Creative Twin Nursery Ideas For Small Rooms When You’re Short on Space

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The best twin nursery ideas for small spaces

Twins can crowd a space fairly quickly… But what happens when you’re actually working with a small space?

These twin nursery ideas are all about working with small rooms to still be able to create the nursery of your dreams!

twin nursery ideas for small rooms

Whether you live in a studio, one-bedroom, or the rooms in your house are just tiny.

You can still design a twin nursery that’s beautiful, fun, and can accommodate both babies!

So how do you arrange a twin nursery? and work with a baby nursery in a small space?

Below I’m going to share all of my tips and tricks to help you make the most out of the space you got!

Let’s get right into it…

How to maximize a small twin nursery

  • Multi purpose storage solutions
  • Wall storage
  • Right furniture
  • Closet space
  • The right decor

Multi purpose storage solution

With twins, multi-purpose items are already a must… Unless you want your house to constantly look like a daycare!

The first month with twins your house will still be crowded and look like a daycare.

However, having items that can be used for more than one thing is key when designing a small twin nursery.

You need items that can serve as a double duty as well as be easy to place in unused areas to create even more space.

Multi-purpose items will also save you money. And as a twin mom who doesn’t want some extra cash for diapers?

Or other twin-related items?

For example, using a rolling cart storage solution is a great way to pack a lot of essentials in one place and the best part is that the station is mobile.

You can take this cart anywhere around the house!

Some ways you can use this cart are to store:

Diapers, wipes, creams, burp cloths, etc

You can also have one in your room and use it for your postpartum essentials.

The usage for this cart is endless and can hold a lot of things.

So get creative!

Below is a super cute and simple rolling cart that you can add baskets or not to give the cart a little more spunk!

storage solutions for nursery

Because you have a small space to build your twin nursery every little inch counts.

That means that creating storage under the crib becomes your BFF.

You can use baskets or in the case of this photo, a full-size drawer to give you more storage.

nursery ideas for small spaces

You could opt for clear bins to place under the crib or even inside a closet.

Clear bins might not be aesthetically pleasing but they get the job done.

When you’re busy taking care of twins especially if you’re doing it alone being able to find things ASAP is key.

A clear bin like the one below allows you to see what’s inside super quickly without you haven’t to open them.

You can go a step further and label your bins to help you keep things, even more, organize and find items even faster!

storage for small nurseries

Use the wall space

When you’re limited on square feet the best thing you can do to maximize the small space is to use the wall as storage.

Adding wall storage will prevent overcrowding the small space while at the same time give you the extra room you need!

Wall decor doesn’t have to be ugly. These little shapes add some texture to the nursery but can also be used for storage purposes.

wall decor for twin nursery

Wall shelving is another way to add some extra storage.

You can place books, decor, stuffed animals, or any other baby essentials!

twin nursery decor ideas

Hooks are also a great way to add bows for the mamas out there with twin girls!

Hang cute outfits, bins that you can throw storage you don’t want people to see, etc.

The beauty of hooks is that you can place them anywhere.

Behind doors, on the wall, in closest, etc…

small space nursery storage ideas

The whole point of wall storage is to make it work for you not against you.

Whether you go with hooks, shelves, or even a pegboard is all about adding that much-needed storage to your small nursery.

Putting storage on walls when working with a small space is key in making the room look much bigger and less crowded.

Right furniture

Creating the perfect twin nursery layout in a small room is freaking hard.

In order for the space to work in your favor and not feel crammed you need the right furniture.

In the beginning, you might opt to only buying one crib.

However, at some point, you will need 2 cribs you might as well build your twin nursery design around the 2 cribs.

One thing to consider when it comes to finding the right crib is maybe going small.

If your nursery space is tiny then full-size cribs might take up all the space and leave you with no room.

So consider going with a mini crib if you’re really tight on space!

And if you’re asking yourself “can twins fit in a mini crib?”…


Twins can be born even earlier than singletons so as far as space goes you will have plenty for a while!

nursery layout for small space

I know you want the room to be perfect and the cribs to match…

However, depending on the layout of the room you might need two different styles of cribs in order for them to work with the space you got.

twin nursery layout ideas

Since you’re limited on space and getting the cribs in the small room is a top priority you might want to consider ditching out a changing table, dresser, and/or even a rocker!

You can create a mobile changing station with a rolling cart or a diaper caddy.

Or you can go with changing tables like the one below…

Is small and compacted. This gives you the room to change twins’ diapers without the added bulk!

small changing table for nursery

Use closet for extra storage

If the small room comes with a closet then you’re in for a treat!

You can totally use that closet in your favor.

You can put a dresser in there and use it for even more storage.

Add extra shelving to create even more space!

Instead of just having one pole you can get crafty and add an extra one so you can hang even more clothes…

I mean the options are endless on what you can do with closet space.

closet space for small nursery

Twin nursery decor tips to maximize space

You can add storage to the walls, closets, behind doors, and even under the crib.

But if you also don’t choose the right colors, textures, and decor you can make the room look so much smaller than what it already is.

Light and neutral colors like white, grey, nude can make a small room feel so much bigger.

twin nursery in small space

Light fixtures and/or chandeliers add an extra dimension to the room.

When you walk into such a small space your eyes go straight into the light fixture which in return makes the room feel much bigger than what it is.

Another great room addition is long curtains.

Curtains that go from floor to ceiling can instantly make a room feel much taller than what it is!

small room nursery decor

Lines also add length to a small space.

Horizontal lines can make a room feel longer and vertical lines can give you the illusion of a wider room…

So consider adding lines or event an accent wall.

Adding an accent wall will give attention to that area making the space feel much bigger than what it is.

These are all great ways to make such a small space feel much larger!

small space nursery ideas

When it comes to the actual decor theme that’s a personal preference that only you get to select.

Whether you’re having twin girls, twin boys, boy, and girl, or just want to keep things gender-neutral.

The options for twin nursery decor are endless.

Just keep it simple and neutral because it will help the space feel much larger than what it is.

Last words for twin nursery ideas for small rooms

When it comes to designing a nursery when you’re tight on space the key is to maximize the space as much as possible.

Focus on items that are multi-purpose, wall storage, and choosing the right decor to make the space feel much bigger.

When working with limited space. Less is better.

This is the time to truly focus on actual needs vs wants in order to keep the space from feeling crowded.

You can create an amazing twin nursery even when you have a small room!

So I hope that these tips help you get creative and make your nursery the best that you can…

Who says because you have a small space you can’t have fun with it?

I would love to hear about what has helped you create a dream nursery with a tight space. Share in the comments below.

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