21 Twin Summer Toddler Activities + Tips to Survive the Outings With or Without Help

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Fun summer toddler activities you can do with your twins

Let’s be real. Summer is freaking hot. Especially for me. I live in Texas. But with twins, I don’t have the luxury to just stay in all the time.

Whether you’re asking yourself “what should I do with my toddler twin this summer?” and “how can I keep my twins entertained?”

This list has just covered.

Whether you need to keep your twin toddlers entertained indoor, outdoor, or with a day trip.

These summer activities have something for you and your little ones.

My hope is to inspire you and despite the heat be able to create some fun memories this summer and every single summer after that.

So let’s get right into the list.

summer twin activities

Indoor summer activities

1. Children’s museum

This is another way for your kids to get some hands-on learning, sensory learning, and burn some energy.

Look for days in which they offer free admission. This can save you some money especially when you would have two buy two tickets.

2. Go to your local mall

Being indoors is great when is so hot to be outside and you just want to stay nice and cool.

Some malls offer play areas, have a carousel, and even a train.

This is something I have done with my kids.

Especially now that the twins are in the toddler stage. Is a fun way to get out of the house and do something without being outside and dealing with the heat.

3. Trampoline park

If your twins enjoy jumping around. This is a great place to let out some steam.

They have many different types of trampolines and obstacles all based on your twin’s age.

So you’ll be ready to find something fun for them.

Check out your local trampoline park.

4. Register for swim classes

With summer being so hot and spending so much time trying to stay nice and cool. At the beach, pool, or lake.

What better time to teach your twin how to swim than now.

No better way to be safe near water than by teaching your kids safe water practices and also learn to swim while still have fun.

5. Go to a Gymboree class

These classes can be fun for learning songs, motor skills, sensory play, and interaction with other children.

6. Ice cream for dinner

Ice cream is definitely not dinner nor an actual activity.

However, this could be a great way to build some memories with your twins.

They will always remember that one time their parents let them eat ice cream for dinner OR ice cream before dinner.

This is not an activity but I had to include something cool since summer is so freaking hot.

toddler twin fun activities

Outdoor summer activities for toddler twins

7. Go to the beach or lake for the day

There is something about going to the beach that can be relaxing and fun for the whole family.

Plus when is freaking hot as heck. There is no better way to cool off than build lots of sandcastles.

8. Zoo

Check out your local zoo.

The zoo is a great activity for twin toddlers. Is a way for you to introduce them to different animals and for them to learn about them.

Some of them even offer free days and have memberships.

9. Check out a new local park

I’m sure you live close to a park if there isn’t one already inside your neighborhood.

Even though you might live close to a park try to check out a new one.

Nothing more fun than to tell your twin toddlers about a new adventure. They might find a new obstacle they will enjoy, burn a lot of energy, and come home ready for bed.

10. Local splash pad

What kid doesn’t love water?

A great activity for your twins to run around also play in the water.

Stay nice and cool and have fun creating a water mess away from your house.

11. Local Aquarium

Aquariums can be a great place to teach your twins about the animals that live in the water.

Some aquariums have exhibitions, tours, feed the animals and so much more.

12. Join other twin mommas out there

Get online and see if you live close to a local twin mom group.

Some of them get together and have workouts, playdates, etc.

This is a great way to interact with other twin moms who know your struggles and can give you plenty of resources and support.

Your singleton moms are great but in the end, they don’t really understand what’s life with twins is really like.

13. Picnic

Pack your favorite meal to go and enjoy a good old picnic at a local park while your twins can also burn some energy at the park.


twin toddler activities

14. Go watch fireworks

There are several holidays that take place in the summer time.

How fun can it be to watch fireworks with your little ones?

Whether from your backyard or an actual firework show.

This could be a fun way to build some summer memories.

I know your thinking but fireworks are so freaking loud. They have a solution to that problem.

Noise cancelation headphones.

So don’t let that stop you. You might be surprised as to how much fun your little ones will have.

15. Farmer market

This is a great way to teach your kids about food.

Get them involved in picking fruits, vegetables, etc, and a way to get them excited about making and eating healthier meals.

16. Theme park

Go check out a local theme park.

I know some aren’t appropriate for toddlers but a water park could be a fun activity to get everyone involved and stay cool while enjoying the outdoors.

17. Hike

A nice hike can be a great way to introduce the outdoors and get some nice and fresh air.

18. Check out a local fair

Fairs are everywhere.

They have the best treats and can be a fun family bonding experience. The games are awesome and the rides are also fun.

They always take me back to my childhood times.

19. Sidewalk chalk and painting

What better way to get your twin toddlers into learning about hand coordination and motor skills than by drawing.

Doing it on the sidewalk is fun because:

A. Is a way for them to see their art every time they go outside

B. A great way to be outdoors without having to leave your house

Just remember safety a all times. Especially when your twins are doing chalk projects on the driveway where other cars could come around.

Also, keep an eye on the chalk because they are also at the exploring age in which everything ends up in the mouth.

Longer weekend activities

20. Road trip

I know you’re probably thinking who wants to be stuck with a twin toddler for god knows how long.

But with the right gear, activities, and patience a road trip adventure could be a fun way to enjoy the summer.

A road trip with your twins can be a great way to introduce them to a whole world full of adventures.

Start simple. No need to go on a 50-hour car ride. It can be as simple as an hour’s ride to the closest beach or national park.

I even created a road trip with twins checklist to help you keep things simple and make sure you don’t forget all of the essentials.

21. Camping

What better time to enjoy the summer outdoors than by going camping. If you have some little adventurers then it might be something you can do as a family.

Teach your twins about nature and the fun things you can do in the outdoors.

Tips for surviving outings with twin toddlers- Alone or with help

Doing outside activities with twins is not the same as with a singleton.

There are two babies that you need to keep an eye on and because twins love to do the opposite of each other it makes it challenging to be outside with them.

These tips are going to help you think of the things you might need to help you keep outings simple and easy.

Even when you’re by yourself.

Have a plan

Having a plan is crucial, especially when taking your twins out alone.

You need to know exactly where you going, time, what’s available at the place, what to pack, how to deal with meltdowns, etc.

Bring any and everything that will make the outing easier for you.

Don’t forget to pack a diaper bag

These are just some of the items to keep in mind when being out and about.

Remember items can vary depending on the place that you’re going, the weather, and what’s available at your final destination.

Call the place your visiting ahead of time

Think about questions you might have and things you need to know ahead of time in order for you to be better prepared.

What does the facility offer?

Are there activities appropriate for toddlers?

What else do you need to bring? Hours? Food? Safety?

Remember you have two kids. You need a place that has some form of a controlled environment.

Especially when there is only one parent and two kids.

Check out the website

If the place you’re going to has a website then is also a great place to start and check out the resources they have available.

This will help you prepare for what you should bring and what to skip.

Ask for a discount

You have twins.

Outings can get expensive when you’re paying double. The worse thing they will say is that they don’t offer a discount. So ask away.

Don’t forget your double stroller and/or carrier

You need a safe place to sit them and be able to keep an eye on them easier.

Eventually, they will get tired of running around, or if you’re alone it’s easier to just have them sitting in a stroller.

You don’t want to find yourself carrying two babies the whole time you’re out.

It’s freaking exhausting and you will find yourself ready to leave ASAP.

Recruit extra hands when possible

When there is one adult per baby. Outings can be a lot easier.

And at times even more enjoable AKA less stressful.

However, don’t let that discourage you. Because you can totally do this all by yourslef.

If you find yourself going alone. Then make sure you plan ahead, keep things simple, don’t overextend yourself.

And if you need to keep the outings short and sweet then do it.

The point is for your twins to get some time to explore, learn, and get outdoors.

Whether that’s 30 minutes, 1 hour or longer, or even less. It doesn’t matter. Is about the quality and not the quantity.

Do what you can and congratulate yourself for taking twin toddlers out and about all by yourself.

Last words for summer twin activities

As hot as summer can be staying indoors is not always feasible with little ones.

I hope that these activities will make enjoying the outdoors during summer much easier.

These are activities I have done with my twins. And the best part is that they are easy and child-approved.

If all things failed keep the outings short and sweet. The point is that you were able to build some memories with your little ones.

I would love to hear in the comments about your summer activities? Where have you gone? and tips that have helped you survive the outings?

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