23 Twin Pregnancy Announcement Ideas That You’ll Fall in Love With

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Twin pregnancy announcement that is creative, cute, & funny

Just found out you’re having twins and you’re looking for some fun and creative ways to announce your twin pregnancy?

Then look no further. This post is full of many different types of twin pregnancy announcements that you will either find one that fits your style OR

Find some inspiration to DIY your announcement.

double the trouble baby announcement

Whether you’re looking to announce via cards, online, including a sibling, or just some funny twin pregnancy announcements.

You will surely find an idea to get your creative juices going.

Let’s get right into it.

This twin pregnancy announcement ideas post is broken down into 5 sections:

  • Twin pregnancy announcement cards
  • Shirt
  • Sibling
  • Digital
  • Onesie

When should you announce your twin pregnancy?

This is a very personal decision. Some moms wait until they confirm the pregnancy around 6-8 weeks.

Others prefer to wait until they are out of the first trimester when miscarriages are at the greatest risk.

OR you can announce right away.

I work at a pediatric surgery center in which we have to be in the OR and come in contact with a lot of gas.

I didn’t want to be exposed to the gas so I had to tell my boss and a few co-workers in order to avoid going to the OR.

Second, I was showing so quickly that people were going to ask either she is pregnant or she gaining weight.

So I started announcing around 10 weeks.

But again this is a personal choice. So do what you think is best for YOU, your family, and your lifestyle.

Twin pregnancy announcement cards

If you’re all about the classic way of announcing such major news. Then below are some great ideas for announcing your twin pregnancy via a card.

Double the love

This is a simple way to tell your loved ones that you’re expecting twins. Just the title gives it up already.

The design is simple but chic. So if you’re all about the simplistic, minimalist way of things then this is a great option for you.

double the love pregnancy announcement

Photo by ThePopsAndBoo


You can’t get more obvious than with this card.

Simple but also a cute way to announce that your expecting twins.

No better way to get straight to the point.

card announcing a pregnancy

Photo by marrygrams

Two in the oven

This is super cute because is all about letting your creativity out.

Is not as obvious as the other two because you really need to look inside the oven to see what’s going on.

So if you’re all about the mystery, having people guess, then this a great card announcement for you.

two in the oven pregnancy announcement card

Photo by PetalPaperCo


This is an awesome way to announce for my math lovers. You might have people a little confused at first.

But it also adds that mystery and not so obvious way to announce its twins.

Is also very simple but still cute.

numbers pregnancy announcement

Photo by MJpaperieshop

Twins on the way

This is a straightforward way to announce its twins.

Cute, chic, and simple.

it's twin announcement

Photo by PetalPaperCo

Twin pregnancy announcement shirts

Graphics shirts have become such a popular thing now. I’m a sucker for any shirts that have graphics about coffee.

I have a gazillion of them. Plus this is a fun way to announce a pregnancy to your loved ones.

Below are fun ways to help you brainstorm some ideas to announce your twin pregnancy.


So I had to add a shirt appropriate to what we have been living in the past year.

How fun and funny to announce to your family in a form of a “COVID” shirt.

Is a nice way to give this whole being on lockdown a nice sense of humor.

COVID shirt pregnancy announcement

Photo by ItsYourDayClothing

It’s Twins

This would be a fun way to involve your spouse in the process or even other children.

A fun and cute way to get the whole family involved in the announcement process but with a shirt.

we're pregnant with twins shirt

Photo by TheBarkerBoutique

Twin loading

I thought this shirt was just hilarious. If your all about humor then this is a funny way to announce it’s twins.

twin pregnancy announcement funny

Photo by BRDtshirtzone


Another cute and fun way to announce a twin pregnancy. This is a little more simplistic.

So if you’re all about simple but gets the job done. Then this could be a fun way to announce your twin pregnancy.

twin pregnancy telling husband

Photo by OTwinsClothingCo

Twin pregnancy announcement with an older sibling

If you have other kids no better way to make them feel part of the journey than with a twin pregnancy announcement sibling edition.

Becoming an older child to twins can be challenging but you can make the process a little more enjoyable by getting the older children involved throughout the pregnancy journey.

Below are so cute and fun ways to get those older kiddos involved in the twin pregnancy announcement.

I’ll be there for you

This just screams adorable. The shirt says it all in this pregnancy announcement.

sibling pregnancy announcement

Photo by FrankieandBear


If you’re all into signs then this could be a fun way to incorporate an older child into announcing a twin pregnancy.

You can customize the whole message depending on your style and personality.

twin announcement with older sibling

Photo by ChalkingItUpBoards

Digital twin pregnancy announcement

We are living in a world where technology is everything. Whether you have family that is super far away and you won’t get to announce in person.

This is a great way to reach everyone.

If you’re more of the practical person just customize and hit send then this is the type of announcement for you.

OR if you have family that is far away and you want them to feel part of the journey then this is a great way to announce to them while still feel like they were part of it all.


This is a simple, cute, classic way to announce with the ultrasound photo.

digital twin pregnancy announcement

Photo by ShopBloome

Miracles come in pairs

This is a more elaborate but still cute and chic way to announce a twin pregnancy.

The extra props bring the whole announcement to life.

onesie announcing a pregnancy with twins

Photo by DigiARTdreams

Prayed for one blessed with two

This is another simple but cute way to announce a twin pregnancy.

pregnancy announcement onesie

Photo by MockShopCo

Sh*t just got real

If you’re all about humor and you don’t take your life too seriously then this is a funny way to announce your twin pregnancy.

funny way for a pregnancy announcement with twins

Photo by SugarDaddyDesignsCo

Double the kisses and diapers

This is another funny but cute way to announce a twin pregnancy.

It perfectly describes the life of a twin mom.

double way to announce a pregnancy

Photo by PaperlyPrints

We’re having a baby

I like this one because is all about emphasizing the fact that you’re having twins not just “one baby”

twin announcement digital

Photo by PaperlyPrints

Coming soon

If you’re all about those messages that people post when something is coming up or they are having an opening soon.

Then this is your type of twin pregnancy announcement.

cute way to announce twin pregnancy

Photo by SugarDaddyDesignsCo

Twin pregnancy announcement onesie

Announcing with a onesie is a fun way to let everyone know about your twin pregnancy.

Plus the announcement serves as a multi-purpose use. Since your twins can wear the onesies once they are born.

You can even take a photo so that you can have those memories of life before and after twins.

See you

This is a cute way to announce the month that you’re “expecting” to bring twins home.

But also adds the funny component of wait is not just one coming that month but it’s two.

twin pregnancy announcement photos

Photo by SweetPeaCalligraphy

Twin A and B

Wouldn’t be doing any justice to this pregnancy announcement if I didn’t include a classic.

If you’re all about the classics then this is a super known but still great way to announce a twin pregnancy.

It’s the simple twin A twin B or Baby A baby B.

baby a and baby b pregnancy announcement

Photo by MoxieandKing

I was planned

Of course, I gotta include some humor into this pregnancy announcement.

If you were in shock like I was. Then this could be fun a way to announce that you’re pregnant with twins.

surprise twin pregnancy

Photo by WildRainbowsBabyCo

I’m so cute

Another cute and funny way to announce… Surprise its twins.

onesie twin announcing

Photo by LittleLillyBugDesign


Who doesn’t love a good beverage? This is a fun way to announce that you’re pregnant.

You can even add your favorite adult beverage that you’re currently missing due to being pregnant.

And you’re pregnant with twins… That would drive anyone into drinking.

drinking baby onesie pregnancy

Photo by LittleLillyBugDesign

Last words for twin pregnancy announcement quotes

Announcing a pregnancy is such a fun and enjoyable time. So why not get creative and find a style that best suits you and your personality.

My hope was to give you some ideas on how you can announce your next twin pregnancy.

While at the same time make it fun, cute, and why not give your friends and family a good old laugh.

I would love to hear about your twin pregnancy announcement to your loved ones and if you have any other ideas. Drop a comment below.

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