costumes

Photo by TwoTwosTreasures

Hansel and Gretel

This is another one of those old-school movies that our twins will never know about. Good old Hansel and Gretel.

A unique costume. You’re not going to see many twin parents dressing their twins in this costume.

best twin halloween costumes

Photo by adasaccesories4me

Bam bam and pebbles

Oh, Bam bam and pebbles another one of those cartoon shows that take you back to this next-door neighbor friendship.

What better way to symbolize your twin’s love and friendship for each other than with this costume.

Plus you get to go back to the flintstones stone age.

boy girl twin halloween

Photo by Lexyota

Hamburgers and fries

Who order burger and fries? Yes, please. This is one of those classic but fun costumes. Who doesn’t love a good hamburger and fries? It the perfect combo.

twin toddler costumes

Photo by TheCostumeCafe


Little pirates. I saw this and I thought how cute and fun.

Is also out of the box for twins. Especially if you decide to do it with your boy-girl twins. Pirate girl? Yes, please.

girl boy twin halloween

Photo by ThaliasBabyDesigns


So this is a dolphin costume but it can also be a baby shark theme costume.

If I have to hear baby shark one more time.

But the sea animals theme can be a fun costume idea for twins.

toddler boy girl costumes twins

Photo by oKidz

Twin toddler girl costume ideas

If you’re looking for cute twin girl Halloween costumes then below is a list just for you.

Into girlie things like tutus or even prefer the simple and easy way. Then you will find something just for you and your taste.


Talk about fall time. Being able to enjoy the outdoors and roast some smores?

So if you love smores, camping, the outdoors. Then this is the costume for your twins.

twin halloween costumes best friends

Photo by ElevenThirteenENT

Winnie the pooh

This is definitely a reminiscing costume for me. I grew up watching Winnie the Pooh.

So these Pooh and Tiger costumes are all about going back to your favorite cartoon character.

I love the tutu idea with costumes.

twin halloween costume

Photo by ElevenThirteenENT

Twin toddler superhero Halloween costume

Another simple costume. Throw a cape and you’re done. I mean you’re already a celebrity and might as well be considered a super twin and super twin mom.

If you like to keep things low-key then this is the costume for you.

halloween ideas for toddlers

Photo by BungalowSueTwins

ketchup and mustard

Condiments that go well together? Are you a ketchup and mustard lover?

If you’re all about the classic condiments then this is a fun costume to consider.

toddler twin ideas halloween

Photo by BuzzBearStudio

Salt and pepper

Salt and pepper separate can handle their own but when mixed together they add a whole other flavored to your food.

Just like twins? Alone they add much personality, humor, and color to your life.

And when put together then no one can’t stop them.

twin halloween

Photo by TwoTwosTreasure

Almond Joy

Are you a chocolate lover? I mean what’s not to love about chocolate. They can make a hard day with twins much easier.

So if you’re a chocolate person and more of an almond joy then this is the costume for you.

twin girl toddler costume

Photo by TwoTwosTreasures

Mike and sully

Another fun Disney movie is Monsters INC. Mike and Sully great buds and co-workers. Like twins?

Best of friends and maybe someday they get to work together? Who knows but for now is a cute costume idea.

twin toddler girl costumes

Photo by Lexyota

Funny twin costumes

Whether you just had twins or you’re looking for convenience, these little onesies will do just that.

Plus they’ll also provide some laughter. Because at times with twins having a sense of humor is key.

So if you’re looking for easy twin costumes and/or twin baby halloween costumes.

Then this is the list for you. All you need a simple onesie with a funny meme or quote and you’re part of the Halloween spirit.

Who said Halloween costumes have to be complicated?


You can’t get any closer than by being twins. A bond that will last for a lifetime.

So embrace it with a “twinmates” onesie.

easy twin costumes

Photo by TwinSmitten

Buy one get one free

This is for everyone that likes to say lucky… You get two for the price of one.

If only…

We pay for the second one as much as we pay for the first one.

Sometimes I just want to say. Do you want to see how much money have I spent on diapers?

But is a onesie we can also get some good old laughter from.

funny halloween costumes twins

Photo by ClohessyCreations

Milk and cookies

Milk and cookies? Yes, please. They go best with one another. As much as twin individuality is good.

Nothing compares with the bond that twins get to form.

etsy twin costume ideas onesies

Photo by LilMeStore

Pumpkin spice

Because is fall season. I can’t go without including something pumpkin-related.

If you’re all about pumpkin everything then this onesie is for you.

twin funny onesies pumpkin

Photo by HappyAddition

Drinking buddies

How appropriate is this onesie? Getting twins on the same schedule is such a big part of staying sane.

This means that they will spend a lot of time eating, sleeping, playing together.

They will definitely become the best drinking buddies.

funny twin baby costumes

Photo by BlueGiraffeApparel

I was planned but I wasn’t

You decided why not try for another one. Went in for an ultrasound expecting to hear one heartbeat.

Then you get hit with surprise… You’re expecting twins

What do you do? You definitely plan for the one and now you have another baby to think about?

The shock of a lifetime all in a shirt.

twin baby onesies costume ideas

Photo by ittybittylaundry

Mom fed me twice

For the twin mamas that have identical twins and are in the early stages of figuring out each one of their differences.

You might be able to relate to this hilarious onesie.

twin newborn halloween

Photo by GoodMorningPunkin

Pregnant twin mom costume ideas

Just because your twins aren’t here doesn’t mean you can’t get your bump in the Halloween spirit.

Below are a couple of fun shirt ideas you can wear this fall and for Halloween.

Did anyone say pumpkin pie?

Love all things pumpkin? Then this is the shirt for you. While also rocking your twin belly.

This a great shirt for the fall season and why not for Halloween too?

pregnant twin mom shirt

Photo byLilyNJune

Pumpkin face shirt

No better way to get in the Halloween holiday spirit than with a bright orange maternity shirt and two little pumpkins.

pregnant twin mom halloween

Photo by CrazyDogTshirts

Skeleton twin Pregnancy shirt

Can’t get more Halloween than skeletons. Especially if is two of them.

A super fun way to show off your twin pregnancy.

twin pregnancy shirt halloween

Photo by maternitytees

Eating candy for three

This shirt I design myself thinking about all the delicious candy you will be eating on Halloween so why not eat for three?

Photo by AAPDesignsCO

Matching twin mom and twin dad to be

If your hubby is willing then get matching Halloween shirts. Is a fun way to get in the holiday spirit.

And show up that awesome twin bump with your partner in crime.

mom dad twin shirt halloween

Photo by maternitytees

Last words for twin costume ideas

This is a wrap on the different costume theme ideas you can dress your twins in.

I hope that you found something that will resonate with your style and your twins.

And if all things failed you can always go with a funny quote or meme onesie.

Part of being a twin mom is your resilience and your ability to find humor in the toughest times of taking care of twins.

So go out and have some fun this holiday season!

I would love to hear if you selected one of these ideas or any other theme ideas you have. Drop a comment below.

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