5 Steps You Need To Know Before Creating The Perfect Twin Nursery + Mind-Blowing Theme Ideas

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Setting up a twin nursery: Ideas, layout and more

Updated 7/17/22

Designing the perfect twin nursery can get overwhelming fairly quickly.

With many different design options, decors, themes, etc. What’s a twin mom to do?

Whether you’re having twin boys, twin girls, or want to keep the twin nursery decor gender-neutral.

twin nursery ideas

These tips and tricks are going to help you make the setup and design process much easier.

Because before we get all excited about the decor we need to think about the logistics of putting two babies in one room.

So this twin nursery idea post is broken down into 5 sections

  • Space
  • Safety
  • Keep things simple
  • Layout
  • Themes

1. Space

This is probably the number #1 thing to consider when creating your ideal twin nursery.

How much room do you actually have? What would you need to do to get creative and maximize your space?

Looking at the space, measuring the room, etc.

This will help you decide what type of furniture you can fit in the space and what type of decor will best suit the space.

Before getting all excited about designing your twin nursery and looking at decor ideas.

Do your homework and make sure that the room is big enough for whatever visions you have in mind.

Nothing worse than falling in love with cribs, or a chair that just won’t work with the space you have.

Creating a twin nursery when you have a small room is possible but life would be much easier if you prepare ahead of time!

2. Safety

Another big thing to keep in mind is safety, safety, safety.

Make sure you’re assembling items as directed by the instructions.

Some safety things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure the mattress is firm and fits right within the crib without any gaps or space
  • Blankets
  • Stuff animals
  • Bumpers
  • Items that are mounted close to the crib

All of the items mentioned above should be kept away from your twin’s crib.

The only items your crib needs are a mattress, a tight sheet, and you’re done.

3. Simple

At times less is better You already have two babies no need to overcomplicate things.

In the end, your babies will be in your room at the beginning so the nursery won’t be such a priority.

And when you decide to put them in the nursery all you truly need is a safe place for them to sleep.

But if you want to decorate then focus on a neutral, simplistic, minimalist approach.

Twins come with enough stuff the last thing you want is for your nursery to feel like a dump.

4. Layout

This is the perfect time to get really mathematically and get out a tape measure.

Knowing the exact measurements will allow you to figure out what will go where, what fits where, etc.

This is where you can get than pen and per and create a sketch of the twin nursery layout.

Where would the cribs go? side by side? opposite from each other?

Changing table or not? changing table only or with drawers?

The three main areas to focus on:

  • Sleeping arrangements: where would the cribs go?
  • Diapering: where would the changing table go, what type would suit your needs best?
  • Organization: dresser, closet space, shelves, etc

Focus on those three main things and everything else will work itself out.

Remember with twins is all about keeping things organized and simple.

Is all about efficiency and time. So take the time to think about the layout and what will best suit your family’s specific needs.

5. Twin nursery themes, designs, and decor ideas

So of course I gotta talk about themes, decor, etc.

Isn’t this the best part of it all? Everything else is pretty boring. This is the fun part of putting the nursery together.

With many options, colors, themes, etc. It can be challenging to pick one. Especially when it comes to choosing a theme for your twins.

Whether you’re having twin boys, twin girls, or just want to keep the nursery gender neutral.

I have a few ideas to help you spark some inspiration on some twin nursery decor ideas.

In the end, this is where you get to have fun and let your creative side come to life.

Your twin’s nursery should resemble your personality and what you love.

Twin boy nursery ideas

With a boy theme, you can keep it classic or you can go all the way boy. Whatever you choose.

Below are just a few ideas to help you get your creativity going.

Twinkle Twinkle

This is that perfect combination of a chic, simple, but also boy theme.

You can pick soft, neutral colors or also any color like blue, green that could symbolize that you’re having twin boys.

twin wall decor

Photo by DesignSouthChs


Just because you’re having twin boys the nursery can’t be chic and neutral.

This theme is all about patterns and neutral colors. So if that is your jam then this is your theme.

Something with patterns but neutral colors like white, black, grey, nudes, etc.

twin boy neutral

Photo by BlingPrints


If you truly want to embrace the boy theme then no better way than with. a sports theme nursery.

This is also a great theme if you’re a sports fanatic.

You can even make the nursery all about your favorite sport or favorite sports team.

sport theme boy

Photo by DesignSouthChs


Another great twin boy theme is incorporating animals into the decor.

I don’t know what it is about little foxes that give that cute simple but sophisticated feel.

You can create the theme all around the colors of the fox you decide to go with.

foxes boy nursery decor

Photo by DesignSouthChs

Twin girl

Whether you’re all about simple, chic, bright, or girlie.

Below are some ideas to help you brainstorm your twin girl nursery decor.


So I had to include the elephants yet again.

There is something about them that is so cute but chic.

Elephants are very easy to incorporate into any theme. You can make it simple or go full-blown.

Below I included two different themes with elephants just to show you that you can turn the theme into anything you want.

elephants nursery wall decor

Photo by LotusNurseryArt

elephants nursery theme

Photo by DesignSouthChs


If you’re all about the bright colors and love the fact of combining more than one color into a design then a rainbow theme is the one for you.

rainbow nursery decor

Photo by DesignSouthChs


Love all things monogram? If you’re wanting to have your twin’s name monogram you can create a theme all around the colors, the calligraphy, etc.

monogram girl nursery room

Photo by DesignSouthChs

Twin baby rooms boy and girl

At times finding the nursery colors for boy/girl twins is hard.

You don’t want it to be too masculine but also not too feminine.

I have included some ideas that are perfect for your twin boy girls.


They are a great animal theme. Because they are subtle. Not super feminine nor masculine. The perfect combo for your boy-girl twins.

You can make the theme whatever you want by adding neutral colors or more bright colors, different types of bunnies, etc.


Photo by MotivArtStudio

Twinkle Twinkle

This is another theme that depending on how you go about it you can make it subtle or bright and colorful.

The moons, stars, galaxies, make it the perfect boy girl theme.

twinkle little star boy girl theme

Photo by DesignSouthChs

Gender neutral twin nursery

Looking for all things neutral colors, patterns, designs, etc.

Whether you don’t want to know the sex of your twins or love the idea of a neutral twin nursery.

Then below I have some ideas for you.

Simply black

If you’re looking for a super basic, simple, and color design. Then this is your theme.

If you’re all about simplistic, minimalist then sticking to one neutral color will be the perfect nursery decor for you.

twin nursery decor

Photo by InvitedByCass

Neutral rainbow

Who says that rainbows can only be colorful?

Love the idea of mixing more than one color but only like neutral colors?

Then this is the theme for you.

rainbow nursery

Photo by DesignSouthChs


The twinkle little start theme is great because you can turn it into any theme whether is for girls, boys, or even just gender-neutral.

So if you like starts, moon, etc but want simple neutral colors then this is your theme

twinkle little star

Photo by DesignSouthChs

Twin nursery essentials

They are basic things you will need in your twin nursery.

It comes down to preference and how elaborate or simplistic you want it to be.

At a minimum make sure you have:

  • A chair if you’re going to be spending a lot of time feeding your twins in the nursery

Lastly, the type and style of the twin decor come down to your style and preference.

I hope that the above theme ideas spark some interest in you and help you create the twin nursery of your dreams OR

Realize that you don’t need much and you can just keep things simple.

FAQ- Planning a twin nursery

When should you start preparing twins for nursery?

If you’re going all in and what the nursery to be ready before you bring twins home then ASAP.

Remember twins can be born as soon as 35 weeks or earlier. So start looking at inspirational ideas, decor, etc.

Preparing for twins can be daunting but the sooner you begin the better it will be.

Just take one thing at a time if that helps you feel less overwhelmed.

How do I choose a nursery theme?

Think about your lifestyle. In the end, the nursery needs to accommodate your needs.

  • Do you like bright colors?
  • Neutrals?
  • Minimalism?
  • Patterns?

It might be easier to start with the furniture first and then pick out colors OR

Figure out the colors, textures, patterns, etc then pick out the furniture.

Either way, make sure you measure your space first that way you can assure that the furniture you’re wanting will actually fit in the room.

How do you set up a nursery for twins?

The setup comes down to space, layout, the design you choose, and more.

So that’s why is key to think about your vision foremost, sketch it, and measure your space.

Doing all of that first will help you figure out where you will put cribs, changing tables, etc.

Do you need 2 changing tables for twins?

No. First of all, even if you have help and will be changing two babies at the same time you don’t need to spend the money on an extra changing table.

In the beginning, you won’t even use that changing table. Your twins will be sleeping in your room and any surface will become your BFF.

Should you put twins in the same nursery?

Again this becomes a personal preference whether you want them to share a room or not.

Also, do you even have enough rooms to do such a change?

Twins are pretty used to being around each other since the womb.

In the beginning, it is much easier for them to share a room vs once they get older and they just want to play and keep each other awake then you might consider separating them.

Do twins need 2 cribs?

This is another personal preference. In the newborn stage, you might get away with one. But as they get older they will each need their own.

So you might as well start with two because you will need the other crib eventually.

PRO TIP: Add them both to the registry. You never know you might get lucky and someone will buy you two cribs.

Last words for designing and preparing your twin nursery

These are just some tips to help you get into the designing mode of your twin nursery.

Do keep in mind that only you know what’s your style and what would suit your family the best.

My hope is that these ideas will help you think about how you can best maximize the room that you have and spark some creativity into creating the perfect theme for your twin nursery.

Whether you go simple, basic, or full-blown design mode. The point is to make it YOU and to make it work with your lifestyle.

In the end, simple and functional can work best with twins. Twins alone are a lot of work.

Don’t overly complicate your nursery. Make things accessible, easy to reach, find, etc.

Because when you’re in a pinch you need to be able to find any and everything within seconds.

I would love to know about your twin nursery design ideas in the comments below.

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