Non Toys: Twins First Christmas Gifts Ideas That Are Personalized

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Twins 1st Christmas gift ideas

You’re celebrating the first Christmas with your twins and you’re not sure what to get them?

I have gathered a list of twins first Christmas gifts that aren’t toys…

These are more of your sentimental and personalized gifts.

twins first holiday

Let’s face it babies have no idea what Christmas or let alone anything is. So celebrating the holiday is all about coming together as a family…

Plus celebrating how far you have come as a new mom to twins!

Because surviving newborn twins, taking care of twins especially alone is not an easy job…

So if you’re looking for valuable items like ornaments, onesies, photo frames, and so much more!

Then I have the right gifts for you. So let’s get right into the list!

Twins first Christmas ornaments

Who doesn’t love a personalized ornament?

This is a wonderful way to display your twins first Christmas plus also get into the holiday traditions with a Christmas tree!

The ornament below is so adorable with the two babies holding each other!

ornaments for twins

Photo by PoshSoiree

This little penguin ornament is so cute… I love that you can also add the twins name plus the year.

twin boy and girl ornaments

Photo by OrnamentsInTheGreen

Have twin newborn photos? or you took twin birth announcements photos?

Then this is a wonderful way to turn your twin’s photos into an adorable ornament!

twins ornament for tree

Photo by zoeysholiday

I love this ornament because of the wording and it includes the whole family!

Another great idea.

twin babies ornaments

Photo by BlueFoxGifts

Twins first Christmas card

Cards are always a great gift!

They hold a lot of sentimental value and there is just something about the wording that always gets me.

You can use the cards to write your twins a wonderful message or as gifts for family and/or friends.

This card below is so cute with the two rabbits. I love the fact that isn’t your traditional Christmas colors.

christmas cards from twins

Photo by DavetheEagleCards

This is a simple but very Christmas card. Love the Christmas hat and the snowflakes

twin cards

Photo by AkCraftCrazy

This is a very sophisticated but simple card. I like that it has the year.

Adding years are always a great way to keep track of memories.

christmas cards for families

Photo by CrystalLaceDesign

Twins first Christmas outfits

So why not play dress-up and either make or buy a personalized onesie?

This elf 1 and 2 are the perfect twin Christmas onesies.

Photo by SweetAndSaucyDesigns

I love this Santa he/she did it.

Your twins will eventually get to the stage that they will blame each other for what they do!

So get ready for it… But in the meantime, you can celebrate the holidays with this cute one-piece suit.

santa twin outfits

Photo by StorksnRainbowsGifts

If you’re all about the sparklets and colors then this is a great Christmas outfit to play dress-up with your twins.

Plus the added 1st Christmas seals the deal!

twin first christmas outfit

Photo by TheSparrowsCloset

Simple merry and bright onesies. Christmas spirit without being too much in your face!

twin onesies for christmas

Photo by BuzzBearStudio

First Christmas book

Whether you’re looking to start reading bedtime stories, want your babies to begin exploring, and/or learning…

Then books are always a good thing to buy your twins as a first gift.

Below are some of my favorite books:

Disney Baby My First Christmas

My First Disney Christmas Bedtime Storybook (My First Bedtime Storybook)

Baby’s First Christmas (Baby’s First Board Books)

First 100 Christmas Words

Personalized photo frames

Photos are part of creating memories…

What better time than during the holidays to begin those memories.

This photo frame is simple but is a great way to incorporate the whole family in it!

Photo by FestiveFrameCo

This photo frame is a great way to remember your twins first Christmas and seal the deal with their names!

Photo by PersonalizationMall

Another simple but cute way to remember your twins first Christmas.

Photo by MyPrintSCharmingShop

I love the theme of this photo frame. The wood background, the baby with the Santa suit…

Another wonderful photo frame to remember their first Christmas.

Photo by LimKreativeGifts

Last words for Christmas gifts for twin babies

The holidays are always a great time to build memories.

What better way than to celebrate your twins first Christmas than with sentimental gifts.

They won’t remember but you will. So whatever you choose to do it will be memorable.

I hope that these ideas will help you recreate some amazing memories with your loved ones.

I would love to hear about your twins first Christmas experience. How was it? What did you guys do?. Leave a comment below.

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